Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pinterest Success

I don't use Pinterest as much as I first did, but there are still a lot of great stuff on there.  House ideas and recipes are my favorite.  I thought I would blog about a few of my latest favorites that have turned out.  My wish list ribbon, patterns for Leah's Christmas gift, blackened chicken with avocado cilantro quinoa, the Halloween decoration I made,just to name a few.
An easy way to make a gift unique and cute.

That you can chop and freeze green onions. I now do this ALL the time.

Root beer pudding cookies.  These were amazing and are a keeper for sure.

Homemade hot cocoa powder.  I have played with the original recipe a lot and think it is almost perfected.  Just keeps getting better and better.
There is now a lot of crap on Pinterest but there are good ideas also.  So happy pinning.


  1. The rootbeer cookies sound interesting!

  2. I love me some Pinterest. I agree there is things that are reterded, but also great ideas. I think that is a great idea to blog about a few of your favorites. I know some of my freinds make a special baord for the pins that they have tried. I like your idea bettter.