Friday, November 16, 2012


We seem to have a small window where we live to build snowmen.  It is either to cold and the snow does not stick, or we are getting a chinook and as soon as you build one it is already melting.  A few days again Dave came in and told the kids it was perfect snow man building weather.  They were out of the house so fast.  Blake got out first and this is his snow man.
Cora and Leah's was so big they couldn't get it to stand up.  They decided it was a sleeping snowman. Both creations are still out in the yard, days later.  A rarity.

UPDATE:  After talking to her friend, Cora has decided to play basketball.  I promise I didn't say anything.  She will see on Monday if the coaches will still let her.  We found some really awesome shoes at the 'Jones Store'.  They must have been Justin's.  Thanks again Makita.  (I saw you labelled one of the boxes the Jones Store the other day.  Totally made me laugh. Now it is official. Did Natalie tell you what Colton calls it?)
I was just at the school paying some choir fees.  As I got talking to some of the teacher they were asking me why Leah couldn't do this and that.  Come to find out if she didn't want to do something at school she has been telling everyone that I wouldn't let her. Nice!!!  On the other had we did have a chat with the girls the other day.  I told them the same thing my parents told me.  I will always be your excuse, if you need an out with friend or a situation.  Getting out of choir and other school events was not what I had in mind.  Another backfire.  Leah and I will be having a little chat after school today.

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