Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wacko Kids!!

Here are a few pictures of the inside of my house right now.  This is upstairs standing in the girls room, looking down the hall to our room.
Basement stairs going up.

Looking out of Dave's den to front door.

The other day  Dave and Cora where painting the outside trim.

Blake, Leah and I where screwing down the deck when it started to rain.  It looked like it was not going to last long, so instead of heading home they just went in the house.  They decided to play hide and seek.

Yeap, in this.  I couldn't decide if my kids where wacko, deprived or had really awesome imaginations.

They played for 20 mins.  Cora came in and joined them for a few rounds.

They had so much fun, it was crazy.  I love when they invent their own fun and get along.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another Mini Vacation

I took the kids out to my parents for what ended up being only a day and a half.  Still it was time well spent.  My mom had a few projects for the girls and dad had a few for Blake and Levi.  I also needed to use mom's cutter for  quilt squares.  We arrived Monday afternoon.  We talked and had dinner, then the girls and I went into town to watch a play with the Puzey girls.  It was an excellent play.  Amazing what they can do in such a small venue.  Tuesday was perfect and relaxing.  We got most of the things done we came out to do.  At one point I looked out the window to see my dad roping a tree.

This seemed a little odd to me, so I went to investigate.  Apparently there was a dead branch he was trying to get down.  After grabbing a calf hook he got it.  Farmers are very inventive people.

It was the coldest day in a long time, but we still went tubing.  We had to cram all our usual week long summer fun into one day.  So the kids went tubing anyways.

Can you imagine a more ideal childhood.  Tubing down the canal with the mountains in the background and farm fields.  I was such a lucky lucky kid.

Sadly no bridge jumping.  The canal was too low.  My parents dishwasher does not work.  Hasn't for a long time.  The other day when dad put away the dry rack after we did dishes it struck me as extra funny.  The dry rack is stored in the dishwasher.  And really, why not?!!?

We got ice cream and made a trip to the library.  The kids watched a movie.  Indiana Jones as is tradition.  Then had a silly string fight.  Nicole timed it.  They each had two bottles and it lasted just under two minutes.  Price wise I am not sure it is a good game, but the kids sure love it.

Not sure my dad was super excited about his lawn. It will dissolve soon.

We had to leave early for a dental appointment of Cora's and then get her to basketball camp.  It was much to short of a trip, but we squeezed in what we could.

These yellow chair represent summer.  My dad brings them out of storage for the season. They will be going back soon.  This summer has gone to fast for me.  Usually I can't wait for the kids to go back to school.  This year I wish I could hold it off a while longer.  Cora goes into Grade 11 this year.  It's to soon, to fast.  I need time to slow.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Poverty Flats Campout

We just had the 1st annual Puzey Campout.  It was a fun week.  My mother-in-law had spent weeks before hand planning activities and meals and making tons for bread and buns, so it could go as smoothly as possible.  I think the kids had a good time.  Blake especially had a blast.  He has some boy cousins his age and they had fun together.  The meals where delicious with not to much to clean up.  Rachel had brought out her gellish nails stuff and we all got they royal treatment.

I painted the babies toes.  So cute.  I love little ones with painted toes.  A little sad as it reminded me of doing Anna's for the first time.

Myrna had caterpillars the kids made.

Turned out cute also.

The girls helped get the string ready to make glow in the dark jelly fish.

Leah and Ashton dyed the string then it had to dry.  Later in the week we put them all together.

Every day we spent swimming.

Either at the beach or the pool.  Monday Jared took the afternoon off  and took us all on the boat.  Rachel and I even went for a tube ride.  It was awesome.  The kids did lots of tubing and Cora tried water skiing.  She popped up first try.  She has absolutely been bitten by the ski bug.  She went again later in the day and is now counting down until our youth activity.  She LOVED it, and did so great.

There was also a water fight planned.  Again a great activity.  My kids came in smiling and soaked.

There was a fire one night with roasted wieners and s'mores.  Blake always enjoys a good fire and Jared built a big one.  :)  Cora taught the kids to play Poisonous Stump.  A fun game that Steve taught us last year after being on trek with his ward.  I think most enjoyed it.

Tuesday  the girls and I had to take off for a young women's activity.  We did a service project as the community center.  They where showing a movie and the young women where in charge of tickets and concession.  Everyone else came up to watch the movie.

Wednesday was Blake's birthday.  I had made chocolate cupcakes ahead of time, filled them with whipped cream and froze them.  That day I pulled them out and iced them.  Very yummy if I say so myself.  We stayed up past midnight that night to watch the meteor shower.  Pretty cool.

One of the activities I was in charge of was tye-dye shirts for all.  Everyone brought a shirt for their kids and we showed them how to do it. Lots of neat patterns from everyone.  We finally got a picture of them all together.  The oldest grandchild is holding the youngest and the second oldest is holding the second youngest.  Armin was little mad because he wanted to stand by Leah, so after we got him back we switched.  But I love the first picture.

It was a good week.  I enjoyed chatting late into the night with my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law.  I was tired the next morning, but it was worth it.  We ate good and had a nice time.  I had told my girls before hand that they where the oldest and would need to make sure they helped all week.  Anytime grandma called on them they needed to jump.  They did fantastic.  Only once did I need to ask Leah to do something twice.  They where helpful and happy and played with kids all week.  Blake was ecstatic to have boys around for the week.  I would call the first campout a success and look forward to next year.  Thanks for everything Grandma Puzey!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Early Birthday and Sundowner

Blake's birthday is actually next Wednesday.  We will be in the middle of a Puzey reunion next week.  He decided that rather than opening his presents and not get to play with them for a few days, he would just open them early, play for one day, then put them away till after.  So last night we once again went to Shakespeare in the Park.  It was fabulous again.  This time along with Myrna, my parents and Cannon and Nicole and kids came also.  This morning we got some chores done as we waited for Dave to get home, then it was present time.

He has been wanting this Nerf gun since last November.  Every time he goes shopping he looks for it at Wal-Mart.  About a month ago it wasn't there anymore.  He was so devastated.  Blake started looking for it on Amazon.  Because he had been searching for it I got a notice when it went on sale.  A good sale.  Even with shipping it was cheaper than buying it at the store.  Score!!

He got a leather sketch book he has been wanting and Grandma got him a cool car.  We then had Holly's Hawaiian Pizza, watermelon, chips, and home-made ice cream cake.  I didn't get any picture of the birthday meal.  He had a great time playing with his gun in the afternoon after he got his mowing done.  He took it over to our basement and shot it through the walls.  It shoots really far and whistles as it goes.

We have been working on our deck today.  Dave had a meeting regarding a church audit coming up and didn't get home till almost noon.  But we worked hard all afternoon.  Stopped for Blake's birthday dinner then continued.  Just as the sun started to set, I had the kids come over.  We had our first Sundowners on our new deck.

When we where in Africa out on safari, they would pack us a drink and we would stop out  on the savanna and have our drink as the sun went down.  My parents continued the tradition after we came home.  Once in a while Dave and I have done it also.  It was a perfect beautiful night and I thought it was a great way to celebrate the beginning of our deck.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Boating Party

A month ago Leah asked if she could have a boating party with her friends.  They talked back and forth to get a few possible dates between every one's vacation schedule and Dave's availability.  August 6th ended up being the best day.  We checked the calendar the Sunday before.  It was calling for rain and not very hot.  I swear we have gotten rain 4 days this summer.  Young women's camp and yesterday.  Two of her friends came early to hang out.  We where watching the clouds and hoping, but when it was time to go it was still raining.  We went into town to pick up one more friend and to get a movie.  Got this great picture while we where there.
We had even pulled the boat out and got everything ready.  Dave thought it best to wait to see if it cleared at all.  We figured the latest we could leave would be 7:15.  Meanwhile we had a picnic in the basement and started the movie instead. Notice all the sweaters. :)

Around 6:30 it looked possible so off we went.

They had so much fun.  Some where braver than others.  It was getting dark already and still cloudy.  I have no idea who is in most of these pictures.  Everyone had a few turns tubing.

Oh first they went for a little swim.

Leah and Taylor above.

I love the light in this next picture.  Pretty sure this picture is Alyssa and Savannah.

Blake was much braver this trip.  He hit some awesome bump and stayed on the whole time.

Alyssa water skiing.  She had skied before and wanted to give it a go.

So cold.  All the towels where dripping wet.  They air dried in the freezing cold then quickly stuck on sweaters.  We went as late as we could.
Then we pulled them almost to the dock.  It was a lot of fun.  The girls all had a blast and are so easy to be with.

I loved the dark angry clouds behind the house with light shining on it.  Such a pretty spot of the world.
Cora decided to go for a little ride as Dave moved this wagon out of the way.  She said she is so not ready to go into Grade 11, she thinks she should of stayed 6 forever.