Monday, January 27, 2014

So....I was thinking

This years list started out as things I had learned this year and very quickly turned into a list of random things I think about.  Some very mundane and not important in the slightest.  But here it is none the less.
1. I am a stuffer.  My house usually looks clean, but don't look in the closets or drawers.
2.  My house DESPERATELY needs a deep clean but I keep putting it off
3.  I love to make list.  On paper the old fashion way.  Shopping list, chore list, anything.  I like to put a single neat line through it and see it completed.
4.  I need to slow down and enjoy the journey.  I seem to hurry through even the fun things.  Dave often jokes that even tho he has longs leg, I keep up with him on walks easily because I have determination.
5.  Pineapple chunks irritate me.  I want rings or tidbits.
6.  Very glad I started texting.  It gives me time to think about my answer and how to word my response.  And I can ask just one question without feeling like I need to chitchat.
7. In all my projects I know exactly what I want my end result to look like, but often lack the knowledge, skill, or patients to do it.  Then I get frustrated.
8. When making treats for the family I only make 1/2 a batch.  This way I can enjoy with out having it in the house long term.  I only make the whole thing the first time I try something new, when we are having people over, or going somewhere that I can take it.
9. Natalie taught me how to make my own deodorant.  I have been using it for about 6 months now, and love it.
10.  I love to buy new notepads to make list, but about 1/2 way through I try to use it quickly because I want a new neat pattern.
11.  Everybody needs something they are known for.  Something that they get to do with out being copied. Something they can be complimented for and feel good about. Imitation is not always the best form of flattery  IE: Amber, I think of cupcake making, Natalie, I think of nutritional information, Cora, I think of gymnastics. Maybe that is not how they think of themselves, but I really think this is important. It helps us feel better about ourselves and to like ourselves.
12.  I am not as strong as I used to be:( 
13.  There are so many many pros and cons about this move.  It will be good for our family life to see my husband every night, we will be able to help with the farm easier, I can't wait to live in my house, but I don't want to go. I don't want to make new friends.  Honestly it really scares me to do this.
14.  I can barely make it through a romance novel.  I need a good mystery or biography.
15. Being Primary President has not yet taught me to love little children.  I have learned to appreciate some of their situations, but mostly I am just more irritated with the lack of reverence and respect.  I may be in a very long time:)
16.  I love getting things in the mail.  Nobody mails things any more, it makes me sad. I want to start mailing card again.  It was getting a bit expensive tho.  Maybe I could make my own (tho I have limited supplies right now).  Maybe I could just do birthday, or just for everyone 6 and up.  I don't know, I need to think about it more.  But I do love old-fashioned snail mail.
17. I tend to jump on my kids when they do something wrong, but glaze over the many, many wonderful things they do.  I am trying  to recognize more the positive things they do and give compliments and thank yous to them when deserved.
18.  I am really scared of getting in another car accident.
19.  I am petrified that something will happen to Dave.
20.  I worry that my kids are going to fall away.  I try to help them to recognize when they feel the spirit, so they can gain their own testimonies, but I have no idea what tests are ahead for them.
21.  I know I grew up in the 80's and that is the style that is back, but some of it I REALLY don't get.  Yoga pants to the mall, pajamas to school, letting your bra straps hang out on display, the leggings.  I could give you and entire post on my thoughts on leggings.  Biggest pet peeve: SO inappropriate for church. Leggings does not make a very short skirt modest.  It is still short. And I don't get the scarf craze.  I feel like I am being chocked everytime I see one.
22.  If I could go back to high school, I might choose a few different friends.  I wish I could have seen people then how they are now, or maybe is that like seeing people like Christ sees them?  Not to judge?  Have they changed or me?  Or have we all matured?
23. I have taught myself to knit again. Natalie has tried to teach me to croquet.  I am going to need a few more lessons:)
24.  I am a little obsessed with mason jars.  Any size.  I use them to decorate, for cups, for gifts, to store things, for crafts, oh and for canning.
25. My girls tease me all the time about noises I make when I draw.  I think it is because I am so bad at it, I make fun of myself.  No talent there whatsoever.
26. Natalie found a great book and I got one on essential oils.  I have a little collection of oils now and use them regularly.
27.  I am not fast anymore either.
28. Sometimes it is not easy to follow the answer you get when you pray about things. We prayed about this move and got the answer that is was OK to go.  As above mentioned there are many pros and cons.  My biggest con is that Cora has to leave these girls.  These are the greatest friends in the world.  Sometimes it physically hurts me to think about taking her away.  I know that sounds overly dramatic and weird, but it is true.  They all have great families, great values, and have the best time together.  I never worry about anything with them. Respectful to adults, helpful, and easy to be with. I think this is going to be the hardest thing I have done as a parent so far, and I will always wonder how it will effect her and the rest of her live.  I am trying to trust the answer I got, but sometimes I really cry for her.  Cora is being brave, but once in a while she will says something that lets me know it is killing her also.

29.  The best time to shop at Costco is Friday mornings at 10:45.
30.  I run harder, faster, and longer, on my treadmill if I have a good 45 min mystery to watch.
31.  I love basketball.  We attend every game we can and love to watch the Pronghorns.  I think we will go to games even when all our kids are gone and not playing.
32.  Coaching elementary basketball is hard.  Everyone wants to bring the ball down. Everyone wants to have them passed to.  Everyone wants to shoot.  Basically everyone thinks they are a one man team.  We will go over and over positions, passing, and dribbling in practice and game time it is like you haven't said a word.
33. Blake loves working with his hands.  You give the boy a hammer and some nails, or a saw, or any craft things and he is kept busy for hours.  He also likes his DS and Wii a little to much for my taste.
34.  Cora is already stressing about what she wants to do the rest of her life.  She has started taking analyze tesst to see what she would be best at.  All her answers are in the arts department.  Costume design, set design etc.  Things that are very hard to break into.
35.  Leah is starting to help more.  Once in a blue moon she will even do things before I ask. She cant wait to babysit so she can earn money.
36.  Right now I have a very good relationship with my kids.  They tell me things.  They are not embarrassed to be with me.  Cora's friends have even said they enjoy it:) They are mostly obedient, even if it is not always the first time.  I hope this continues and that we will develop together and grow stronger as a family.
37.  Lastly I have learned that making a list every year may not have been the best tradition to start.  I am not sure I can keep coming up with new ideas and it is getting longer and longer the older I get.
Now I am off to enjoy a wonderful afternoon with my mom and sisters that live in Canada.  We are having lunch and hanging out.  I will miss having Kristin there and Kita has said she might be just a little late and have wet hair since basketball is not over until 10:)  Looking forward to this fun relax time.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fifteen Years

Today Dave and I have been married fifteen years. We celebrated last Friday.  Dave had won a restaurant gift certificate from his work Christmas party and Atwood's had given us a movie one for Christmas. We decided to take both of these and have a date night.  Dave got home and quickly changed.  We had a wonderful dinner, then headed over to the theater.  There was a couple movies we were trying to decide between.  Saving Mr. Banks started first and was the shortest.  This was exactly what we needed so I could get home and take Cora to the stake dance. Dave was at the kiosk punching in what he wanted when we heard an announcement.  Our movie was sold out.  Since we didn't have time to watch anything else, we went home and finished a movie that the kids had started. Guess we will use that one later.  Saturday I went out to help him build some walls. While we were putting together the wall that will be the back of the house, we were framing in the doors that will go out onto our back deck.  I was getting all excited and telling Dave about the door I wanted to go there.  He said, "What? Wait, I thought we were putting in french doors here?"  Well french doors is not my first choice.  Or my 10th. Or even 20th, really not a big fan of french doors.  I thought there was just a hole and you found the door you loved to fit in to it. Apparently you need to tell your framer, aka husband, all your plans ahead of time so he can get the size and width for tracks in, in the first place.  We stopped and had a little discussion about my further door and window plans to be prepared, but alas it is to late for my deck.:(  Last night Dave had stayed at the farm.  I drove up this morning as soon as I dropped the kids at school.  We were separating cows.  I got there just in time to watch the last two cows run by. Dave, Amber, and Jared had got it all done.  I'm such a great help. Some things are going to be so much easier once we move, not to mention all the gas we will save with all these multiple trips to the farm. So Dave and I took a load to the dump and he headed to work and I went to Vulcan to sign papers. Tonight we plan to have a quick dinner before his meeting and Leah's basketball.  After Dave's meeting he goes straight to Calgary for his last LEAN training.  It was a good thing Jared decided to do cows today, I may not have seen my husband at all:) It has been a fantastic fifteen years.  We work well together and really support one another.  Dave is the best husband and father and I am lucky to be married to him. I know he has a strong testimony and he loves his Saviour and his family. I look forward to the years ahead of us.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Something New

Leah has been having a blast with her Christmas present from Grandma Puzey.
Blake was in a play at school last week.  Just a small classroom one, but he was really excited about it and did great.  He was the Troll in 'Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  He was running around that morning looking for his most ripped, ugly clothes.  Kept telling me he needed to be as ugly as possible to play the troll.

I finally finished this skirt for Cora.  I had seen lots of tulle skirts on line lately with a nice simple sweater and heels.  Then I saw one picture of a girl with a jean jacket and knew we needed one too.  I really wanted a pale pink or lilac one for myself but knew I could never pull it off.  If I wore a skirt like that I would look like an elephant.  So I showed it to Cora and she also liked it. We paired it with my cowboy boots and off she went to the dance. I love it.

Blake has been asking for a bow tie for a year.  His primary teacher wore one and he really liked his teacher.  We couldn't find one. Then on Pinterest I saw how to turn an old tie into a bow tie.  And Viola!! (Cora really wanted to photo bomb this shot)

Leah has been asking for an Oriental outfit for Salia.  (Wow! Typing this seems like my children are very demanding:)  I finally got around to that the other day.  I really should have bought some flowery material. This was material I had in the house. Salia looks more like a candy stripper in a hospital then Oriental, but Leah said it was OK.  She loves it.  I will try again later when I have accomplished a few more projects.

We have recently got meat from cows again.  I picked it up this time and it was a very cold snowy day.  There were a lot of boxes and I had to sort out what went to us and what went to Amber and Jared.  As a result I just set all of ours in the deep freeze.  I am not even sure what is there, so Saturday Dave told me to reach into a box with my eyes closed and pull something out for Sunday dinner.  It ended up being ribs.  Dave BBQ them for us and they were very tasty, but we aren't huge ribs people.  Blake and Dave thought they were great.  I decided that for FHE tonight after lesson we are having an activity.  We are all going to put on gloves, spread a blanket on the floor and sort out the boxes so we know exactly what we have.  The kids were complaining that the FHE activity was supposed to be a FUN, I said nope just has to be a FAMILY activity.  For dessert we tried a new recipe.  It is Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake.  It. Was. So. Good.  Dave never gushes about food and was laughing at me just cutting the cheesecake because I was so excited to try it. He thinks it is ridicules when I blog about food, but even he said before I asked, 'Oh, that is really good.  This is a keeper.  Really a keeper".

Seriously it is A-Maz-ing.  If I was a good photographer you would see the three separate layers and the beautiful black vanilla flecks in the top.  I got it from or you can get it from my dessert Pinterest board.  Go now and look it up, buy the ingredients and make it tonight.  Especially if you have some one to share it with.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First of all, look at this amazing sunset my dad took pictures of.  At first I thought he said sunrise and I assumed he had taken it during his early morning run, but really, the sun is not up yet when my dad runs.  Beautiful Sunset.  Beautiful spot.  I was very lucky growing up where I did.  We live in such a pretty country.  Where I am going is also pretty, just a different kind.  But Oh how I am going to miss my mountains. I have always loved the mountains.

Blake turned 8 in August and was very excited to go to Cubs.  In October he found out that he had to be invested to receive the necker.  He quickly completed all the requirements and has been waiting on other boys to get theirs done so the Cub leader could have an investment (investiture??)ceremony. They have earned some badges and so decided not to wait and did his last night.  It was amazing to me how much this meant to him.
We were told on Sunday that it would be happening this week and Dave and I were invited.  Of course we were happy for him and glad to go.  Half hour later Dave got a call that there was to be a meeting he had been waiting to attend at the same day and time in a different town.  Since he had been waiting and asking them to hold this meeting Dave didn't think he should turn around and say he couldn't come.  Also neither of us realized how much this meant to him until Dave said he couldn't come.  The poor boy was devastated.
For a few minutes I considered calling my dad to see if he would come so Blake would have some priesthood representative, then realized this was crazy to ask him to drive an hour and a half on slippery roads for ten minutes.  He would have done it too.  Monday right after work Dave called the person holding the meeting and told him he would be late.  Once we finally clued in that this meant the world to Blake he knew he could not miss that moment with his son.  We were the only parents and Blake was so proud to have us there.
He was so pleased standing there and later leading his pack in the grand howl. Now he is all invested.  I guess he is called a Tenderpad.  I think he is the most excited, proud Tenderpad in the world today.  Akele and Baloo are awesome leaders and Blake is really enjoying this program. I hope he always stays this excited.
A question for all you seasoned professionals.  Since I am new at this(I am still learning the lingo also.  I may have not got it all correct here), I am trying to decide what to do with his badges.  I know we are supposed to sew or iron them on his shirt, but he will grow in and out of many shirts in the next couple of years.  I would like them to be all in one spot.  Dave's are all in a box he keeps.  They no longer do the sashes.  There is a book you can buy with special pages to put them all in.  Dave also suggested buying two each time and putting one on his current shirt them another on a wool blanket he will always have and can take to Scout camps with him. What do you do with your sons badges? Any other suggestions?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

One Year Older

Dave's birthday fell on a Saturday this year.  As I had already mentioned Blake was BEGGING him to go skiing for his birthday.  Dave decided that is was a good idea and they made plans to go.  A couple days before hand, Cora came home with an updated basketball schedule that said she had a tournament this weekend.  Everyone was very disappointed.  Cora told Dave that she did not want everyone staying home because of her and that they should go anyway.  After some debating they agreed to go with out her. We packed them taco-in-a-bag and they got ready to go Friday night.  They skied all day and had a blast.  Cora and I went to the tournament.  It was held in Lethbridge, so an easy drive.  She played so good.  They didn't win any games.  Two of the teams they play were very mean, grabby players.  Not fun to watch.  One game they had a person get knocked in the teeth, another break her toe, and another get elbowed so hard she went to the bathroom and threw up.  It was great.  But Cora did good and didn't get hurt.  Dave texted me when he was leaving and said they got soaked in the morning and it blew a hurricane in the afternoon but they really had fun.  The first thing the kids said when they walked in the door was, "Dad microwaved our gloves!"  They thought that was so cool.  Dave said he had to wring them out then he did put them in microwave to dry them.  Castle also had decided that not only adults but this year kids could get a direct to lift pass.  Blake was very excited to show me his. (Direct to lift is a plastic badge the size of a credit card that has your picture and a bar code on it. It clips to your coat and every time you ski, the first run they scan the bar code and your credit card is automatically charged.  No waiting in line to get a ticket and it stays on way better)  We had dinner waiting on the table as they walked in the door.  Cora had made some signs and taped them up all over and we had Dave's annual chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and whipped cream in the middle. When we took some to early morning meetings this morning a lot of people said, oh there is a surprise in the middle:) Dave and I had talked about it after Christmas and decided not to get each other any gifts this year for birthday of anniversary.  It was a little sad not having him open anything but he did spend it with family and I hope he had a good day.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

HIgh Council and Wives

Apparently in our stake at the beginning of the year, for the first high council meeting, they invite all the wives.  The stake president orders in Chinese.  We eat together then they have their meeting as the wives get to know one another.  I was kinda worried about this night.  Knew it was coming a month ago.  I am not a really social person and it stresses me to talk to people I don't know and I get a headache every time.  My mom and Kita certainly did not share their gift of being at ease with people with me. I know it is bad because the last couple of years anytime we are on our way to a party Dave will say to me, "I have Advil in my pocket for you.  Let me know when you need it."  What a great husband I have.  Anyways we drove there with the Watmough's and we all went to the high council room first.  Dave gave a spiritual thought and we got to listen to a missionary report home.  I was really excited about this.  I remember my Dad saying that he really enjoyed that part of being on High Council, Dave has got to hear a couple reports already.  It was nice to be in on that.  Then Pres Poytress said it was time to eat.  How awesome was that, I was with Dave the whole time.  I was thinking phew, dodged a ball there:)  It was really good Chinese, we talked for a bit with the people around us then they announced that they would have their meeting and meet us back for dessert.  So I guess no ball dodged.  The wives cleaned up and then Sis Poytress had us sit around in a circle.  We were asked to tell our name, ward, and a little about ourselves.  Also a highlight from 2013 and a goal for 2014.  By the time we got to our last sister the men were done, we had ice cream and finished clean-up then went home.  It was a really nice evening.  Dave had said there is a really nice camaraderie among all the men and the same went for the sisters. I found out I slightly knew a few of the sisters. One lived in Hill Spring for a short time and remembered my dad as bishop.  Another I had played basketball against.  One sister from Champion and then Joanne was there.  It ended up being a really wonderful evening.  No headache:)  Dave got his speaking schedule for the year and his assignment.  To me this was another time where it is proven that the Lord really knows us.  Dave and I have been talking the last few months about starting to really get into Family History.  One of the last lessons he taught was on Family History and we have been starting to do a little research and looking up how to do it.  Then last night he was assigned to be over Family History.  Coincidence?  I think not. This will be a great tradition to attend each year.  And I look forward to getting to know these families better.

Monday, January 6, 2014

A brand new year begins

At the beginning of last week I sat down and looked at my calendar as I always do and saw that it loomed empty and free ahead of me.  What a great week.  All I had on was New Years celebration and moving cows Saturday morning.  I decided to go to Hill Spring Thursday since we had not been out at all during Christmas and I told Cora I would take her friends to the Book Thief Friday at 1 while I did my grocery shopping.  That was the last relaxing thing I did all week.  Some how it just filled up.  Birthday party, baptism, baby shower, pick-up meat, book sale, helping Dave, funeral (which we did not attend) Primary boards to get done, teachers that changed their mind, etc.  It was all fun and I enjoyed it but I am glad to be back in school where things are more routine.  Never thought I would say that!!  Last week I would literally come home switch laundry or kid and be back to somewhere else.  Ate a couple sandwiches on the road. I should learn to say no.  New Year Day Dave asked if we could come out and haul lumber.  Everyone got in and helped. Leah even stayed with us for two hours with out a word of complaint. Blake went out earlier with Dave and was tired by the time we got there at noon, but he worked hard.  Cora stayed with us till the end as usual.  It was very cold and our toes and hands were freezing.  Amber invited us over for scones.  It was nice to eat something hot in a warm house. The kids also found a little patch of smooth ice and skated on it for an hour.

I don't like to set New Year's Resolutions because they just get broken.  There are however a few things I would like to get done this year.  
1.  I would like to transfer all my markings from my seminary scriptures to the scriptures I use on a regular bases.
2. I really need to clean out our storage room and get the house ready to sell. 
3.  I have about 4 sewing projects that I have been waiting to get to for the girls and Salia
4.  Last year I worked really hard and lost 10 pounds.  Half of what I need to.  Over the month of December I gained it all back.  I need to get back on track and finish what I started.  I now know what I need to do and that I can accomplish this.
5.  I would really like to start getting into family history.
6.  My girls cook with me often, and cooked alot by themselves when I was working, but I would like to turn one whole meal over to them Blake included.  Maybe one a month to start.  Let them go through my recipe box and Pinterest board, make the list of ingredients, figure out what is in the house and shop with me so they understand what things cost.  I think these are great life skills that I should have started a while ago.
7.  To really deep clean one room a week, at least. 
8.  I would also like to start mailing cards again. It was getting to be a bit expensive, but I love getting cards in the mail.  Maybe I could make them, but I don't have very many supplies so we will see, and maybe I would send to adults only or maybe like 8 and up.  I dunno. But I miss sending them.
We are back into basketball with Cora and Leah.  Cora and I are also coaching mini basketball again.  Usually by this time of year we have been skiing at least 3 times.  This year we have not gone once.  Saturday is Dave's birthday.  The kids are trying to convince him this would be the perfect way to spend his birthday.  I agree and  hope in the end he does also.
I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year and if you set resolutions, good luck with them.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve

It was a fantastic New Year's Eve.  We had one last nice sleep in. Dave had a few thing to get in town.  He took Blake with him and they did boy stuff.  The girls and I did laundry (of course.  I think I do laundry EVERY day) and some house straighten.  When Dave and Blake got home we had about an hour until our celebrations started.  The kids played some games together until we left.  Our New Year's Eve tradition is a movie and Chinese with the Puzey side.  This year we chose to see Frozen.  I really enjoyed this movie.  One I would like to buy when it comes out.  Jared and Amber had to work until noon and Rachel and I had the Resolution Run at 6.  There was not a show time that we could all make it to with our other commitments.  So we decided that Rachel's family and ours would see the 1:00 and Amber's family and Myrna would see the 3:50.  Unfortunately it was all sold out by the time Rachel got there.  We where saving them seats and Jared had to come find us.  Hopefully they get to see it today.  After the movie we grabbed some stuff at Micheal's that Leah had saved up for and got her a new pair of jean since it was the last day of the Boxing Week sale.  We came home and switched the last load of laundry, I did some work on Primary stuff (getting classes organized etc) then we headed back to town for the Resolution Run.
I did the best I have ever done.  For the first time I ran the entire 5 km.  Ran is a very loose term, I jogged very slowly, but I didn't walk once.  I was very proud of myself and shaved 4 minutes off my best time.  I really enjoy running with Rachel.  We are very evenly paced and so it makes it fun.  After the run we went for Chinese.  I usually look forward to this but this year it was not near as good.  I didn't enjoy most of the dishes they had out and they didn't seem to refill anything.  We have been going out for Chinese on New Years since Dave and I got married and it has always been fantastic.  Not sure what happened this time.  But it was still nice to be together since we didn't all see the movie together.  We had been invited to a friends house for a party and so we just nipped in to stay HI then where home by 8:55.

We didn't use the Official World Time Clock for our New Year's.  We used the Official Puzey Time Clock.  It may have been set 3 hours ahead of time.  Dave set the alarm, we counted down, and we toasted in the New Year with Martinelli's.

I love these little plastic shot glasses.  I found them at Superstore this summer and we have used them tons.  They are 2 oz.  They kids will fill them with treats for a movie or a small snack on the way to piano. They were the perfect size to ring in the year.  I had wanted to rip off the calender and burn it, but Dave said I couldn't start a fire, even tho it was small, in the house.  I thought it would be like burning a candle with hardly any smoke.  Apparently I was wrong, so we ripped it to pieces and threw it away. We were all snuggled down and most of us asleep by 9:30.  It was awesome.