Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Teaching Moment

Last Wednesday ended up being quite the day for us.  We started out relatively calm.  I got everyone out the door to seminary and school.  Did a quick clean and run then after getting ready went to watch Leah's track and field.  The weather forecast was very windy and downpour.  But at 11 Leah said everything was still a go so up I went.  It was a bit drizzly.  I was glad I had brought an umbrella, she had also asked for a tarp for them to all put their stuff on since the ground was wet.  She placed 3rd or 4th in all her events, so good but not good enough for zones.
The high school track team always runs the events.  By about one the coach was announcing that they were speeding things up, the kids were not going to get breaks and no wait time between events.  They were trying to beat the storm.  Leah's team did amazing in the relay.  Beat all else by 6 seconds, which is huge in a race.

Everything was done by 2:15.  Half hour later it started to rain.  And rain hard.  Cora had a rugby game that evening.  Her coach always said that the game would only be cancelled if they couldn't see the lines on the field.  It was a weird feeling, driving up to a game when you could barely see the road, the rain was so heavy.

But play they did.  And won.  Their fingers were numb, every break they huddles together.  The wind was about 80 km.  That rain felt like nails. I wrapped up in a blanket and the tarp I had taken for Leah, then Dave's big coat and the umbrella.  Most parents smartly stayed in their cars, but I couldn't see through all the rain on the windshield.

On the way home all Cora and I wanted to do was get in dry clothes and have a hot meal.  As we drove in the yard I noticed that our canvas tent that we are using as sort of garage was barely standing up to the wind.  Dave had braced our trampoline and water tank before he left for his meetings and had reinforced the tent.  But the tent was taking a beating.  We came in and got dry, I told the kids we needed to pray that our tent would hold in this wind.  A few minutes later, Blake slipped out the door, he came back in quickly and told us that the tent was going over.  I seriously had no idea what to do.  All I could think was if we got some vehicles on either side it might prevent it from blowing away.  So out Cora and Blake went, back in the pouring rain to move vehicles.  I sent Dave a text apologizing for interrupting the meeting but to please call.  He called right away and gave us a few suggestions.  He couldn't do anything as he was an hour away.  I ran outside to do what he had said and soon notice that Jared, my brother-in-law, was on his way over with some bales.  He literally saved us.  We were so incredibly thankful that he had looked out his window when he did.  As he went back for a few more loads of bales, Blake and I waited outside.  We both didn't want to be hanging out inside all calm as Jared was doing our work.  As we were standing there I told Blake how grateful I was that he had listened to the prompting to come check the tent when he did.  The next few moments ended up being very sweet and tender as we stood in the biting, driving rain and discussed the Holy Ghost.   How proud I am of his testimony and how excited he was to realize that he had gotten a prompting and been obedient in following it.  I will be forever grateful that I was prompted to make that passing comment that began the conversation.  I am thankful for that small peaceful teaching moment out in the storm.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May Long

Usually the May Long Weekend around here is rainy and cold, but we were surprised with beautiful weather this time. Dave took Friday off, so we all had an extra long weekend.  Cora had one class Friday morning.  A few days ago, I came home to see my grocery list very full (we have one on the board that when we run out of something or the kids need something they write it down so we don't forget.  This is where Cora still writes dog every week) Anyways, it was totally filled in.  Come to find out Dave had been through our pantry and was stocking us back up.  He shops like his dad.  Finds good deals and gets lots of food storage.  So Friday he got up and ran to town to get our new water tank.  The water from our well will kill the grass so we have to pump some in.  He is going to make a drip system from it.  We also have trees coming soon and will need water for those.  He got back unloaded the tank and then he and I went back for groceries.  Home and dropped those off then Dave and Blake went for one more, hour each way, trip to town to pick up our mower.  It was a lot of driving for Dave, but we got some things that were very much needed.  In the late afternoon, Cora went to work and the other kids and I headed to Toone's.

White thing in the back is the water tank.

Saturday we got chores done.  Cora worked at the golf course, Blake, Leah and I cleaned house, laundry etc.  Dave was doing farm stuff, getting ready to seed.  It was a little slow at the gold course so Cora got off early.  It was a good thing since she still had her talk to finish.  Sunday early Dave and Cora took off for the Pass to speak.  When they got home it was still so nice.  No wind and sunny.  Both girls are trying to get rid of their tan lines before Grad.  Leah stuck her swimsuit cover on and they sat out in that beautiful sun.

I am sure going to miss this crazy fun girl around every day.

We watched a movie and then sat back on our deck with snacks.  We are still loving our deck, we are on it every day.  We had been taking walks in the evening as often as we could to get ready for Trek.  But I think that is over now.  The mosquitoes have arrived.  Too bad I enjoyed that time.  Hate mosquitoes.  Monday the kids all went to Toone's.  Cora was getting her Grad dress fixed, they practiced a song they are singing together soon and then hung our for a while.  It was kinda weird to just be Dave and I.  I am not sure that has ever happened at home before.  Dave sprayed our yard and did farm stuff, I went for a run, laundry, sewed more trek clothes (almost done) and sat on the deck enjoying the sun.  That evening when the kids got home they grabbed a quick bite and then off to grandma's to watch a movie.  I went with Dave to mix grain so they can seed.

Standing in the shaded we needed lots of mosquito repellent.  Uggh!!   Today the kids are still off school.  Cora has to work at noon, they are mowing this morning, Blake has a soccer game tonight, Cora has rugby practice and then YW's.  It was so nice to have a peaceful break from getting up early and making lunches.  I'm so glad we had nice weather.  It was a perfect long weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Beginnings, Youth Conference and Mother's Day

New Beginnings went well.  I did finish my talk in case you are wondering.  Just in the nick of time.  It was going one way and I found some new info I liked a lot better.  I had arrows and stars leading from one paper to another and did not even know if it would flow together.  But as usual in the church it all worked out.  I did not get one picture.  So sad!  I was walking to get one of all the girls together, when someone stopped me and when I was done, one of the girls had left.  Anyways... the activity before we had made tissue paper pom poms and hung them from the ceiling.  I had written a short skit for the girls to act out to introduce the values and their color, so we also ran through that a few times. Tuesday night was lovely.  Cora conducted, I gave the main talk and had the skit in the middle of it, Emry introduced our new beehive and then the stake leader and bishop each gave a great talk on prayers.  I then gave each of the girls a small gift and we closed.  I had made 4 different cheesecakes for refreshments and they were all a hit.

Friday and Saturday was our Stake Youth Conference.  The girls to the stake center  Friday evening.  They watched Moana, ate pizza and played lots of games.  Cora was in charge of the games for the evening and a few things Saturday.  She really enjoyed doing that.  Helped her to really get to know the other youth in the stake.  They got back at 12:30.  The next morning rolled around very early.  We had to be back at the stake center (an hour away) by 8. We had a great breakfast and then went to a leaders house to paint our buckets for trek, have a short walk (4km) to practice, and lunch.  For the morning, all the youth and Ma and Pa's were invited.  It was really fun for me to have my whole family there.

Cora wants to change her's to say Rat Poison.

After lunch 12 & 13 yr olds were dismissed and all extra adults.  We went back to the church, changed into Sunday clothes and had a few classes, an excellent fireside, dinner and testimony meeting.  It was a good afternoon.  Again back late.  My parents had come up to hang out with us.  We chatted for a bit then off to bed.

Sunday I had early morning meetings and just made it.  Spent to much time talking.  Cannon, Nicole, Kailey, and Levi joined us at church also.  We found it a little amusing that Levi doubled our teachers quorum and Kailey doubled our laurels.  After church back to my house where Myrna joined us as well for dinner.  Cora had to work and left soon after eating, then the rest headed home to talk to Star.  Myrna stayed a little while and then we went for a walk and watched a movie.  It also was a wonderful day.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What a Weekend!!

 We had a very full, fun weekend.  Starting Thursday, Blake had a soccer game an hour and a half away.  His league is a lot bigger than I knew and Dave and I will have to divide and conquer to get him to all his games and still get our church and farm responsibilities done.  It is going to be a hairy two months.  
He enjoys playing goal keeper.  The game I watched he did pretty good, not so good the game Dave watched.  But his teammates cheer him on and it is only the beginning of the season.  I have already really enjoyed traveling with him and talking to him one on one.

Friday Cora had her home rugby tournament.  I spent most of the day up watching her.  Then back to decorate the church for New Beginnings and then quickly got changed and off to dinner with Dave.  His boss had invited a few to dinner, as a thank you for the extra hours and some weekends they have spent working lately as they do this big change over.  Dave is over some of them so we were invited as well.  It was a wonderful steak dinner at a really neat little place.  There were only 10 there, so a nice little group.
Saturday we were up early to get Blake to his badminton tournament.

Blake and his partner placed first in mixed doubles.  They got to pick a prize at the end.  Of course everyone got a prize, but he had a great time.

I biped over to watch Cora's first game Saturday.  They did very well.  Beating a team the our high school has not beaten in over a decade.

She loves the scrums and gets many compliments from her coach as how she is always the first there.

It was a hot day and she got sunburned.

After her game we went to watch the last of Blake's and then she went back to the school for her last game and Blake and I went home.  Another super fast change and we were off to a wedding.  Cora's last game was the same time as the family dinner, so she was not able to make it.  We had walked her through how to get there that morning.  We were both a little nervous, but she drove straight there with no problems. Sent me this picture just before she left. 

I thought she had won.  Shows how much I know about rugby.  They got second.  Lost by one try, to a team that won provincials last year.  So still pretty impressive if you ask me.  She was laughing at me because I told all around us that she had won.  She explained that it was sliver and a bowl, not a gold cup.  I had no idea,  isn't the super bowl silver????  Anyways....she made it to the church for the reception. After the family dinner, we quickly cleaned tables and got ready for the reception.  Our job was to keep ice cream in bowls and all the toppings filled.  Dave did an awesome job scooping ice cream.  Cora, Blake and I bustled around getting things filled, with the help of two others from their ward. The next day we had Toone's over for Sunday dinner and Joe asked what all our jobs had been.  I said, "Yes, Leah what was your job yesterday?"  We had no idea where she was most of the evening.  She told us her job was making lots of friends.  Yea, that's my Leah!!  When not 'making friends' she was teaching Blake the jive in the small kitchen.  Also very helpful. (insert sarcastic eye roll)  But she did help us clean up the wedding and un-decorate.  It was a beautiful wedding and the newlyweds are the sweetest couple ever.

These girls never cease to have fun together.

Cora was feeling particularly lovely with rugby hair and sunburned arms.  She is very happy about all these pictures.  (Again with the sarcasm)

Sunday we all got back together for dinner.  We celebrated a belated Cinco De Mayo with tacos and then leftover fruit and ice cream from the wedding. During all this weekend and running around, Cora was trying to finish a homework assignment from her Social 30 class.  The teacher had put Cora in a 'group' all by herself, which is a long story, and then upped the project due date by a week.  She had to do a tri-fold board, a minute to win it game, and a power point presentation on the CIA and KGB.  We were typing, printing, cutting, and taping very late every night. But we made it through and had a wonderful weekend.  Now to get New Beginnings over with tonight.  I really should start writing my talk for that.....:/