Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marine Biology: Part 2

The next morning started with a boat trip.  The kids got suited up in wet suits.  They had accidentlly brought a XL for Leah instead of a XS, so she got a brand new one from the boat.  The rest of the kids went snorkeling in a kelp forest.  Leah got out there and start hyperventilating.  Staff thought this might not be the best while in the water.  :)  

She swam a bit, just didn't do the snorkeling.  Leah said she raised her hands so we would know who she was in the water.   Next they went whale watching.  I was told they were lucky and saw a lot of whales and many jumping.  Leah's favorite animal from the trip were the sea lions.  

Leah thought her friend looked like a platypus

Back in the boat they got to look at some more marine life.

Apparently Leah did not like petting this fish.

Crab earrings anyone?  Could be a new trend.

The instructor sort of threw this lobster at the kids as a joke.  Some of the kids and teachers got to hold it on their arm.

Hugest pizza ever.

More labs.

The last day they went boogie boarding in the morning before the plane.  Leah LOVED this.  They kept going and going as much as they could fit in till it was time to leave.

It was a really neat experience. Leah got to see and swim in the ocean for the first time.  She got to see a lot of new marine animals and interact with them.  Lots of neat animals at the zoo.  It was a big trip of first and something that she will always remember.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Marine Biology: Part 1

I finally have all I need to blog about Leah's trip to San Diego. She is here to help with stories, I have her log book from the trip and pictures from the school plus the ones she took.  It will be all jumbled and pictures are not in order.  We got up at 4:30 in the morning.  It had snowed that night.  Cora thought it quite funny that it snowed the day Leah was leaving to go to the beach.  She traveled up with some of our friends that were going also.  I would have loved to have seen all the looks in the airports that they  got walking in this big sea of highlighter yellow hoodies. 

I found a site that let us track her flight.  We checked it many times to see where she was and to know she had arrived safely.  One of the teacher was giving us nightly updates by text.  I would stay awake every night until they came through.

It was beautiful sunny weather.  Most of them were in T-shirts during the trip.  Leah said it was fun to play 'Spot the Canadian'.  Their group was in shorts and the Seacamp leaders and others were in sweaters and long pants. 

(From the airplane)

When they arrived they got to go for a walk on the beach and look for kelp, sea grass, and living organisms.  They went to the aquarium and saw lots of marine life.  Tide pooling was something Leah enjoyed.

Most nights they did some lab work.  They got to feel many different sea animals and bisected a squid.

One the second day they went kayaking.  She really thought that was fun.  I guess the boys were trying to tip over their kayak and ended falling in.  Leah thought that hilarious.  They had races across the lake and played some version of water soccer.

(Where they bunked)

(This is where they ate)
Leah said it was all really good food.  But every day for lunch they had sandwiches since they were out doing activities.  By the third day they were getting tired of sandwiches.

(Learning to kayak)

All those circles above are jellyfish.  Anywhere they walked on the beach they had to shuffle their feet to scare the jellyfish away.

Third day they went to the Zoo.  After walking around for a while they went on a private behind the scenes bus tour.

She loved the baby giraffe.

One of her friends' dad was along on the trip.  By the third day they were getting a little hungry from their small sandwiches and one piece of fruit.  Especially this dad and the boys.  (Leah said breakfast and dinner were awesome, just lunch was a little small)  So he bought himself something to eat and all the girls an ice cream.

Leah said this panda did a very good job of ignore them.

She saw a polar bear and they got to pet an armadillo.  Then back for dinner and more labs.  Leah played basketball with the boys almost every night.  Both my girls would way rather play ball with boys then girls.  Not as violent.  They had campfires and lots of fun evening activities.  

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Puzey Dinner

Instead of exchanging presents, a few years ago we decided to all go out to dinner together with the Puzey's.  Without any kids.  I got this idea from my friend Mandy and have enjoyed it.  This year Dave and I wanted to host it and asked if everyone would mind waiting a few months.  Last night was the night.  I was excited to make some of my favorite foods and have everyone come.  It was a nice evening.  Most of the prep was done before hand.  I had little brown bags that I filled with candy for place settings.  It took me a couple tries to get them printed from the computer right, but I loved how they turned out.

We started with 7-layer dip, fruit and dip and meatballs for appetizers, and pina colada for what Natalie calls a 'sipatizer'.  We munched and talked while the salmon cooked.  When it was done we served it and some roasted veggies and Caesar salad.  I had cooked all the vegetables before hand then stuck them in the crock pot to keep warm while the salmon cooked.  Apparently this does not work.  My veggies were a little cold when I sat down to eat them.  I will know for next time. 

For dessert Oreo cheesecake.  I decide not to serve a drink during the meal.  I had frozen blueberries and lemon wedges in ice cubes.  I added that to the water so it was pretty.  I really like just having a small nice drink before hand then water.  Everyone stayed after for a while and it was nice.  Our kids had gone to Grandma's to babysit the younger grand kids.  Originally I had planned to have them serve us and do the clean up as we relaxed then they were going to head to town for a movie, but maybe next time.  I loved entertaining again and putting together and planning what I wanted to do and serve.  I think I personally enjoyed it more than going out. I think it was a good night for all and I am glad they were willing to wait and drive to come.

Rachel and Jared brought us this cute housewarming gift.  All of it was nice and put together with a little saying.

I love the salt container and the basket I can think of a few things I would like to use it for.  Kids are loving the candy.  The night before Myrna had given us some nice towels and some great sheets.  We really needed new sheets.  They were SO comfortable.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

.... and More!

Monday we also got up early.  Especially considering it was a holiday.  I didn't know that Dave had the day off.  He was teasing me that I was not spending time with him as my family on Family Day.  But I did spend it with family.  He later said he got so much done with out being distracted.  Anyways we drove out to my parents house and dropped off Blake.  My dad and Blake hung some doors on the barn.  Mom, Nicole, and I went into the temple to do some initiatory.  Kailey took Cora, Leah and Levi and they did baptism.  We drove separate so we didn't have to wait for each other.  I can't express how much I love that they can all drive themselves in and do this work together.  And they love it.  Music blaring, Levi bought them all ice cream after, hanging out.  Love it.  Just great, great moments.  When we all returned we ate dinner.  Mom had a few project for us to help with.  Blake and Levi picked up sticks in the yard and had a Nerf War.  It was good for him to have some time with some boys to hang out.  That night we had a fun FHE.  Mom made up 2 lists of names.  The first we had to pick out which ones were not part of our family line, and the second we had to decide if they were part of the Smith or Southam side.  Next they had all these books out from our ancestors.  We each picked one. (Cannon and Nicole and kids came over also)  From the book we had to find a story to share with the rest of the group.  It was really fun.  My parents have SO many books.  I took a picture of what they had out, it is not even all of them.

The next morning Blake, Levi and Dad hung another door.  We just hung out and had a really great time.  It is always so relaxing to just sit and be with my family.  It is truly like a vacation.  We came back after dinner, and admired all Dave's hard work.  Then watched a movie.  Yesterday was cleaning and catch up on laundry.  In the afternoon, Cora ran to town to get her friend Meghan who is down for the week.  I'm so glad they have been able to stay in contact and friends.  We are planning a trip up to her place this summer.  They stayed up playing games and talking until 2:30 in the morning.  Crazy girls!!  They have a lot of time to make up for I guess.  Later today we will take her back and get some groceries.  I love all the time I have got to spend with my family this weekend.  I like having the kids out of school and hanging out all day.  A few more days left of this much needed school break.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So Much....

I am so behind in blogging.  I really have not had time to sit down and blog, never mind get pictures the last few weeks. We have been having a great time.  Leah returned from her trip to San Diego.  I took Blake and Cora out of school early so we could all go get her from the airport.  I just need to get a few more pictures uploaded then I will blog that.  Last week we had so many basketball practices.  Cora and I would go right after school where I was coaching her playing, then she had a half hour to forty five minutes and she would run to drama practice, then straight to Leah and Cora's ball practice.  I stayed to those so there was someone over 18.  Cora has been doing a great job coaching.  She taught them some plays and strategies this week.  We would come home for a late dinner and bed.  Blake has been spending lots of time with Dave as we are away.  All of our tile is done and toilets are in.  Blake has been feeding cows and loving it.  Dave will walk around in the field and cut strings as Blake has gone back and forth to get bales.  Blake loves driving the tractor and will tell you all about it in great detail.  He loves going to the dump with me also.  We got his Valentine's ready a few weeks ago.  This year we pick one with no candy involved.  Seems there are more and more allergies to worry about so this would work for everyone.
At Scub Days they had a Nerf Gun War.  Blake invited a friend to that and was so happy when the mom said yes.  His school Valentine's party was early because Thursday they went skiing.  Dave took the day off work to take him up.  Sadly no pictures tho.  Blake ended up skiing most of the day with his friends.  Dave said once he was getting in line and Blake skied right up beside him and got on the chair.  Came out of no where.  Friday and Saturday was Cora's home tournament.  Just the day before I was asked to do all the food for the coaches room as well.  Only two parents were willing to help.  Friday I had to be up there almost all day to make sure food was stocked and Cora had to score keep.  Blake and Leah had been invited to a birthday party.  They played Laser Tag and had a blast.  After we were done at the tournament we picked up the kids from the party, quick dinner, and I finished the girls bedspread and pillows.  Nice to have that done.  Saturday we were up early to play at 8.  We lost but it was a good game.  We had anticipated to lose since the girls had never played together before.  I only had one or two show up to practice and it was always a different one or two.  We only lost by 15 points.  I was impressed.  More score keeping and food checking/stocking.  We had a few hours break and ran home to wash uniforms and clean a bit.  Back for final game to score keep  and clean coaches room.  It was a long day.  Sunday I had early morning meetings.  Because we had done Blake's Valentine's so early and the tournament, I sorta forgot about Valentine's day.  I did set red Jell-O with raspberries that morning and I set the table special for dinner, but that was it.  Dave mailed me a card.  He knows I love things in the mail.  That was big surprise and he had hidden a small treat in the house for me.
But that was it.  Kids watched a movie, I read.  We didn't do much.  It was nice just to be home and not have to run anywhere.