Wednesday, November 28, 2012

YW and Excellence

Cora had her YW in Excellence yesterday.  It was a bit more of a rush then usual on a Tuesday as we had to change and get there early for her to set up her display.  They got out of piano 10 minutes late, good thing I had put dinner in the oven, emptied the dishwasher, and set the table before we left.  We were 5 minutes late as it was.  For Cora's project this year she choice Individual Worth. She decided to share her talents with her brother and taught him some piano.  They had some frustrating moments and some really fun moments.  Cora and Blake were so excited for him to perform one of the songs that he had worked so hard on.  For some reason the YW decided that they were not going to have any performances this year.  We aren't sure why???  Apparently another girl had done a ballet routine.  She is amazing and I would have loved to watch that. So Cora just took her piano book that she had worked out of and a statue of a girl playing the piano that my mom gave me years ago.  Besides that little disappointment it was a great night.  It was fun to see the other girls projects and they had angel food cake with raspberries and whipped cream.  Cora's favorite.  I was also glad that everyone dressed up this year.  Last year most of the girls and even the leaders showed up in jeans.  It continues to amazes me that people where jeans to Christmas parties, RS parties, special YW nights and so on.  Cora is doing great on her Personal Progress.  We have even had her slow down a bit.  I don't think it would be fun to be done to early, even though I know you can do it over again if want.  Blake came home and played his song for us here.


  1. darn. I missed the planning meeting, otherwise I would have spoken up for performances. I would have loved to have seen Blake play, and the ballet performance. Maybe next year. I was so proud of all the girls:)

  2. Sounds like she is doing well with her projects. Cora likes to do things with excellence. Tell Blake to keep practicing so he can play it for me. Love Mom P