Thursday, April 21, 2016

Random Bizzare Thoughts

I had a long car drive today.  All by myself with no car radio.  I don't know about you, but on these occasions my mind wanders.  Here are some of my thought for today.  Cora calls them 'shower thoughts'.  I think maybe she spends too long in the shower.  :)

I think that all women should be able to have their hair and make-up work perfectly the day they have to go shopping for new jeans or a swimsuit.  We should be blessed with some goodness on those days.  Right??!!?

I think a courtesy call from the church distribution center when they discontinued my favorite top would have been nice.  You know a simple, "Hey Char, we have decided to stop making the very best, most comfortable top of all time.  Yes, the one that is great for all seasons and just fits so nice.  So if you wanted to grab 100 or so to last the next sixty years, now is your chance."  Really is that so much to ask?  I would have even settle for an email.

I have some very special talents.  I always pick the best carts in the store.  The one with the best little constant rattle in it.  That nice one with the one loose wheel that spins non stop and squeaks just enough to annoy everyone you pass and manages to stop dead at the smallest hint of a pebble in its path.  Please, try not to be jealous, I can't help the gifts I am given.  You can shop with me some time if it makes you feel better.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just move rain clouds.  I would have gladly taken some of Texas' rain. Have some way to just grab a few and move them.   Really its a win-win situation for all.

I think that when you decide it is time to start a healthy eating plan and lose some weight, you should get a little jump start motivation right  way of a few pounds.  Your body could say, "Hey good for you.  I know it was hard not to have that second slice of super delicious pizza that you took hours to make and really wanted to enjoy.  And it was hard to sit there and watch your family slurp down that very creamy chocolate malt milkshake.  But you did it.  I'm going to burn five pounds for you right now so you can see your decisions are working.  Keep up the good work.  You got this."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kid's $ Update

Last year Dave and I came up with a plan how our kids could earn some money.  So here we are a year later and time to see if it worked.  It did but there were a few flaws we had to rethink.  Blake and Leah had both picked steers.  All went well there.  We had Cora pick a yearling thinking that she would then have a calf this year and she would be a year ahead.  She did and her cow calved a few days ago. 
But since she didn't sell anything, she essentially didn't earn anything and is actually now a year behind. (We took the price of the two steer and split it three ways) And it won't work to have the kids each building their own little herds within the main herd.  Gets way to complicated.  I hadn't thought about that.  This year Cora will need to have her calf and then pick another so she equals out. (Then next year take four steers split three ways)  Cora has falling in love with a beautiful deep chocolate calf. #10 She will go out and check with Dave and look for it every time.  I think if she could have bundled it up and brought it home she would have.  We have waited a while till all the money from the sold steers was in the bank.  I was so proud of the work they did and loved seeing their faces when they saw the pay off for the cold days of preg testing and hot days of fencing and everything in between. They all decided to keep out $50 to do whatever.  So after the 50 and tithing each kid now has 2 months of their mission paid for. We are off to a good start and hopefully our tweaking will work better for next year.

Last night Dave and I walked over for our turn of checking the cows.  There is a big field all enclosed with a barbed wire fence.  This is split into three pieces with an electric fence.  The cows are currently in the middle.  As we were riding around we noticed a calf that had gotten out and was laying down in the green.  We got off the 4-wheeler and walked across the fence toward the calf.  This is not unusal, calves slip under sometimes.  We gave it a wide berth.  As we got behind it we slowly walked a few steps then stopped.  I think at this point Dave did not even move, I took one small step.  The poor little things jumped up, stumbles, fell on it hours new legs, got back up and quickly waddled off.  Dave and I waited, I think we were both a little stunned that it took off so quick.  The little guy did not stop.  We stood there and watched just to see how far it would go.  It went under the fence, across the field with all the cows, under the other fence and across the other field.  It was sure looking for a way to get under that last fence as well.  We were kinda laughing and surprised.  It's mom was not doing a lot to find it.  We finished the check and went through the gate to try to get this calf back to its mom.  Mom sorta started looking.  The calf almost went clear through again, Dave was on one side and I was on the other.  We finally got them together, stay a bit to make sure they stayed that way.  It was funny and exasperating.  Never seen a new calf take off like that.  We then had a lovely walk home at dusk.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Fun

Thursday was crazy hair and sock day at school.  We sprayed Blake's hair green then got some plastic bugs from the dollar store and stuck them on with corn syrup.  I wasn't sure if they would stay, but they did until he ripped them out at noon.  The school was going up to the high school play that Cora is in and he didn't want to look weird.  Nothing he could do about the green hair at that point. :/  That evening my parents and Myrna came over to dinner.  After we all went to Cora's play in our tiny car.  It was a fun night. 

Friday we had our friends from our old ward over.  I was a little worried about it.  I'm got a good entertainer.  I always worry that people are going to be bored at our house and they had driven a long way for this one.  About 45 mins before they were to arrive, Dave went to check cows.  Earlier they kids had been over to check and noticed a cow with hoofs sticking out.  When Dave went she had not progressed any farther.  Dave called and said he may be a while.  Blake and I were trying to hurry and get the last minute things done and he accidentally knocked the cream out of the fridge and it poured everywhere.  Including under the fridge.  So 5 mins before arrival time I had the fridge pulled out cleaning and no idea when Dave would be back.  Good start!  Dave ended up coming back for a bit as he was waiting on a neighbor to come over when our friends got here.  So he took the guys over to barn and when the neighbor got there they pulled the calf.  Now everyone knows what we do out here I guess and our get together was unique.  :)  After tours of the house we talked and caught up.  I didn't even end up pulling out any games.  They guys played a little fuss ball and we all ate and talked.  Dave did run out quick to do another check while they were here, all was well.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will have to do a BBQ or something in the summer with the kids. This morning my kids pulled out some of the things I  was going to do last night.

I had some paddle balls.  Those things are scary.

Some head basketball.  It was actually really fun to play.

This morning was so beautiful, Dave and I sat on our front porch and talked, soaking in the sun.  No bugs yet.  I love this time of year.  I have been researching colleges and scholarship options for Cora.  We discussed those and many other things.  It has been a relaxing and wonderful today.  Cora has her last performance tonight.  One last chance to be the murderer.  She is hoping.  When Drama is over that will free up some time.  So far it has been a weekend of fun.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Taking the kids down to Conference in Salt Lake was an amazing experience.  We had so much fun.  Dave and I kept commenting how we really enjoyed being with our kids.  They were so fun, polite and respectful when needed, and crazy.  I love the little moments that seem to pay off all the hard work we did when they were little.  This is going to be lenghty, I apologize, but we fit a lot into a few days.  Wednesday we left and traveled down.  Again we had packed a shredded roast and buns with fruit, veggies and treats.  We made great time. Only stopped for gas and bathroom breaks.  The kids got a lot of reading done.  Cora finished the bible for seminary by the end of the trip.  She had also brought a bunch of one line jokes that she would read sporadically.  More card games and talking.

One point in Montana half the road was pink and the other half gray. (Can't really see it in pic)  Dave said it was the girls side and boys side so he drove in the middle.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went for a little swim and then got something to eat.  Thursday we spent on Temple Square.  Dave and I had wanted the kids to see everything before it was really packed.  We arrived about 9:30 in the morning and stayed until around 5ish.

Blake was done walking around a bit before Dave and Cora were, so I sat on a bench with him and chatted.  We toured the Tabernacle and both visitor centers.  The Joseph Smith Memorial, where we got to go to the top and look out on the entire square, Conference Center and a quick walk over to City Creek Mall for lunch.

Blake was trying to have it look like Moroni was standing on his finger.

Seeing the Christus is always wonderful.  So peaceful and beautiful.

Took a tour at the Conference Center and got to go on the roof.  I had wanted the kid to see City Creek Mall  because how the top opens is so neat.  Thursday was a bit cloudy and it was closed, then Saturday was gorgeous and they were opened, so it worked out great.  Oh we also did the Church History Museum.  Tried the Relief Society Center but it was closed and did the beehive house.  This next picture we took for my mom.  We had gone up to the "This is the Place" Monument right after Temple Square.  It also was very cool.  They had a little village we could have toured but we were quite tired.  On the way back to the car we saw this little plaque.  Not only is there DUP's but SUP's.  YAY!!:)

After our long day we needed to eat dinner.  I wanted the kids to try Texas Roadhouse.  It was a bit of a drive, but we decided to do it.  No one was starving so we ordered 3 meals, they are big there, and split them.  The buns are so good and you eat lots.  We told the kids that if they were still hungry we would order more.  We had left overs and they loved it.  Friday we met Taylor at Natalie's house and then drove to the base of the Y.  All the times I had been for a visit and while I lived there I never hiked it, so we went.

It was much harder than it should have been for me.  Embarrassingly so.  It was a good wake up call to get my butt in gear and get back in shape. Cora and Blake ran up.  Dave and Taylor kindly waited for Leah and I.

I am determined to do it again and better my time by a lot if I get to Utah again.  After the hike Taylor left for an appointment and to pick up his kids.  We were excited to finally meet Ava, who is almost 2.  We drove around Provo and I took the kids down my memory lane.  I showed them where I lived and went to school.  Drove around BYU campus, ate at Brick Oven (best homemade root beer), and saw the new City Center Temple.  That is a cool building.  I told the kids if we would have had an extra day or two I would have taken them out to Manti.  It is one of my favorite temples.  We stopped in quick to say hi to Abby at work.  After we went back to Natalie's.  She made delicious taco's and we saw Ava and Brody, along with Natalie's kids.  I was quite upset with myself for not getting a picture of my kid with their Smith cousins in Utah.  Who knows when we will see them again.  We had found out that there was a Utah Jazz game Friday night.  I looked into getting tickets and we could have, but it would have cut down on the few short hours we had with family.  We didn't want to do that.  But next time we will definitely be checking it out ahead of time.  After leaving Natalie's, Cora wanted to see the temple light up at night and Leah wanted to see the Capitol building.  We made those stops and then back to the hotel where we watched the end of the Jazz on TV.  And another game.  :)

Saturday was up early to get to Conference.  We had tickets for the morning session.  Our tickets said parking filled up fast so we got there at 7:45 am.  Walked around the temple a bit and were in line by 8.

Doors opened at 8:30.  We were one of the first inside.  (I absolutely love these trees.  I have always dreamt of having them around my house in white, pink, and deep purple.  So I made the kids stand next to them so I could have a picture.  They love smiling into the sun)

We waited an hour and a half until the session started.  We all enjoyed watching everyone come in and listening to the music.

It was a fantastic conference again.  The speakers and songs were excellent.  Leah has come home and listened to the song a number of times.  It was neat to see the behind action you don't see at home.  The cameras being moved, speakers moving into position.  Loved it all.  When it was all done, after sitting in his seat for 3 1/2 hours, Blake asked why it was shorter that session.  We laughed and explained how long he had been there.  He took some convincing, he really enjoyed being there.  All three want to go again in October.  We made a huge trek with 21000 other people to get lunch at City Creek again.

There were a few protesters out at this point.  Our kids were kinda quitly giggling about them.  Cora at one point even said it was sad that they really didn't have a clue.  For the afternoon session we were able to get into the Tabernacle and watch.  It also was neat.  We all loved the emotion that they showed in the one choir member.  They will remember that.  After the session, back to the hotel.  Blake had a swim and Cora and Leah watched this show called Forensic Files.  It was really neat.  Then everyone asked if they could please go back to Texas Roadhouse.  So we did.  Again ordering only 3 dishes. Worked out great.  Sunday was up, packed and on the road.  We had stopped at a grocery store to get food for they way home.  We were able to get the morning session on the radio. We did the afternoon session for FHE after we were home.  I had a few old talks I read, and again books reading, jokes, cards, and chatting.  It truly was wonderful and we loved every minute of the trip.  We made great memories and experienced lots of wonderful things.  A cherished trip for sure.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy 14th

Because of the kids' schedule we celebrated Leah's birthday last night.  As far as birthdays go, I don't think this was a great one.  We got home late Sunday night.  She had picked out most of her gifts ahead of time and had to try some on.  So no big surprises. And it was a day early.  We had spaghetti and Caesars salad.  She even almost had to make her own birthday dinner since I was picking up Cora.  Dave got done checking cows and started it instead.   I had rushed to town for groceries and back to make her ice cream cake before I got Cora, so the cake was not super set up, but still very good.  Feeling like I have won a Mom of the Year Award with this birthday.  :) She requested a cookie dough ice cream cake this year.

A few presents.  Google Play card, Ardene's card, socks (of course) and a pair of jeans.

 Leah is now old enough to go to the stake activities.  I think she is a little nervous and a little excited about this.

She is one fun kid to have around.  She is most definitely the yellow in our family and we would be lost with out her. Happy 14th birthday my beautiful girl.