Friday, May 27, 2016

Nothing Specific

We had no school Monday and Tuesday.  Monday we had a lazy day.  Played some card games, colored, listened to Disney songs, read, nothing exciting.  Dave was busy as we were lazy.  He got a lot done on our stair railings and a door in.

Blake made this Lego creation.

Tuesday we straightened the house up, then took Cora up to meet the bus for rugby.  She had to be there early for taping.

I was thinking that if this is what you have to do to your feet in able to play, perhaps you should not play.  :)  It was the last game of the season and she did really well.  She again got to play hooker.  I dropped her off and headed out to my parents to get some work done on my new counter stools.  They turned out awesome.  When the are all complete I will take a picture.  I had a very short visit before going to Cora's game.  On the way home she was taking the tape off.  We think she is allergic to the tape, so she wanted it off right after the game.  It took her 13 minutes to unwrap and she kept muttering, "Oh, I should have shaved.  Ah, ow!  Yea, really should have shaved."

Had some fun with Leah's hair.

Wednesday was 80's day at school.  I had wanted to go to Party City and get neon leg warmers, but they were not open the day I could go, Monday.  So we spent lots of free time Monday and Tuesday knitting some.  That night Dave had high council and Blake had Scubs than baseball, but they spent a little time and got the 100 running.  Dave had ordered a part for it and it finally came in.

They spent a lot more time riding it Thursday.  Leah punched it a little to hard and it scared her.  She did well, but didn't want to do anymore last night.  Cora and Blake are loving it.  Cora took the bike to check cows last night and Blake spent a long time just riding around the yard.

I learned also.  But we had a good laugh over me riding.  Dave was giving me instruction.  He told me to put it in first, then before he could say anything else the bike took off.  I didn't know where the clutch was, or how to stop, or switch gears.  I went for a little ride around the yard and came back.  They were all laughing at me because I didn't listen to all the instructions.  It was not my fault, the bike just took off, with me on it.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Bunch of Girls

Thursday Meghan let us know that she was coming down again.  Her parents dropped her off and stayed for a short while to see the house and visit.  I had let Cora skip school.  Meghan got here just before noon and Leah's friends came at 1.  Blake was so excited to have a house full of teenage girls.  (Sarcasm there)  They danced and played games.

When I was growing up my sisters and I would grab all my dad's work clothes and do chores.  The uglier the better.  Big pants, twine for belts.  One of my favorite memories.  When our kids have friends over I have tried to let them have the same fun.  A couple weeks ago, Blake had someone over and they drove the tractor and feed cows.  So we got these girls all outfitted up.  They climbed into the back of the truck and over to the farm.

Lookin' good girls!

We have a few calves we are bottle feeding right now.  It worked out great that Dave was on afternoon shift this week so we could do this.  One it's mom is not a good mom and so they all helped us get it into the squeeze.  We left it there for the calf to suck as we went out to check the rest.  Loaded that cage up pretty good.
After Leah showed her friends how to make up the bottles.  Then they all took turns feeding them.

These girls had so much fun.  Some had done it before with 4H cows.

It was really a great time.  I love that I get to pass this on to my kids, and seeing their friends faces and the fun they have together.  I had sent Dave a text letting him know that there were 7 teenage girls waiting to help him feed.  I was sure he was going to reply that he suddenly had to work late. :)  We feed them dinner and then Cora drove them all home.  And it started to rain.  Blessed rain. Cora and Meghan stayed up way to late as always.

They were so tired the next day.  They cooked, watched a movie, games, and ran some errands for me.  I know I have said it tons, but I really love these girls.  I am glad that Cora and Meghan have kept in contact.  We have truly been blessed with all of these great friendships.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Field Trip

I had the opportunity to go on the class field trip with Blake this week.  We were at the school early and on our way.  It was a nice comfortable bus.  They kids played games and there was a movie playing.  We arrived at our destination around noon.  We ate our picnic lunch and then went to the Science Center.  

They had a lot of fun things to do.  The kids had taken a course on planes and flight.  There was lots of hands on experiences that went along with this.

Blake tried out the space ship commode

Could climb forever, as long as you didn't fall off.

They then made airplanes and went over all the parts of a plane again.  These kids had been taught well, they knew it all.  Then they flew the planes.

 Next we saw an Imax film on air travel that was very neat.  We then headed off to where we were staying.  We stayed in the University Dorms.  When we arrived we were told that a very bad flu was going around.  That made me nervous.  The teachers and some parents had done alot of food prep before.  Individually bagged veggies and cookies for everyone for everyday.  Made meal preps go very smooth and fast.  There was dinner and games and off to bed.  I ended up waking up very early the next morning.  Don't know why.  After breakfast we went to the Bennett Center.  Kids did some booklets and learned about trees and plants.  I enjoyed this time to get to know some of the other moms better.  It was fun and we just talked for quite a while.  Lunch, then a nature walk.  During lunch I talked with our bus driver a bit and found out that we are distantly related, and that he served at the same time as my Father-In-Law in the same mission.  That was cool.

The driver knew a lot about plants and it was very interesting talking with him.  After the walk was back to the dorms.  Down time, kids made lunches for next day, and dinner.  Then swimming.

The kids had a blast swimming.  Blake loved the high diving board.  This is the only picture I have that you can tell who he is in the picture.  It became a joke with the moms about how bad my phone took pictures.  At the end one even said that every time she snaps a nice picture promptly on her phone she will think of me.  :)  Last day was the legislative building.

I wonder why everyone always has to touch the water.  Even I did.

Blake took my phone for a while and took some pictures.  

 Blake and his friend Hayden. I have spent this morning contacting parents to see if it was OK to put their kids on my blog.  I was sure that the meeting before had said to do that, or only take them of your own.  But I have seen so many up on FaceBook I guess it must be OK.  Nobody asked my permission??!!?

Blake being a stern ruler. 

Blake and Colter.  These are both great kids.  Very polite and kind.  Nice parents.  My kids lucked out with friends here.

The big Legoslator.  Not a clue how to spell that, but it was very neat.

One place you could dress in different clothes and have pictures emailed to you.  Blake took two.

Our MLA came out to talk with the kids and have a photo with them.  He put this photo on his FB page so I hope it is OK.

We did a tour and then got to sit in on a session.  It was fascinating to me.  I would have loved to stay a lot longer.  Everyone was very tired coming home.

At one point I even fell asleep.  Really surprised me when I woke up.  I rarely sleep in vehicles.  It was a nice trip.  I really did enjoy getting to know the other moms and laughing and being sarcastic with them.  I didn't get car sick at all.  I give that credit to ginger and lots of praying.  I had left the girls in charge while I was gone.  They had to pack Dave's lunch, help with the cows, get themselves to school, clean up, etc.  Cora told me she was going to be the best little housewife.  With all her rugby she was barely home, but Wednesday she gave Dave a grocery list and then made Chicken Alfredo.  She had made it for foods class and was so excited to share it with everyone.  Dave sent me this picture.  He said, "Our little cook."  I tasted some when I got home.  It was delicious.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Friday Cora had her home Rugby Tournament.  I was leaving in the evening to attend Time Out for Women with all the Puzey girls, so I volunteered for the first shift in the concession.  I went for a run in the morning, quick shower and up to work 12-3.  Cora was so sore.  She now has one broken foot and one sprained ankle.  I sat with her for a bit after my shift and had her come run errands to get her out of the sun.  I then dashed home, changed, brushed teeth and over to pick everyone up and drop off Leah. She was watching her cousin Cadence.  It was fun to be with all the girls.  We heard some great messages and wonderful songs.  After we went to DQ and celebrated David's birthday.  Cora had called me during the conference.  It was mandatory for all players to attend the tournament dance that evening.  She had come home to change and grab something to eat.  She started back up and then turned around.  She called to say that she just did not feel good about going.  She knew her coach would be mad.  I was so proud of her for listening to the Spirit, even tho she would get in trouble.  Turns out not much was said the next day.  We had an early start to get back to Time Out.  Again good messages and great music.  I has always bothered me the people that can't stay off of their phones.  And that was me this weekend.  My husband was flying in late, one daughter babysitting, one playing with injuries and driving.  I did not relax much.  We had a nice lunch at Rachel's and back for a few more talks.  Leah had again watch Cadence all day Saturday.  Sounded like they had a lot of fun together.

Leah has never watched someone that young for so long.  She was a little tired.  I didn't feel very bad for her. :)  They made brownies and dressed up.  Played with dolls and Little People.  Leah wasn't good at getting her to sleep, but she enjoyed being with Cadence.

Leah was trying to get a picture of her in the apron.  She would stand Cadence up and as soon as she got the camera ready she would sit down.  Still a little cutie tho. Blake hung out at Grandma's all day with all the boys.  Dave had gone up to Cora's first game and Blake didn't want to.  I'm sure it was a little crazy there all day, with no adults around. They had fun.  Dave had been busy when I was gone.  My magnet board is up.  We are just waiting to see if it will scratch and it needs coating or if we can leave it before we frame it.

Also the lights in the kid's bathroom and all the mirrors are done.

Cora got home just after we did.  It was a very tiring weekend, but fun.  Sunday I was so glad to do nothing.  We had Holly's Hawaiian Pizza and German Chocolate Cheesecake for dinner.  I finally made everyone watch 'Happiest Millionaire' with me.  The had been lamenting about it, but of course everyone but Blake loved it.  Cora really wants to do it for her school play next year.  It is a long one so we took a break to check cows, and have Pina Coladas, and pretzels.  I slept well that night.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Band, Friends, Rugby, and a Ton of Pictures

Yesterday Leah went with her school to a big band day.  They went first thing in the morning.  Nine school were present.  They each played some songs, had instruction time, lunch and then practiced a few numbers together.  I went up to listen to the final few numbers.  It was really neat.   There was 382 band members and than some vocals as well.
They don't all fit in my camera.

Almost half of them.

Leah had been practicing one number for a few months.  It payed off, she had a short solo part.  It was maybe 8 notes, but still cool.  I only heard 3 songs.  I wish it had been longer.  They were done much earlier than anyone had thought.  Leah and her friends had just planned to stay up for their softball game.  But we ended up having over an hour to kill.  We went to the grocery store and got them all some fruit and then to the park.

They were determined to all fit on this.

Tried and tried.  Never did happen, but they sure had fun.

I got them all to the game in time.  Leah had wanted to stay and watch her friends.  I stayed until Cora's rugby game started.  The fields were side by side, so Leah stayed and watched both from where she was.

Cora did well last night.  She loves to get right in there.  She was limping more than usual.  She is #17.

Look at her down there ready to ruck.  And I know what a ruck is now.

On the ground.  Cora tackled that girl good.

She loves rugby.  I am enjoying watching also.  Learning more.  It is fast paced, they just keep going.  During the game I had run to drop Blake off at baseball, when I went to pick him up I had a flat tire.  Totally flat, sitting right on the rim.  Jared had come to watch Cora, so I went and told him.  I was so grateful he was there.  He put my spare on and had me take his van to get Blake.  When I got back he was all done.  Jared totally saved the day.

I finally got Cora to let me take her for an x-ray.  I promised her she could play in the home tournament this weekend if she would go no matter what.  She had a spare, but I had to take her a bit early from Physics first.  When she told her teacher she had to leave he just asked if she was going to the clinic again.  Dr's must do well during rugby season.  Well it is broken.  I tiny bone in the foot.  They can't do much for it.  Keep it wrapped tight. She has been playing on it for two weeks.  No one can accuse her of not being tough.   Doctor said a stiff boot would help and no rugby for three weeks.  I don't think she is going to listen to that last bit of info.  But at least we know now.  If she would have gone two weeks ago when I wanted to, she would be almost healed by now.  Just saying.....