Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

This has been a great Christmas season.  Dave had 10 days off and spent it all with the kids.  He took them skiing and to the farm.  Moved cows. Played Lego and board games. The best part was he never once ask what my plans were, he just took the kids.  It was a vacation for me for sure.  The kids have loved every minute of it.  Today we did a clean the house day.  I have never been knocked out with a cold before but I sure was yesterday and most of today.  Dave ended up taking down all the decorations and doing most of the laundry.  The kids helped a lot.  I had to work at noon.  We then went out to a movie with the Puzey clan and our traditional Chinese.  After the movie we ran Cora back to the house so she could get picked up for babysitting, then we went back to the restaurant.  Leah has gone to Emry's for a sleep over and we are hanging out with Blake.  We told him to get used to it, this is what every night will be like when Leah graduates. :) We have had many great things happen this year and some trials to go through but such is life and hopefully we are stronger because of it.  We toasted the New Year in with some 7-up at 9:23:) I hope every one has a really great New Year.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Our Christmas morning started early.  The night before Blake and Cora went outside to scatter "reindeer food"  in the snow.  Dave got up at 4:30 to grab a broom to put "reindeer tracks" where they had scattered the food.  We did fall back asleep until 7.  Then the kids slowly started waking up.  They started the day by coming in our room and singing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas', all the verses.  Because I had breakfast in the crock pot I actually convinced them to eat first.  It was right ready and only took 5 min to eat and throw the dishes in the sink.  This worked great for me because they were full and nobody bugged me about stocking candy for a couple hours.  Perfect.  It was a great Christmas.  We all got spoiled even though we had cut back this year.  It doesn't take much to make them happy.

Cora got her camera with memory card and case.

Leah got her Maplelea doll with bed and clothes.

Blake got a Kre-O(which is totally compatible with Lego but a lot less money and Dave likes the people better) form of Devastator with a Lego technic 4-wheeler a scripture case and backpack.
After playing for a while and showers we headed to HillSpring.  There we had our traditional Mexican feast then my parents had rented the school gym and we played basketball for a couple hours.

Mom did play a bit with us, but Dad was not feeling to well.  Nasty cold going around.

After our calorie burn we went back to the house for snacks and chatting.  It was a great day.  We did wonder every once in a while what the Puzey's were doing since they were all together for Christmas also.  We were sorry we had missed it and am glad we will see them at New Year's.  Boxing day we just stay at home and played with new gifts.  Dave spent the day building with Blake and working on our building permits, location, and such.  Leah we barely saw.  Cora tried all sorts of buttons and read parts of her camera manual.  This morning early they all took off to go skiing.  I have to work today.  I hope they have a great time and all come back safe and sound.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

It was a little to cold to do our traditional ski trip on Christmas Eve so we stayed around here instead.  My parents had given us a Pre-paid Visa card for Christmas and we decided to us that to take the kids out.  Dave started the bed for Leah's doll Monday morning.  We got that part way done I got measurements and started the blanket and pillows.  Around 11 we set out to Lethbridge.  We had a few last minute fresh ingredients to get then we tried the new restaurant Cora's in town.  It was really good.  Everyone liked what they got.  Next we headed over to the Mill to watch a movie.  Then home.  Dave and I worked on our projects until they were done.  We played a bunch of games.  Cora and I where doing push-ups and crunches while it was other peoples turn.  Blake took a bathroom break and it was the turn for squats, he took so long in the bathroom I thought I was going to die.  A little sore the next day, but it was fun.  We did the nativity (everyone had multiple parts:) then set out our stockings.  Leah had made Dave and I Santa and Mrs. Claus hats for Christmas Eve.  This year their Eve presents ended up being books.  My kids love to read and do so every night before bed.  We thought it would be a perfect gift.  Blake love his so much we had a hard time getting him to open his first gift the next morning because he was reading.  The kids got their beds ready in Leah's room and settled down to read and go to sleep.  I had decided to make an crock pot breakfast.  I did not want to cook the next morning at all.  Dave and I got that ready and in the crock pot then off to bed for us as well.  It was a different Christmas Eve but we had just as much fun. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Involved Sunday

We had a very involved Sunday.  The kids and Dave had two songs that they sang in the choir.  Blake and Leah did a song with the Primary.  I have a talk and Leah was asked to read some scriptures.  All in Sacrament meeting.  I had someone say to me after 'Wow, Puzey's today huh?'  They all did really good.  I was proud of Leah.  She was only slightly nervous.  I then did Sharing Time and Dave of course taught his class.  We are relaxing and have played Uno with the kids.  Now Leah and Cora are designing, story of our lives:)  Blake is playing with magnets.  We have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow and then CHRISTMAS.  Can you believe it?  I hope everyone has a really great holiday.  Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Concert

This year the school did 'The Grinch'.  It was fun doing Leah's hair.  Although it did not survive the night.  Barely survived getting in the car;)  The kids did great on their songs and I think they had fun.  Blake said it was very embarrassing, but he never told us why.

At noon we have Dave's work party.  Tonight is the Champion Christmas Party.  This is always well done and we really look forward to going to it.  I can't believe that Christmas is so close.  Last day of school for the kids today.  Blake and Leah had Christmas parties Wednesday and Cora is watching a movie in the gym today.  Then off for two weeks.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Basketball Begins!!!!

I always knew that given the chance Cora could be good at basketball.  I'm not saying the best but who knows.  Last night was her official first game of the season.  They had 5 1/2 players because a few girls where sick. (1/2 player because she floats and is only allowed to play limited time)  The girls they played against are a strong team and really tall.  Coalhurst did full press the entire game and kept ahead.  They won by 10 points.  Cora got a basket.  She is doing way better this year.  Not so timid.  She boxed out great a number of times so her teammates got a basket.  And she is jumping for rebounds.  Big improvement from last year. She also told me she is having a lot of fun.  I'm so glad. :)  I just got asked to coach Leah's team in the Elementary.  Myrna was at the game last night and said something, I can't remember, that got us thinking and if it works out Dave is going to coach with me.  He is great with kids.  That would be so much fun to spend that time together doing something we love.  Can't wait!

Today at Leah and Blake's school was red and green day.  I knew this day was coming and was excited for all the things I was going to have Leah do.  I planned a month ago.  As it turned out we had 15 mins this morning to pull it all together. (Yesterday I was standing in the store at 10:30 in the morning and was so tired I was tempted to lay down right in the aisleland sleep.  With work, school, and church stuff I feel like I don't sleep and with Dave and I coughing all night we sometimes literally don't)  Anyways with all that I had not got it done yet.  It didn't turn out as cute as I had hope because of time.  Leah's tree is to low.  We did clean up her nails after the picture and I couldn't find eyes for the reindeer on her hair.  But she was happy and that is the main thing.

Blake only had a red shirt and we used green washable marker to make some trees on his cheeks. But he didn't want a picture taken.

Thanks to all the great Christmas Eve ideas.  I loved all of them.  I appreciate the help.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank You!!

Leah's Christmas would not have happened, or happened as easy, if not for many people.  So here is my thank you. To Myrna, Grandma Southam, and mom for getting rid of fabric that they no longer wanted.  I hardly had to buy anything.  For Natalie who is knitting me slippers to go with the pj's.  And especially to my mom, who years ago signed me up for sewing lessons and then gave me a sewing machine.  I can't tell you how many times those lessons and machine have helped me.  Oh and also to Diana who told me about free patterns online. I still have a few things I would like to make, like brown cords, but that can all be done later.  I also found a free shoe pattern and am going to attempt that next week.  Remember don't say anything to Leah until after Christmas;)

Also thank you to my great family.  Yesterday was my turn for the stomach flu.  Cora and Blake worked together to make lunches and breakfast.  Cora did dished.  Blake brought me apple juice and crackers. They all made sure they got to school on time.  Leah made the after school snack and put all back packs and coats away.  Dave and Blake did dinner and dishes.   I am a total wimp when it come to throwing up.  I can manage through headaches, surgery with no pain killers after, and others but the flu turns me into a wimp every time.  I can't talk on the phone of barely sit up.  I have no idea what I did when my kids where little.  I only remember calling my mom one time.  I guess we do what we have to:) Or I have a bad memory.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here at Our House

Dave surprised us all yesterday when he came home with a tree.  I didn't know when we were going to get a chance to get one.  It wasn't to cold and the tree came down right away.  So we were able to decorate it.

Cora is becoming our resident photographer.  She took more pictures then she put on decorations.  Again she does have some good ones though.

It was Leah's turn this year for the star.  They get so excited it is funny.  Such a little tradition that I have no idea how it started. Dave said it is also tradition that he lift them up, they aren't allowed to stand on a chair:)

We, along with the rest of the country apparently, have been doing the flu rounds this weekend at our house. It started with Blake, moved to Leah and yesterday it was Dave's turn.  I am hoping that with this lovely intense cold I have that my white blood cells are overactive and just fighting everything.  I guess we will see in a few more days.

Leah has had a pain in her middle right side ribs for about 6 months.  We have tried everything we can think of, bed bumps, volleyball was stretching it, underwear to tight, etc.  I finally took her to the doctor yesterday.  They took x-rays and we will see what those say.  He thinks that it is just an inflammation that has been repeatedly irritated because I never gave her any meds for it.  So she has to take 2 Advil 3x a day for a week.  That is a lot of chemicals going in my little girls body.  I hope it helps.  He also told me that after 2 1/2 years my iron levels have stayed consistently good.  I am now to try going off for 6 months and see if I can keep them up.  That was great new.  We then headed to the eye doctor where he said that he is amazed at my eye health only 3 years after Lasik.  He said it had to be the Omega 3's.  I tell you those things have a huge range of health benefits.

We are almost ready for Christmas.  Except stockings.  I feel very relaxed this year.  The kids are only getting 4 present each and they kinda correlate.  We told them we were going small this year and I am glad to say that they still feel lucky and are excited to see what everyone else opens from them.

This weekend we also had our ward Christmas party.  It was great food and a nice short program.  The next night we headed to HillSpring for the adult only Smith Christmas party.  That was a lot of fun.  Mom made us a great meal.  She did appetizers and a 3 course meal on all the china.  We then had a white elephant exchange and enjoyed each others company with no kid distraction.  I really love that we don't do gift exchange on that side anymore.  I feel we get more out of Christmas by just being together.  My friend Mandy makes earrings so I got a pair for all 4 of my sisters and my mom and gave it to them that night. (Except Kita and Kristin's, I mailed a couple weeks ago) It was a great evening.

Up next we have Christmas piano recitals and school programs.  This has turned out very long. Sorry!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Deck The Hall

Cora found out that Aunt Natalie put her tree November 1st.  Every day she has been asking if we can decorate.  Tradition is we decorate the first Saturday in December and I held strong to that.  They were so excited to get that done.
We left some room for Dave to put up his nutcrackers.

 We decided what to get our friends/neighbors/teachers.

I really wanted to hang these Merry Christmas stockings in the background of our Christmas photo.  Dave didn't think we would be able to see it. He was probably right.

I think I need a bigger place to set out my Little People Nativity.  The inn keeper and the well are over on the TV.  I don't know who arranged this this time.  The kids play with it every day.  But I love how they are all centered around Jesus.  As it should be.

Last week we went through the kid's toys/books/movies/clothes and donated them to charity.  We also went to the store and picked out a few toys for Toys for Tot and dropped them off.  Tonight I have the FHE lesson and I am going to do something about giving part of our 'self' to become more giving like an 'elf' (See I gave away the s)  I haven't quite figured it out yet.  Then we are going to get sibling gifts and we are pretty much done.  We have really really scaled back Christmas this year and I am loving it.  The kids have really been thinking about what to get others.  We also need a tree then we are set. And all the Christmas parties begin this weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Delish Cow

We had a cow that needed to be put down.  Amber and Jared took it in to get slaughtered, then Dave picked up the meat last week.  Sunday we tried a roast.  We got three meals out of it and it was so delicious. The cow as not very big and the steaks we got are small.  Yesterday I took out 3 pkgs of T-bone steak to thaw. When I got home from work Dave was BBQing them. He had made mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn also.  It was really good.  Very tender and flavorful.  I told Dave that he and his brother are good ranchers, that was some excellent steak.  It was fun to have some of our own beef again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

YW and Excellence

Cora had her YW in Excellence yesterday.  It was a bit more of a rush then usual on a Tuesday as we had to change and get there early for her to set up her display.  They got out of piano 10 minutes late, good thing I had put dinner in the oven, emptied the dishwasher, and set the table before we left.  We were 5 minutes late as it was.  For Cora's project this year she choice Individual Worth. She decided to share her talents with her brother and taught him some piano.  They had some frustrating moments and some really fun moments.  Cora and Blake were so excited for him to perform one of the songs that he had worked so hard on.  For some reason the YW decided that they were not going to have any performances this year.  We aren't sure why???  Apparently another girl had done a ballet routine.  She is amazing and I would have loved to watch that. So Cora just took her piano book that she had worked out of and a statue of a girl playing the piano that my mom gave me years ago.  Besides that little disappointment it was a great night.  It was fun to see the other girls projects and they had angel food cake with raspberries and whipped cream.  Cora's favorite.  I was also glad that everyone dressed up this year.  Last year most of the girls and even the leaders showed up in jeans.  It continues to amazes me that people where jeans to Christmas parties, RS parties, special YW nights and so on.  Cora is doing great on her Personal Progress.  We have even had her slow down a bit.  I don't think it would be fun to be done to early, even though I know you can do it over again if want.  Blake came home and played his song for us here.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dr. Tawney

When Dave was growing up when ever some one got sick or hurt they would go see Dr. Tawney. (Dave didn't know how I should spell that.  He thought it was like tonic since that is what you get from Dr.'s, but I spelt it like it sounded so you could pronounce it.)  He says that the only went to the Dr. the first time he broke his collar bone and once when his parents where on vacation.
So like father like son this is what Dave has always said to our kids.  Let Dr. Tawney look at it.  Dr. Tawney can fix it.
I love that a little bit of people live on in others after they have passed on.  When Dave does anything that I remember his dad doing it just makes me smile.

We had a very loooooong day yesterday dipping chocolates. Amber made some awesome potato soup. We were very late but made some notes about how to speed it up next year.
It was fun to be all together.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We have defiantly got into a busies phase of live.  I honestly have no idea why people would looked at me with 3 little kids and said 'oh you must be busy' that was a breeze. I can look at Nicole and Makita and see the future. That is about where I will be in 4 years.  Leah has just finished up volleyball.  She did really well.  Soon she will be heading into basketball herself.  Cora did start basketball yesterday and she is loving it already.  The kids filled their Caught Bein' Good Jar and decided as a reward they wanted to go swimming for FHE.  With all of that this is how Cora's day stacked up yesterday.  She got up early and worked on an English assignment, then off to school.  During school they ran for gym, played volleyball for inter-murals, had 30 min fitness in Health class.  After school she had a 1 1/2 hour basketball practice.  We picked her straight up and went to Boston Pizza for dinner and swam for another 1 1/2 hours.  She was extremely exhausted.  Tuesday is piano and YW, Wednesday is basketball practice and gymnastics.  Thursdays are games.  These are the choices we have made and I am not complaining at all. Just stating the facts. But if you have us over and Cora falls asleep in the soup we will just wipe her face and put a blanket over her:)  And next year we start early morning seminar. Oh my!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinterest Success

I don't use Pinterest as much as I first did, but there are still a lot of great stuff on there.  House ideas and recipes are my favorite.  I thought I would blog about a few of my latest favorites that have turned out.  My wish list ribbon, patterns for Leah's Christmas gift, blackened chicken with avocado cilantro quinoa, the Halloween decoration I made,just to name a few.
An easy way to make a gift unique and cute.

That you can chop and freeze green onions. I now do this ALL the time.

Root beer pudding cookies.  These were amazing and are a keeper for sure.

Homemade hot cocoa powder.  I have played with the original recipe a lot and think it is almost perfected.  Just keeps getting better and better.
There is now a lot of crap on Pinterest but there are good ideas also.  So happy pinning.

Friday, November 16, 2012


We seem to have a small window where we live to build snowmen.  It is either to cold and the snow does not stick, or we are getting a chinook and as soon as you build one it is already melting.  A few days again Dave came in and told the kids it was perfect snow man building weather.  They were out of the house so fast.  Blake got out first and this is his snow man.
Cora and Leah's was so big they couldn't get it to stand up.  They decided it was a sleeping snowman. Both creations are still out in the yard, days later.  A rarity.

UPDATE:  After talking to her friend, Cora has decided to play basketball.  I promise I didn't say anything.  She will see on Monday if the coaches will still let her.  We found some really awesome shoes at the 'Jones Store'.  They must have been Justin's.  Thanks again Makita.  (I saw you labelled one of the boxes the Jones Store the other day.  Totally made me laugh. Now it is official. Did Natalie tell you what Colton calls it?)
I was just at the school paying some choir fees.  As I got talking to some of the teacher they were asking me why Leah couldn't do this and that.  Come to find out if she didn't want to do something at school she has been telling everyone that I wouldn't let her. Nice!!!  On the other had we did have a chat with the girls the other day.  I told them the same thing my parents told me.  I will always be your excuse, if you need an out with friend or a situation.  Getting out of choir and other school events was not what I had in mind.  Another backfire.  Leah and I will be having a little chat after school today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Cora decided that she is not going to play basketball for sure today.  I always thought that with all her friends playing she would ended playing also.  I never really thought she wouldn't.  I also didn't think I would be this upset about it.  I am trying to be the supportive mom, let her make her own choices.  I even put her in gymnastics again.  But it is hard to understand how something can be so important to me and she has no interest. I think a little tiny piece of me died inside when she said she was not staying after school for practice today.  All I could do was nod OK and walk out of the room.  Now I am feeling very sklunklish. (2 points for anyone that can tell me what movie that is from) On a happy note, Leah and I saw the Northern Lights going to the church last night.  Very cool. They were beautiful.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sublime Weekend

Thursday Dave called from work and said he was thinking of taking Friday off.  This started a great weekend.  I had to work all day Friday and the kids where out of school.  I was a little worried about leaving them that long.  So when Dave took it off it was perfect.  We got the most amazing beautiful snow.  We spent Friday morning shoveling sidewalks and driveways. This took a long time. Then I went off to work. Dave got done a number of little projects that had piled up around here.  The kids really enjoyed spending all day with dad.  That hasn't happened in a really long time.  The days that we don't have to get up early the kids always end up on our bed in the morning chatting with us.  They slowly drift in one at a time.  I enjoy this time with the family, being lazy and telling stories.  We started talking about how we took our kids everywhere with us when they were little.  Literally.  If kids couldn't come, we didn't go.  Dave was even telling them how frustrating it was for him to take me out.  I wouldn't do dinner and a movie we had to choose, because I didn't like to leave them that long.  Again not always fun not always easy but how else were they to learn how to act when you did take them out.  We rarely, rarely got a babysitter.  But since Cora has been 12 I have no problem letting them walk home if I'm gone or me running to town quick.  And yes IF Dave and I go out sometimes we even do dinner and a movie now:)  That was totally off topic.  Saturday again we just stayed around home, took our Christmas photos, and spent time together.  Sunday after church we went to Champion to celebrate Myrna's birthday.  That was fun being with everyone.  It is crazy how close we live and how little we see each other, just busy life.  There is no school today and Tuesday as well.  We have more projects and activities to do and have really enjoyed having Dave home.  It really has been months since he has relaxed at home and not felt like he had a huge list of things that needed to be done at home, in Champion, and at work.  It really has been peaceful and wonderful.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Parent/Teacher & Student Led Conferences

We had our first Parent - Teacher Interviews with Cora on Wednesday.  She is doing very well.  Her lowest mark is a 70, which I was very happy about.  Her marks are really improving the last two years.  Blake and Leah had their Student Led Conferences yesterday.  They are both doing really great also.  Blake is reading and writing at a Grade 4 level.  How cool is that!!!! We just got the most beautiful dump of snow.  The kids are out of school today and have been outside for a while already.  Dave and I shoveled the walks, it took forever, and Blake helped us the whole time.  Since I don't have to drive today I am loving it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Catching Up

Calgary Temple Dedication - I am a little late in posting this, but it was a great experience.  It was late getting started and Leah was getting a little anxious. We loved watching Pres. Monson with the kids.  We got there early and sat down, a couple minute later this family that was sitting behind us needed more room and moved up in front of us.  They are all very tall.  The girls and I could not see anything after that.  I had swapped babysitting with some families but because we started late and have a long drive they just made it for the second session.  I would have liked to have Blake there but know he would not have sat patiently for that long.  I am glad the girls got to go.  Who know if they will get that chance again.  There are so many temple going up and I don't know where they will end up, so you never know.

It's Official - As every one knows, Dave is constantly measuring Cora and I.  Last night when he did he deemed it official.  Cora has surpassed me in height.  No big surprise there:)

Christmas Wish List - We got our wish lists ribbon up Nov. 1st.  The kids have had a great time going through wish books and just idea that they have and putting them up.  They can put up ten items.  If they get something else they want then they have to decide if they are going to take one down or give up the new one.  Leah has written down a Maplelea Doll 5 times.  I think she may really want one.  I can't believe how fast Christmas is coming.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Another year of Halloween done.  I made these cookies for Leah's class then the other two wanted some also.  I thought they were cute.
Cora was going to be a scarecrow for Halloween, but we couldn't figure out how she could stuff all her clothes by herself at school.  She decided to wear this witch costume to school.  This is the costume that Leah wore when she was 3.  Cora has always loved it.  It was a dress on Leah. I thought it was pretty funny.

For school Blake was the grim reaper.  We weren't totally happy with his costume and after school I was looking for things to improve it.  That lead to a costume change for everyone at 4 o'clock.  Little crazy.  Leah had dressed up as a person going to a masquerade ball but changed to Holly Hobbie.  She was looking for something warmer.  It was a very cold night.

Sorry about the crappy pictures, Cora's friends showed up 1/2 hour early and were waiting for her.  I felt a little pressure.  My parents brought in Kailey and Levi to trick or treat with my kids.  They never last more than and hour and a half.  They get bored or cold.  This is very fine with me, less candy I have to deal with.

Blake ended up as Sherlock Holmes.  He was very irate when we told him to put a coat on. He was so angry I almost did not let him go trick or treating.  He wanted everyone to see his costume.  You would think the kid has never trick or treated in Canada before.  My parents stayed at my house and handed out the candy.  (And mom brought in her doughnuts for me.  SO GOOD!!)  This worked out great for me.  I got to spend some rare time with Dave.

Cora lost most of her stuffing by the end of the night.  Grandma called her a naked scarecrow.

I won the 'Worst Mother of the Century' Award today.  Leah was sick and throwing up this morning.  I really really needed to get groceries and Blake and Cora had follow-up dental appointments.  For a spacer and sealants resentfully.  The roads were actually good and I didn't want to reschedule and take another day off work.  I left her by herself most of the day.  I did talk to her frequently and maybe if nobody was here nobody will catch it from her???!???  She said she was fine with it, but I still felt pretty awful.  What kind of mother does that.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Murder Mystery Party

Natalie called me Friday and asked if Dave and I would be willing to come last minute to her murder mystery party.  She had had a couple back out and you have to have a certain number of people or it doesn't work.  It was pirate themed and we needed a costume.  I am sure you all know how Dave feels about games, acting, dressing up, and parting with people he doesn't know.  I figured she must be really desperate if she was inviting us:)  Saturday I was racking my brain for costumes.  I took an old white shirt of Dave's and picked out the cuffs, pocket, and buttons.  I then sewed on lace cuffs, added button holes to tie a string, made a long vest, and two red ties.  Plus a head thing for me.  I thought for last minute it was pretty awesome.
The party was fun.  A little slow going at first as nobody had done one before. We met some great people and they were all really nice.  Natalie had gone all out on the decor.  It was amazing.  I hope she took lots of pictures. The food was awesome, everybody brought delicious things to try.  I think sometime I would like to do another one now that I understand the whole thing.  Dave says it was fun but he is good.  Cora wants to do one as a birthday party but I saw the effort Natalie put in and I am not sure I am willing to put in the stress and work.  But it really was fantastic.

Besides the roads this is my least favorite thing about winter.  After the kids come in from playing outside everything just gets dumped.  It needs to dry and can't be stuffed back in to the closet yet, but I don't think this is drying very much.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dental Appointments

We had no cavities this year.  YAY!!!  (Cora and Leah have never had one.)  However it is still going to be an expensive year.  They sent forms away for Cora for pre-approval for her braces.  As soon as they get mailed back and we have a quote then she will get them on.  Leah is on pre-approval for some thing (I didn't really understand) that will start to move her top front teeth in and fix her overbite.  I was told this will lessen her orthodontics later.  And Blake is going back to have a spacer put in where he has lost a couple of teeth.  What is the saying if you are going to do it do it big:)  The roads were awful.  I almost cancelled.  I knew it was going to snow, it does every time I go to Cardston for dental appointments.  So expect snow next Thursday when I go back:).  I decided to brave it.  We drove pretty slow out there but except for 10 mins on the way home the roads were clear and dry.  While in town we picked up hankies that have Calgary Temple on them, picked up my blueprints, and visited my Grandpa.  It is so sad to see all those people that don't have a clue what is going on.  Grandpa is always upbeat and making conversation.  I think it would be so frustrating.  We had packed a lunch because we were supposed to met the youth at the temple for baptism, but they ended up cancelling.  When we got home Dave had made dinner for us and finished shoveling the walks.  It was nice to spend and evening with him at home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blake's House

Blake has been working on this house for a couple days.  He cut the wood and hammered it all together, 100% by himself.  Even bruised his hand pretty good with the hammer.  He was so excited to bring it in and show us last night.  Good job Blake!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Primary Presentation

Our Presentation is over.  That is a great feeling.  I don't know why it still amazes me but it does, that every year you are sure it is going to be a disaster, the kids won't sing or sing by yelling, and no one knows their parts.  But every year when they present what they have learned for their parents it goes off great.  Every one did a great job.  I was looking at the time and we were going to be really short.  We had a few kids not show and a few verses taken out of song because the kids didn't know them to well.  I was sitting there thinking,'what are we going to do?'.  I ended up having a few kids bare their testimonies at the end.  We were still 15 mins early.  Oh well.  Nice that it is done.
We tried pumpkin truffles yesterday.  They were really good.  Dave said he liked them, he would like them in his lunch, he likes when my pumpkin season is over:)  He wants a nice normal pumpkin pie.  I really don't like pumpkin pie.  He said one slice at Thanksgiving was not enough for the year. Maybe I will be a nice wife and surprise him one of these days.
Cora had another fireside last night.  It was on temple's as the dedication of the Calgary Temple is next week.  It was a great evening.  She is still disappointed that there is no fire at the fireside.  She said not even at camp in the evening did the sit around a fire.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Latest Projects

When I went to Utah with my parents in April, Natalie and I went to Hobby Lobby.  They were having a sale on patterns.  Only 99 cents each.  I picked up a few that I thought would be fun. Lately Blake and Leah have been in desperate need for pajamas.  So I tried some out.  This fabulous material is from my Grandma Southam.  The girls have always wanted long flannel p.j.'s.  The old-fashioned kind.  This was an experiment to see if I could make a big pattern small for them.  It worked, I will just have to use the long sleeves.  That will probably be a Christmas project.

I found this on Pinterest months ago.  The one I found had Frankenstein instead of a witch and said 'Have a Spooktacular Day'  I thought a witch would be awesome.  This us all just made out of 2x4's. (As Dave cut this for me I found out that a 2x4 is actually 11/2x31/2.  That is crazy.  Why is it called a 2x4 then?)

Blake loves his pajamas.  They are very warm for winter.  Dave said he should wear them for Halloween as a doctor. I was only buying enough material to do bottoms.  Then I had lots left over and decided to see if I could make the top too.  I only had enough for short sleeves and one piece on the top I had to sew two small ones together so I had a big enough piece to cut out.  But you can barely tell and he doesn't care.

This is also one of my cheap patterns.  I also got the material for Leah when I was in Utah.  Leah's turned out great.  Cora loved it and wanted one.  She asked for something red.  Her friend told her she loved it that Cora looked like a picnic table.  We thought that was funny, she kinda does.

We tried to get a close up so you could see Leah's material.  It has tiny shiny pink dots.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

WOW!!! She is a Teenager

Cora's birthday sunrise.  She was sure that was sent just for her.

We started out the day before by having all her friends come for lunch.  She really has a great group.   I made beef dip.  Cora had wanted me to make these really great cupcakes that Amber made once, but I tried and they didn't work at all.  So we ended up having just regular chocolate cupcakes.  When she got to school on her birthday all her friends yell Happy Birthday together and they had written all over the board wishing her the same.  She said a lot of people and teachers also came in and sang to her.

Cora had got a few gifts early, and she has been enjoying them for months.  We got tickets to go to the Calgary Temple open house on her birthday and Grandma Puzey came with us.  Before we left Grandma gave her a beautiful carrying case.  She will be able to pack and go on youth outings and what not.  Cora loved it.

We then headed to Calgary for the open house tour.  It was amazing.  They all loved it.  I was looking more at the architecture and ceilings then anything else.  It was great to see what Jason has been working on.

I have no idea why this is croocked.  Just turn your head:)  Jason had mentioned earlier that he had something for Cora.  We decided to meet at DQ by their house after the temple and have a little celebration. (Dave decided that morning to go out to eat first also)  When she opened her gift she was honestly flabbergasted.  She just sat there and stared at it for a minute.  Jason has been working on the temple, he has been doing the gold leaf amongst other things.  This is an original template that they followed when doing some of the painting.

Jason added the temple and Angel Moroni and the words.  Dave's phone would not take a good picture with the lighting, but she was so excited.  It was by far her favorite gift.  She felt bad about picking a favorite, she usually doesn't, but there is so much meaning behind it and she couldn't belief Uncle Jason would think of her like that.  It is beautiful and something she will treasure always.  Next time anyone visits me make sure you check it out. It was a very late night but a great birthday.