Friday, November 9, 2012

Parent/Teacher & Student Led Conferences

We had our first Parent - Teacher Interviews with Cora on Wednesday.  She is doing very well.  Her lowest mark is a 70, which I was very happy about.  Her marks are really improving the last two years.  Blake and Leah had their Student Led Conferences yesterday.  They are both doing really great also.  Blake is reading and writing at a Grade 4 level.  How cool is that!!!! We just got the most beautiful dump of snow.  The kids are out of school today and have been outside for a while already.  Dave and I shoveled the walks, it took forever, and Blake helped us the whole time.  Since I don't have to drive today I am loving it.


  1. Good for Blake - that's awesome! Enjoy the snow! I do hope the roads are okay on Sunday so we can travel for mom's dinner. See you then!

  2. GREAT JOB BLAKE!!!!!! Your awesome!