Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We have defiantly got into a busies phase of live.  I honestly have no idea why people would looked at me with 3 little kids and said 'oh you must be busy' that was a breeze. I can look at Nicole and Makita and see the future. That is about where I will be in 4 years.  Leah has just finished up volleyball.  She did really well.  Soon she will be heading into basketball herself.  Cora did start basketball yesterday and she is loving it already.  The kids filled their Caught Bein' Good Jar and decided as a reward they wanted to go swimming for FHE.  With all of that this is how Cora's day stacked up yesterday.  She got up early and worked on an English assignment, then off to school.  During school they ran for gym, played volleyball for inter-murals, had 30 min fitness in Health class.  After school she had a 1 1/2 hour basketball practice.  We picked her straight up and went to Boston Pizza for dinner and swam for another 1 1/2 hours.  She was extremely exhausted.  Tuesday is piano and YW, Wednesday is basketball practice and gymnastics.  Thursdays are games.  These are the choices we have made and I am not complaining at all. Just stating the facts. But if you have us over and Cora falls asleep in the soup we will just wipe her face and put a blanket over her:)  And next year we start early morning seminar. Oh my!!!!


  1. What a busy girl! Not sure what I will do if my boys want to be involved in lots of things - currently I'm tied to my house from 4 - 8 p.m. every day - it's going to be tricky! Hopefully they will just be computer geeks and stay home!

  2. Ha! Ha! I like your thinking Lalainia!! As much as I hope my kids want to be involved in extra curricular activities I also hope they just want to stay home and hang out with me!!! Yeah right...I can't see that happening! I guess I should try and myself in shape now so I will be able to keep up later!!! Poor Cora...though I hope she is at least enjoying herself!