Friday, March 27, 2015

Little This...Little That...

Last weekend was our stake youth conference.  It was a wonderful conference.  Cora was not able to got to most of it since it was also the same weekend as the Tech Weekend for Drama.  During Tech Weekend they go after school Friday until late on Saturday and get all lights and sound etc sorted out, and many many run throughs or the play.  Despite her teachers anger I took her out Friday evening so she could participate in the youth conference that night.  So many fun games.  Human Foosball was really fun.
My favorite was the Human Hungry Hippo game.  I really want to play this sometime.  I didn't play that night since I am a leader.  These activities are for the kids and I just help supervise, but want to do it sometime. 

There was a lot of treat that just kept coming out and lots of pizza.  They played dodge ball also.

It was a very late night, but I felt it was really important for her to be there.  The next morning very early Dave took Cora up to the Drama thing and Leah and I headed to the temple for youth conference.  All the youth in our ward where challenged to find 3 name to take to the temple.  They where given 5 months to do this.  Most did well.  We all did temple baptisms, then went back to the stake center for lunch. After lunch the 12 and 13 years where dismissed and we went on with youth conference.  There was a hayride out to a local cemetery and stories told of ancestors there as the kids had hot chocolate.  Neat stories.  Back to church for fireside.  Awesome.  So many facts about the temple we learned and so interesting.  Then dinner and testimonies.  I was so sad Cora was missing it.

(Most of my ward.  Cora missing and the other three young men)

(Our stake)

Cora's first performance was last night.  They did a complete dress rehearsal in the afternoon for all the school kids in the area.  It went well, but the evening performance was a lot better.  Cora said they could see lots of kids talking during the afternoon, and it seemed like it was a waste of their time since no one was listening.  In the evening the adults got the little subtle jokes and they where able to play better since they got in a grove with the response.  There is a performance tonight then a dinner theater one on Saturday.
After the dinner we get to clean it all up.  Yay!!  The Women's Broadcast is Saturday night also, I thought instead of watching it twice in a row or having Cora watch it alone, Leah and I are going to just watch it Sunday afternoon with her.  I have gotten some of her favorite treats and we will have a little end of drama, women's broadcast party.  

Report cards came home for Blake and Leah.  Dave sat down with them again and went through it all with them.  Leah was not impressed with me taking pictures this time.  She said, 'does everything have to go on your blog?'  I told her yes, cause it's my journal.  

See how happy she is. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lighter Side

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.  Here are a few things that have made us laugh lately. And not just the little smile and chuckle.  Really laugh with tears running down our faces and cant breathe. Maybe it wasn't that funny.  I think we are all just so exhausted.  Six months of constantly going, late nights, early mornings, weekends.  Basketball is done, drama is almost done, there is no rugby, which is both sad and good.  In April we only have Leah's badminton and Blake has baseball.  And I don't know why but I have seriously been counting down till conference for a month.  It just sounds so incredibly relaxing right now.  Nothing to do but sit and listen and eat of course.  :) Anyways what made us laugh:

1. I mentioned how we went to the fireside Sunday and drove home slow.  It was 11 by the time everyone had got in bed.  The next morning came way to soon.  I am quite sure Blake was sleepwalking onto the bus.  That night sitting down for dinner, I looked over and his pants looked weird.  I asked if his pants where on backwards.  Yep, they sure where.  He had gone all day.  He said he had even put his hands in his pockets and just thought it was odd.  We got him to bed a little earlier that night.

2. Cora doesn't scare easy.  Sunday night she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. She suddenly ran out and said she was going right back in so nobody go in the bathroom.  I snuck in and hide behind the shower curtain.  She came running back down the hall and closed the door.  I did a deep, low, slow laugh.  Totally got her. (Side note:  I do not believe in scaring my kids generally.  I think you are the safe place they come to when scared.  If they are terrified of something I don't do that to them, but a little jump and boo to get the adrenalin going can be fun if they can take it.  With Blake we really have to think about it before we do it)

3.  FHE Monday, Blake was saying closing prayer.  Lately he says, and please bless it, after everything.  He actually has really good thoughtful prayers, but this makes us laugh. He will say, bless the food and please bless it, thanks that dad traveled safely and please bless it.  So Monday night we had no FHE snack and Blake says thank you for the food, then Dave leaned over and whispered, and please bless it.  I know a little sacrilegious, but it was funny.

4.  Monday after FHE, Dave and I had gone over to shovel out the house.  It was dark when we walked back and the light in the barn was on.  We went over to turn it off.  That is where the cats are feed.  We saw some eyes by the food and thought it was the black cat that Cora loves.  Dave started saying things like, here kitty, come on kitty.  Talking really nice to them.  Then out walked the animal, all I could say was, Dave that's.... and started walking away.  He saw it just a moment after me.  It was a skunk.  He shut the light off and walked very quickly away.

5.  Tuesday for St. Patrick's Day, I once again packed a green lunch.  I didn't make green bread this year and Leah was very disappointed.  I did grapes, peas, pop, sugar cookies, and mint Areo balls.  I guess when Leah was pulling things out of her lunch, at first her friend gave her a strange look, then as more and more came out green.  She said things like, wow your lunch is green, you mom must like green,  your mom must really like St Patrick's Day.  We got a chuckle out of that also.

6.  K not funny, but cool.  Because Saturday was National Pi Day.  You  know 3.14 etc.  Leah's teacher gave them a challenge to memorize as much as they could of Pi.  By Monday Leah had memorized 54 numbers.  Everyone else had only done 6, so they where given till today.  In the end I think she had 62 numbers.  I hope she wins, she worked really hard on that.  Especially since she did the assignment on time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Sunday Tailored for Me.

Warning: This is a little deeper than I usually let people know about me.  I try to keep this blog fun and happy.  But I have been really feeling I need to share this.  Not sure why.  So if you don't want to know the nitty gritty and my not uplifting side, don't continue.
Sunday was fabulous.  I had kinda had a down weekend.  I get so frustrated with what Cora has to put up with in high school.  She found out that two of the girls she kinda hangs out with because of basketball had decided to start dating each other.  Wanted to give it a try.  She gets asked everyday about being a Mormon.  Most are really good and really just fascinated by how strange it all seems to them.  But some are not.  And some aren't kind. She will ask me what to say to their questions and I have no idea.  No idea at all!  We keep praying for guidance and trying to listen. I'm new at this also.  She handles it well.  Saturday I was really wishing that I could go back to when my biggest concern was teaching them to crawl down stairs or even potty train. That should tell you how frustrated I was. :) The guy that was supposed to start on our house didn't come and it was forecast that snow was coming once again.  Which means again work is halted.  The animals around here where missing their playmates and as a result came and bugged us.  Pooped on the lawn, jumped on us with dirty paws. We had tried to have a picnic and had to come back in with our food so we didn't get jumped on.  I was a little stressed taking care of them.  Everyone knows I hate cats and dogs, but if something happens on your watch it is even worse since I am not able to lovingly take care of them.  The kids did great and had always fed them before I even asked everyday.  Blake and Leah had really, really been at each other all day.  Friday I found myself sitting in bed at night silently crying.  Again over breakfast and later as I was vacuuming the floor I had tears streaming down my face, not really knowing why, since I am not a crier.  Dave finally made me sit down and talk to him.  It was actually very strange for me.  I honestly rarely cry.  He was a great listener.  Then that evening we just spent time together, the kids helped make dinner.  We all watched a movie.  The kids could see I was as Blake says 'so sad' and started to be nice to one another.  Sunday morning I felt more at peace again.  Dave had worked hard on his talk, and had gone off to his assigned ward.  Leah was prepared for her talk.  Although she did freak a little when she found out that she was speaking with the stake president.  Then a member of the bishopric called an hour before church to remind her she was speaking.  We laughed at that.  Cora said that if she had not remembered, it would have been the worst phone call ever.  Church was just what I needed.  Great lessons and all great talks in Sacrament meeting.  We had chicken stir fry for lunch and again watched a movie.  I guess movies are how I decompress.  Then we where off to a stake fireside.  Such an amazing fireside.  The speaker was a friend of mine from high school and now teaches my nieces seminary.  He did a fabulous, fabulous job.  He spoke on family history.  I was a little frustrated again wondering why so many parents don't attend these firesides with their kids.  I know some have to work and some have youngers at home that one needs to stay with, but the stake president has asked you to attend.  And it is so much more than a fireside.  I look forward to spending that time in a car, away from phones and tablets.  The kids talk to you, without distraction.  You get to listen to the messages that are just for them and to discuss it after with them.  You get to see how they react to these messages and how they interact with the youth around them.  You can learn a lot by silent observation of them being taught gospel principles.  Why would you not move heaven and earth to be there to have your child come to that haven outside all the crap from school.  Even if just for a few moments.  It is exhausting to constantly be aware and watching the world your kids are in.  That is when I feel relaxed about it.  Youth firesides, youth conference, temple baptisms.  Anyways on the way home, even tho the weather was horrible, the snow had come, I felt better.  The speakers in church and the fireside where just what I needed.  We travelled very slow home.  We talked, the kids sang and once again I felt ready to face the week ahead.  I felt that I could continue on. After drama yesterday Cora said that the drama teacher was a little upset with her.  When Cora had seen her costume it was a tank top and really short skirt.  She explained that she couldn't wear that.  Teacher was not happy, but Cora didn't give in.  I was proud of her.  We can do this.  I will have many more frustrating days.  But Dave and my Father in Heaven are there to help. And I have great examples in Nicole and Kita, with how they have already made it through this.  And my parents taught me correct principle and where to go for help.  Just keep swimming right??!!? :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Not Much Going On.....

Not a lot of things going on lately.  We did get our garage walls up.  A little progress.  This is going so slow.  There is a guy that has agreed to help us build and he said he would be here this week, but we still haven't seen him.  He wanted to finish a few projects around his house first.  The weather has been so beautiful tho.

Leah was supposedly sweeping out the upstairs.  She did a lot of looking over this wall and singing however.  Great little made up songs that had us laughing.

We also finally set up our trampoline.  After Cora being off her knee for 3 weeks and then not having the tramp I thought she might go insane.  And again since it is so nice, they have been on it almost every night.

I know that is a great picture.  Sure they will be pleased I put it up.  There have been a few gophers out.  Blake can barely get dinner down before he grabs his BB Gun and goes out to shot them.  Cora has one game left tonight.  She plays at the college and is a little nervous since it is a much bigger venue.  She has been wrapping her knee good and it is almost healed.  Next week she started the final two weeks of drama.  They are long days everyday.  Can't wait till this is over.  She has really enjoyed one teacher and really clashed with the other.  If it was during school, she would totally do it again next year.  Has enjoyed most of it.  But it is soooo time consuming being after school as well as basketball. They will announce a mandatory basketball practice and a mandatory drama practice both at the same time.  Those frustrate her.  Especially since we talked to both organization before hand and they both said oh of course we work with each other.  Uh huh!!  Leah got her glasses fixed, luckily they where under warranty.  We are going to get her a cheap pair to wear around the farm.  She doesn't need the bifocals for that.  I have been stocking up the freezer again with cookies, muffins, pizza buns, and a few frozen meals. And a few sewing projects.  That's it.  That is all that is happening right now.  Oh and we sign Blake up for baseball tonight.  He is so excited.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kub Kar

It is that time of year again.  We all love the Kub Kar Rally, and I love the time that father and son get to spend together.  This year we where a little rushed.  We didn't get a whole lot of info.  Then Blake's wood and wheels where so wonky we couldn't even use them.   Dave cut a couple of blocks himself and then a few days beforehand I ran two hours up to get more wheels.  When we first got the kit, Dave and Blake pulled out this file folder from last year.  Apparently they had it all planned already.  Blake went through a few books of classic cars to make sure he still wanted to do the same thing.  When it came right down to it they had one week to make the Kub Kar.  It resulted in a lot of late nights for them in the shop.  Blake loved every minute of it.  Dave even ended up taking it to work to do a few coats of paint so they could dry in time for Blake to do the decals.

A few last minute touch ups.  Dave is checking wheel rotation and Blake is sanding the axles.

They had never been through a test run by the time the Rally Day arrived.  His car did awesome.  He was so proud of it.  Dave said he may have helped a little to much, but Blake did have school the next day when they where working late at night and it was a lot of cutting and sanding.  He did as much as he could and stayed out with Dave whenever I didn't make him go to bed.
Proud boys all ready to go.