Monday, October 29, 2012

Murder Mystery Party

Natalie called me Friday and asked if Dave and I would be willing to come last minute to her murder mystery party.  She had had a couple back out and you have to have a certain number of people or it doesn't work.  It was pirate themed and we needed a costume.  I am sure you all know how Dave feels about games, acting, dressing up, and parting with people he doesn't know.  I figured she must be really desperate if she was inviting us:)  Saturday I was racking my brain for costumes.  I took an old white shirt of Dave's and picked out the cuffs, pocket, and buttons.  I then sewed on lace cuffs, added button holes to tie a string, made a long vest, and two red ties.  Plus a head thing for me.  I thought for last minute it was pretty awesome.
The party was fun.  A little slow going at first as nobody had done one before. We met some great people and they were all really nice.  Natalie had gone all out on the decor.  It was amazing.  I hope she took lots of pictures. The food was awesome, everybody brought delicious things to try.  I think sometime I would like to do another one now that I understand the whole thing.  Dave says it was fun but he is good.  Cora wants to do one as a birthday party but I saw the effort Natalie put in and I am not sure I am willing to put in the stress and work.  But it really was fantastic.

Besides the roads this is my least favorite thing about winter.  After the kids come in from playing outside everything just gets dumped.  It needs to dry and can't be stuffed back in to the closet yet, but I don't think this is drying very much.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dental Appointments

We had no cavities this year.  YAY!!!  (Cora and Leah have never had one.)  However it is still going to be an expensive year.  They sent forms away for Cora for pre-approval for her braces.  As soon as they get mailed back and we have a quote then she will get them on.  Leah is on pre-approval for some thing (I didn't really understand) that will start to move her top front teeth in and fix her overbite.  I was told this will lessen her orthodontics later.  And Blake is going back to have a spacer put in where he has lost a couple of teeth.  What is the saying if you are going to do it do it big:)  The roads were awful.  I almost cancelled.  I knew it was going to snow, it does every time I go to Cardston for dental appointments.  So expect snow next Thursday when I go back:).  I decided to brave it.  We drove pretty slow out there but except for 10 mins on the way home the roads were clear and dry.  While in town we picked up hankies that have Calgary Temple on them, picked up my blueprints, and visited my Grandpa.  It is so sad to see all those people that don't have a clue what is going on.  Grandpa is always upbeat and making conversation.  I think it would be so frustrating.  We had packed a lunch because we were supposed to met the youth at the temple for baptism, but they ended up cancelling.  When we got home Dave had made dinner for us and finished shoveling the walks.  It was nice to spend and evening with him at home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blake's House

Blake has been working on this house for a couple days.  He cut the wood and hammered it all together, 100% by himself.  Even bruised his hand pretty good with the hammer.  He was so excited to bring it in and show us last night.  Good job Blake!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Primary Presentation

Our Presentation is over.  That is a great feeling.  I don't know why it still amazes me but it does, that every year you are sure it is going to be a disaster, the kids won't sing or sing by yelling, and no one knows their parts.  But every year when they present what they have learned for their parents it goes off great.  Every one did a great job.  I was looking at the time and we were going to be really short.  We had a few kids not show and a few verses taken out of song because the kids didn't know them to well.  I was sitting there thinking,'what are we going to do?'.  I ended up having a few kids bare their testimonies at the end.  We were still 15 mins early.  Oh well.  Nice that it is done.
We tried pumpkin truffles yesterday.  They were really good.  Dave said he liked them, he would like them in his lunch, he likes when my pumpkin season is over:)  He wants a nice normal pumpkin pie.  I really don't like pumpkin pie.  He said one slice at Thanksgiving was not enough for the year. Maybe I will be a nice wife and surprise him one of these days.
Cora had another fireside last night.  It was on temple's as the dedication of the Calgary Temple is next week.  It was a great evening.  She is still disappointed that there is no fire at the fireside.  She said not even at camp in the evening did the sit around a fire.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Latest Projects

When I went to Utah with my parents in April, Natalie and I went to Hobby Lobby.  They were having a sale on patterns.  Only 99 cents each.  I picked up a few that I thought would be fun. Lately Blake and Leah have been in desperate need for pajamas.  So I tried some out.  This fabulous material is from my Grandma Southam.  The girls have always wanted long flannel p.j.'s.  The old-fashioned kind.  This was an experiment to see if I could make a big pattern small for them.  It worked, I will just have to use the long sleeves.  That will probably be a Christmas project.

I found this on Pinterest months ago.  The one I found had Frankenstein instead of a witch and said 'Have a Spooktacular Day'  I thought a witch would be awesome.  This us all just made out of 2x4's. (As Dave cut this for me I found out that a 2x4 is actually 11/2x31/2.  That is crazy.  Why is it called a 2x4 then?)

Blake loves his pajamas.  They are very warm for winter.  Dave said he should wear them for Halloween as a doctor. I was only buying enough material to do bottoms.  Then I had lots left over and decided to see if I could make the top too.  I only had enough for short sleeves and one piece on the top I had to sew two small ones together so I had a big enough piece to cut out.  But you can barely tell and he doesn't care.

This is also one of my cheap patterns.  I also got the material for Leah when I was in Utah.  Leah's turned out great.  Cora loved it and wanted one.  She asked for something red.  Her friend told her she loved it that Cora looked like a picnic table.  We thought that was funny, she kinda does.

We tried to get a close up so you could see Leah's material.  It has tiny shiny pink dots.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

WOW!!! She is a Teenager

Cora's birthday sunrise.  She was sure that was sent just for her.

We started out the day before by having all her friends come for lunch.  She really has a great group.   I made beef dip.  Cora had wanted me to make these really great cupcakes that Amber made once, but I tried and they didn't work at all.  So we ended up having just regular chocolate cupcakes.  When she got to school on her birthday all her friends yell Happy Birthday together and they had written all over the board wishing her the same.  She said a lot of people and teachers also came in and sang to her.

Cora had got a few gifts early, and she has been enjoying them for months.  We got tickets to go to the Calgary Temple open house on her birthday and Grandma Puzey came with us.  Before we left Grandma gave her a beautiful carrying case.  She will be able to pack and go on youth outings and what not.  Cora loved it.

We then headed to Calgary for the open house tour.  It was amazing.  They all loved it.  I was looking more at the architecture and ceilings then anything else.  It was great to see what Jason has been working on.

I have no idea why this is croocked.  Just turn your head:)  Jason had mentioned earlier that he had something for Cora.  We decided to meet at DQ by their house after the temple and have a little celebration. (Dave decided that morning to go out to eat first also)  When she opened her gift she was honestly flabbergasted.  She just sat there and stared at it for a minute.  Jason has been working on the temple, he has been doing the gold leaf amongst other things.  This is an original template that they followed when doing some of the painting.

Jason added the temple and Angel Moroni and the words.  Dave's phone would not take a good picture with the lighting, but she was so excited.  It was by far her favorite gift.  She felt bad about picking a favorite, she usually doesn't, but there is so much meaning behind it and she couldn't belief Uncle Jason would think of her like that.  It is beautiful and something she will treasure always.  Next time anyone visits me make sure you check it out. It was a very late night but a great birthday.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Note to Teacher

As I have mentioned before, in Cora's class this year band has been made mandatory.  I am getting a little tried of that word from the demanding notes her band teacher sends home.  We are actually glad that she is in band and I think she will enjoy it.  I think that it is fun that Cora is going to play the trumpet.  However, her teacher is starting to really irritate me.  This is the note I would have like to send back to school today, but I didn't.

Dear Mrs. Band Teacher
In your latest note you have told (not asked) all the students to have their instruments at the school by the 15th of October.  I just wanted you to know that Cora's will not be there.  As she does not need it until the 17th I do not feel comfortable leaving it at the school where it can get stolen or damaged.  If you would like to pay for a replacement trumpet for her if anything does happen then I would be happy to jump to your demands and keep it at the school.  She is able to attend the band clinic on the 17th from 2:15 - 4:15.  Again not that you asked.  I do think this will be beneficial to her and we are so glad that she did not have a previous commitment outside of school on her own time that you demanded she forgo. Thank you for being aware that student may have commitments outside of school. Also that was a nice touch telling the kids that if they did not attend they would never be able to properly play their instruments and wouldn't be very good at band.  Lastly if you could stop thanking me for the support of the band program this year.  Seriously not one of us had a choice.  Thank you for supporting me as a parent with the decisions that I have made about my child and the possessions that I personally own.
Charmaine Puzey

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Caught Doing Good

When I saw this idea on Pinterest I thought it would be a good way to focus on the good things my kids do rather than the disappointing.  Nothing make me mad faster then a messy house or when I have to ask more than one time to have some one do something.  I keep telling my kids if they could just do those two things they would rarely be in trouble.  I was starting to feel very nagging and not a nice mom.  So we made this jar.  When they do something good they get to put a cotton ball in.  The reward when it is full with be swimming, movie, or ice cream.  It was very slowly filling up.  Now almost 2 weeks later they seem to have caught the vision.  It also has really help that I try to sit and talk with them first, ask about their day, then ask if we could get a few things put away.  Now they are doing chores on their own.  Tuesday I had to run to town, was trying to finish Blake's p.j.'s, and take Leah to Achievement Days.  They all got in and hand washed dishes with out me asking and swept the floor.  When I got back from the church Cora and Blake has switched laundry, folded and put it all away.  Our jar is now filling up fast and I feel our home has been more peaceful.  I needed to change just as much as them ,and we still have frustrating day, but I feel it is going better so far.

The kids went out to rake the leaves for us the other day.  They made a bunch of piles many times but not one leaf got bagged.:) They sure had fun.  Cora must have set the timer on the camera because there was a lot of pictures she had taken.

And....I had to give in and pull out the winter coats this morning.  :(

Sunday, October 7, 2012

General Conference

I feel that this year we have finally seen a small reward for our labors.  We have always taken the kids to all four sessions of conference.  First travelling to the church for every session, then when we got Internet we stayed home except for Sunday morning.  It was not fun,easy, or peaceful.  Sometimes I thought I was crazy as Blake was climbing over benches and nobody in the building could hear.  I did get some dirty looks. It was more work and for years I would come home thinking I had no idea what was said.  This year the kids asked me when conference was.  They were on a count down and very excited.  I deemed it time that we could stay home for all four.  All the messages were so good.  I love Saturday morning when they make all the new announcement and tell of new temples coming.  There were many inspiring talks and I hope that my kids will always have the love of conference that they do right now.  We will continue to work and teach them about this important opportunity to listen to the Lord's disciples.  

The girls made a few bracelets and designed new dresses for the Tabernacle Choir.

Blake quietly played with some Lego and sat with us.  With all the great messages it got me thinking about the many things that I am thankful for, and with Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would list a few.
1.  So thankful for my family.  All of them.  My kids, husband, in-laws and immediate family.  I have been very blessed with all of them that I get to associate with.
2.  For a Heavenly Father that know what is best for me and my little family.  That he guides us in the direction that we need to be to reach our celestial potential.
3.  To my brother-in-law for recommending Dave for the job he has now.  It was a great move and great timing we were guided to go when he did.
4.  For knowing Little Miss A.  I feel privileged to have been blessed to know her.  Happy Birthday little one.
5.  For a husband that make my life so easy.  For always making me laugh, for loving me, and putting up with me.  Who thinks so much like me that our marriage has been a joy and a blessing.
6.  For my life and the knowledge of the gospel that I have.
7.  That I am able to walk and run.  I may not be fast but I have the ability.  It took time and dedication to get it back.  Sometimes it still hurts, even though it has been years and I have to work through it.  But I can walk on my own.
8.  For a daughter that is starting to come into her own.  She is helpful, kind, observant of others needs and so much fun to be with.  I honestly consider her not only my daughter but quickly becoming one of my best friends.  I look forward to seeing her accomplish all that she has been sent here to do.
9.  For my other two that I love and have many great talents and gifts of their own.  But are still my young enough that they retain a bit of the little kids that I miss cuddling and listening to, with their funny ideas and thoughts.
10.  For a son that when they announced that he could go on a mission a year earlier shouted, "YES".  I continually pray that we will be guided to help him keep that attitude as he becomes older and more influenced by peers.

I have many more things and I could go on and on but these are just the things I have been thinking of the last couple of days.  Happy Thanksgiving to all tomorrow.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cool Carrot

Cora thought this looked like a dancing man. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Off To The Races

Dave and I have been debating for a while about if I could go to the horse races.  They are free and I really wanted to watch them run.  But it is where people go to bet on the races.  I said I could just go watch and Dave said like I would watch Bingo.  I was not going to watch the people watch the horse races. I wanted to watch the horse run and hear the thunder of hoofs.  Saturday we went in to get a few groceries and went off to the races as well.  It really was great.  Not a ton of people there but the girls loves watching them run also.

Isn't that a great picture!!

We had Myrna over for Sunday dinner. The girls and I went on my Pinterest page to look for a dessert to try. Cora wanted to try this Chocolate Malted Ice Cream Cake.  It was super yummy.  Fast and easy too.

Leah was in her room for a while yesterday and when I went to find her she had all her purple clothes out.  She wanted to paint her nails purple and had called some of her friends to wear purple.  I was a little curious about this new obsession.  When I asked she said, "Mom, tomorrow is October 1st"  That really did not explain it at all to me.  She looked at me like a was crazy and reminded me that October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and their color is purple.  This girl that can not remember 5 mins after I have asked her to clean her room, or 5 seconds after I tell her not to talk with food in the mouth does remember a year later about Rett Month.  Selective memory?!?  Good job Leah. (Cora said that she remembered also and came to the breakfast table wearing purple also.  Blake is a little miffed that I won't go buy him a purple shirt.  I told him we can make him a pin or something).