Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beautiful Spring Day

Leah's birthday is not for another couple of days, but I will be away so she had her party early.  At this age I don't give my kids a party anymore they are just allowed to invite one friend and we take them out for an activity.  Leah wanted to go golfing and since it is so cheap that we let her take two.
They had a really fun time.  Leah did better than usual. She didn't want a birthday cake this year, she asked for a chocolate fondue instead.  After golfing we went back to our house for that.
 The only thing I didn't get in her fondue was blueberries and I added the bananas.  I think everyone thought this was fun to do.
Today was the beginning of the semi-annual conference session.  Once again they were great messages.  I really enjoy watching conference at home.  I folded laundry while I was watching and could pop upstairs to put dinner in during the songs.  We still take our kids Sunday morning to the church.  I am not sure why, Dave and I have just always felt this was important.  There was the annual town Easter egg hunt right at the same time as the second sessions today.  I was so glad my kids did not even ask to go.  They knew what we would be doing.
In talking to some of my kid's friends (member friends) over the last week I was surprised how many didn't even know conference was on Saturday.  One kid even thought that the same session just ran 4 times.  They didn't know there was more than one.  I find that sad.
It was such a beautiful day that during the sessions I had the kids go outside.  I volunteered to do all their chores for them so they could go play.  For some reason the tree and the roof seem to be the favorite spots.  Rarely do I let them on the roof.
I am so glad for the opportunity that I have to listen to our church leader.  They always have amazing new incites and knowledge that just makes me think, well of course.  I really do treasure these messages.

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Lose Weight

Yesterday after spending many many hours (and a few days, it is a lot more complected with the farm stuff) doing our taxes Dave came upstairs to get ready for bed.  He slipped off his jogging pants and had his running shorts on underneath.  I was a little confused about this unusual layering so I asked.  He said he was losing weight. I was still a little confused.  So he explained.  He was wearing his 'jogging' pants, his 'running' shorts, his 'ski' sweater, and his 'triathalon' shirt.  He also mentioned getting a track suit, 'because it is a track suit not a lounge suit.'  I hope it is a nice velor one.  Wouldn't it be nice if losing weight was really that easy!

I finally got a new dishwasher last week.  When we went in to order it they assured us that they were all standard size.  Dave thought it looked close to our old one so we were good to go.  Turns out is was close but a little bigger.  It sticks out a bit more, which actually makes sweeping easier, but had some bolts it didn't fit around on one side.  So Dave just cut them off.  Yes that is sparks flying in my kitchen.  At one point they got pretty big. The kids were worried dad was going to set the house on fire.  I wasn't, I trust him totally to know what he was doing.
The kids were wondering why we got a blue one.  We had to tell them several times it was just a protection coating. 
Then of course they all wanted to help pull it off:)
I immensely enjoyed emptying my dishwasher that first time and feel as if my tiny kitchen has grown.  I have my counter space back with no more dishes drying all the time.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Practically Perfect In Every Way.

Yesterday we had what will probably be our final ski day this season.  It was incredibly beautiful.  We again got up super early and headed out.  When we were all finally dressed, it seemed to take way longer than usual, we put our skies on and away we went.  I was going to go on the bunny hill as a warm up but Dave decided that we didn't need that anymore.  Apparently we are to good for the bunny hill now:)  When we got to the top I sooo wished I had my camera. Blue ski, white trees, and we were above the fog line.  It was amazing.  I felt like I was on top of the clouds. My kids are great to ski with.  We had so much fun.  Cora is really good and Leah does great.  A little slow but she can do it.  Blake just constantly makes me laugh.  He  is going down the hill singing this duck butt wiggle song with actions.  He has not a care in the world.  I really can't describe his skiing it is something that needs to be seen.  It was honestly the most perfect ski day I have ever had.  There was not even a hint of wind.  It was so warm, yet the snow was not slushy or melting at all.  Dave has always said that -2 to -4 is the perfect ski weather and that is what it must have been.  Blue skies.  There was a ton of cars in the parking lot, but when we came in for lunch we had no problem finding a place to sit.  Which is unusual.  There was also one run down the hill that I swear we where the only ones on the hill.  I decided we should buy a mountain.  Why not!!:)  We had the best lunch.  Thursday I asked the kids what they thought we should take.  Everyone threw out ideas, Leah said taco-in-a-bag.  It was perfect.  I cooked the hamburger the night before, chopped up the toppings and had small bags of chips.  We had fruit and yogurt and heated the meat there.  It was so perfect.  A defiant keeper.  After lunch I suggested that I take the 4 kids, Jared and Emry were with us, so Dave and Jared could go to the top. Part way down the first run Blake and I went a different way.  This looked like it would be easier but when we came out of the trees it was straight down with moguls.  Blake made it but I ended up taking my skies off and hiking down.  I was petrified.  The next run Blake bit it good and got a fat lip.  He decided he was done and wanted someone to come and get him. I then thought to myself, 'why did I think it was a good idea to be the adult responsible for the safety of 4 kids that all ski better than I do?  Not brilliant on my part at all!'  We made it down and ran into Dave in Jared just in time.  We did one more run then left a little early so Cora and I could make it to the YW General Broadcast.  This was an excellent session.  I really enjoyed spending the time with my daughter and can't wait till Leah can come too.  I now understand why my mom treasured those moments. (My parents life would have been so much easier if I could have been a kid with the knowledge I have know, but I guess that is life:))  It was very special.  I know that Dave is excited to take Blake to the priesthood sessions also. We heard some really good messages.  I really enjoyed Sis Dalton, she did a fantastic job.  Finally home to bed.  I slept great last night;)
PS: Sorry about the long ramble.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rett and Solo

Leah had taken the calendar with the picture of Brynn in it to school a couple of weeks ago. Her teacher asked her to do a presentation on Rett Syndrome.  I had typed up a few paragraphs for her on what it was and things that Brynn liked to do.  We also showed the videos from Kita's blog.  She did a great job and the kids had some good questions after.  I think it would be fun to do one for the whole school in October.  The teacher commented that she had never heard of Rett before.  Either had I.  I am sure there are hundreds of things out there that I haven't heard of.  We just need someone to spread awareness.  Leah did a great job of that today.

Leah also had her Kiwanis Solo Festival today.  She did really well.  She sang out so I could hear her.  Leah did stumble a bit on the second verse.  I had tried to get her to practice at home and it was a fight.  Her teacher had also told her some things to do and she didn't want to.  Like saying your t's.  I don't know, why not listen to the person that has done hundreds?;) She got second.  There were only two people competing but I have heard that it is based on points.  You can be the only one in the competitions and still get second or third.  I guess we will see if she wants to do it next year.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

We Made It!!!

This last weekend started out Friday when we went out to dinner with the old bishopric and wives.  We went to a Japanese restaurant and tried lots of new food. It was a great time.  Saturday I quickly raced through my neglected house work and packed to go to Champion for Ashton's baptism.  It was a very nice baptism and I am so glad that Blake has cousins on both side to look up to.  Cora took some pictures of Blake and I while we were waiting to leave.
A couple of months ago, Blake decided that he didn't like 'little boy ties' anymore.  He will either get them from the dress up box or borrow his dads.  This is one of Grandpa Puzey's that he loves to wear.

After the baptism we went back to the farm and hung out for a couple of hours.  (Oh....Lalainia invented a new dessert.  She had wanted to make cake pops and I guess they were not working out, so she made small brownies and dipped them in chocolate.  They were sooooo yummy. I had heard of cake pops and pie pops but not brownie pots.  I am going to call them Lainia's Brownie Pops, she gets all the credit. I am sure they will be up on her blog site soon, so jump over and check out pictures.)  That night we went straight to HillSpring to stay at my parents house.  Mom does not want to be known as the 'paper plate' Grandma.  There are usually so many of us when we get together that paper plates are just easier.  She has decided to invite only one family at a time and bring out all the china.  Yesterday was our turn.  As we sat down to eat Leah said, 'What is this?  Spanish or something?'  We finally figured out she meant the china.  She said,'Oh I knew it was named after some country.':)  I was a quite nervous with Blake and mom's goblets.  I was sure he was going to break one.  I was very happy when he was done eating.  It was really fun and great food.  After Dave was commenting how good it was and how much it tastes like my cooking.  I said well mom is the one that taught me to cook.;)  We then went to Ft. Macleod for a youth fireside. It was wonderful. And finally home to bed.

It had snowed while we were in HillSpring and the roads were a little scary.  It was that thick slushy snow that just builds and pulls you, that is so heavy I am sure the power lines are going to come down, but is so incredibly beautiful.

Friday, March 16, 2012

CPC Training

The last three days I have been in Lethbridge training for my job at Canada Post. I was there from 8:30 to 4:30 every day.  Long!!!  Cora has been awesome.  She has got the kids to school and did dishes.  She even did dinner one night, swept the floor and did laundry.  I couldn't have done it with out her.  Dave took the kids to piano Wednesday for me.  I have no idea how people have full time jobs and still do their house stuff.  I would come home with a headache and grouchy.  I didn't feel like doing anything.  How in the world do people work, clean, cook, run kids to hockey/ballet/etc. I have new admiration for them and especially for my husband who does it all the time and still works on our house and takes the kids out and is always happy etc.  I couldn't do it.  I would feel like I was missing to much with my family. Besides this training (which was actually really fun I got to know wonderful people and our trainer was really great) I really like this job.  I hardly work, so except for these three days, haven't missed anything with my kids, but feel like I am helping a Dave a little.  I just paid for a new dishwasher.  After 5 months no more hand washing.  So excited!! Blake and Leah have helped Cora some and I am so proud of how they can manage on their own.  A big thanks to Dave also.  I have a superb family.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Cora's little heart aches for a pet.  She has saved up her money and today she bought another betta fish.  She named it Sushi.  I thought that was an awesome name.

Blake really wants a new transformer.  It is 7 that all fit together to make one big one.  He has been asking us all for money for weeks.  Which part of me is starting to get annoyed while part of me is glad that he is saving up for it rather than just begging me for the toy. Today Blake and Leah came up with this idea.  They started a cleaning service.:)

This sign says "Room Services.  Take care of messy rooms"
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be a Missionary Now and more

In January Leah asked me to help her put together a presentation on our church for her class at school.  After it was all done she told me that she hadn't actually asked her teacher yet.  I had a couple of long discussions with the teacher and in the end decided that Leah would not do the presentation.  I would be perplexed if she had come home from school and said that someone else had done one, and it seemed like the school really didn't want her to, but couldn't tell her no because they have religion classes in the school.  I was also told that she couldn't tell any of our doctrine/believes just the activities that Leah is involved with.  So I didn't see the point.  She was very disappointed and I was sorry that it didn't work out.  I am very proud of her for being brave.

Leah thought the cream in her hot chocolate look super cool.

I found a few exercises for couples the other day.  In this one the first person does a plank and the second does push-ups on their back.  It is very hard to hold the plank when someone is pushing on your back.  I only held the plank through one of Dave's push-ups and barely that.  The kids thought this looked fun also, so we all gave it a try.  Cora was in on it too but someone had to take the picture.

I hate pictures of myself.  I never take them and if the kids do I erase them from the camera.  Dave said I am going to be 90 years old and the kids will have no idea what I look like.  So I left this for my posterity.  Isn't it nice!!!

I wish I would have known about the sock bun when Leah was in ballet.  There are no bobby pins in it and is stays.  Cora was doing cartwheels and handstands and it didn't move.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's Go Skiing

Good Times!!!!! Blake is keeping right up with Dave. He was grumpy all day because Dave wouldn't take him on the black diamond runs:) Crazy kid. He has no fear.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frito Lay Tour

After almost 8 years of my husband being a manager at Frito Lay Canada I finally got a tour. Last night at dinner Dave said that he had to go back into work for a short meeting at 10 and did I want to go with him and have a tour. We have been trying to do this for years. A lot of our family members have been through but it just hasn't worked out for me. We put the kids to bed and headed in. It was absolutely fascinating. Dave once said that people seemed uninterested when they asked what he did, especially after coming out of the oil field. But this is very detailed, complicated work. It really was awesome. He took me right from the fresh corn coming in off rail cars, right into the building, to the packaged box at the end and back on the truck. I even got to package one box. So if anyone buys a multipack of small chips at Costco I could have made that for you:) I sat in on his meeting after. We only stayed for part of it. I loved watching him interact with his fellow workers and seeing how he is with them. He is really good at his job. I think it would have been very intimidating coming in. They use a lot of acronyms and it is so different from anything else. The vastness of the plant was nothing you could describe. Huge, huge, machines. Stories high sometimes. During the meeting this number came up that said Lethbridge made 3,200,000 bags of chips a week. And they ship 200+ trailers of finished product a week. Dave said Taber is slightly higher. Amazing. After we grabbed a hot chocolate and called it our date night.