Monday, October 29, 2012

Murder Mystery Party

Natalie called me Friday and asked if Dave and I would be willing to come last minute to her murder mystery party.  She had had a couple back out and you have to have a certain number of people or it doesn't work.  It was pirate themed and we needed a costume.  I am sure you all know how Dave feels about games, acting, dressing up, and parting with people he doesn't know.  I figured she must be really desperate if she was inviting us:)  Saturday I was racking my brain for costumes.  I took an old white shirt of Dave's and picked out the cuffs, pocket, and buttons.  I then sewed on lace cuffs, added button holes to tie a string, made a long vest, and two red ties.  Plus a head thing for me.  I thought for last minute it was pretty awesome.
The party was fun.  A little slow going at first as nobody had done one before. We met some great people and they were all really nice.  Natalie had gone all out on the decor.  It was amazing.  I hope she took lots of pictures. The food was awesome, everybody brought delicious things to try.  I think sometime I would like to do another one now that I understand the whole thing.  Dave says it was fun but he is good.  Cora wants to do one as a birthday party but I saw the effort Natalie put in and I am not sure I am willing to put in the stress and work.  But it really was fantastic.

Besides the roads this is my least favorite thing about winter.  After the kids come in from playing outside everything just gets dumped.  It needs to dry and can't be stuffed back in to the closet yet, but I don't think this is drying very much.


  1. I have always wanted to go to a Murder Mystery party. If you end up having one, invite us :)

  2. Love the costumes! Now you are all ready for halloween! I totally sympathise with all the winter gear - such a pain.

  3. I also have always wanted to do a party like that. I had a friend is Salt Lake that had a kit. We never got around to doing it but I always wanted to. I told Randan a few Halloweens a go that I wanted to do one and he said abosolutly not. I will keep trying to warm him up to the idea. I love your last minute costumes thay are great. They dont look so last minute.