Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ho-Hum Ramblings

Life is just rolling along.  Our house has been insulated the plumbing is almost done.  Drywallers are scheduled to start tomorrow, but I think we will have to put them off a bit since we need a plumbing inspection done first.  I have received calls from the people doing the kitchen and our wood floor that everything is in, they are just waiting for us to say we are ready.  The kids are back into the swing of things.  We are beginning to run every night again.  Next week we will be full on with Acro for both girls, music, church activities for all three, drama, volleyball for Blake, cramming in lots of driving with Cora and so on.  Dave and I where talking on the way to the dump last night.  I said I have always heard these people say they needed a vacation.  I now know what that feels like. And it has nothing to do with my kids schedule, that I enjoy.  I want to take the kids and sit on a beach and not think about anything.  Dave said he also is feeling a little burnt out. He enjoys working on the house, but to have to do it everyday and push to meet all these deadlines. The balancing of contractors and picking out everything.  To try to think about every possible scenario for lights and plugs etc.  That is just the house, never mind his job or the farm (which we still didn't give as much as we would like to, to feel we are doing our share ) or his church calling.  I think our kids feel it too.  We have been in one kind of limbo or another for two and a half years.  Dave said he looks forward to waking up on a Saturday when he can think, 'What do I feel like doing today?  Clean the shop?  Build a shelf?  Move some bales?  What will it be?'  But we have to just keep moving till its done.  An end is in site.  We are hanging in.  So even tho things are rolling along, none of it seems blog worthy.  Just ho-hum life.  Here we go.  Really looking forward to conference this weekend.  I think that will be a big rejuvenation for us.  Last year Dave tried to stream it as he was working on Saturday.  This year our stake president has given us a 30 day challenge to be the best Mormons we can.  He decided that a good Mormon would sit and listen with his family.  Dave said the Lord can make up or take away those 8 hours easily.  Some days you can work all day and nothing goes right and at the end of the day it seems you didn't accomplish much.  He wants to be blessed and is confident he won't feel the lose for being obedient.  We are still enjoying a great fall.  We have had wonderful weather.  So blessed with that.  K here is a weird fact.  One of my favorite things to do, after the mad dash of breakfast, showers, scriptures, etc to get kids on the bus, I love to go around and do a straighten.  Turn off that one bedroom light, straighten that bed quilt, pick up the hair brush, put that plate in the dishwasher.  I'm sure that is a little strange.  :)  I find it calming and it helps me to get ready to start the thing on my list for the day.  So like I said, we are hanging in there and life is rolling along.  Ho-Hum diddle dum.  Have a fantastic day everyone.  ♥

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun and Games

Some going ons around here lately.  It was hot one day and Cora needed a drink.

We did get one last ski in for Cora.  Blake, Cora, and I went tubing as well.  But...

...this is how Leah and Blake spent most of the time.  Just snacking.

Love the sun behind her in this picture.

Cora said she has her own little island.

We had a really fun activity last Tuesday.  We where planning with the youth the week before and this idea just kinda came together from all of us.  I put 4 items in a brown paper bag.  There was four sacks.  They divided into groups and picked a sack.  Sis Ellis then had a great dress-up box.  From the box and the mystery bag they had to make a 5 minute skit.

Sis Fyfe recorded them, then we all got to watch. It was so fun.  The kids really had a great time.  And the skits where good.

This past week was the Terry Fox Run for the junior high and elementary.  Leah and her friends have a great time together.  I think Cora's is next week.

Blake coming in for a drink.  Sorry about my nice finger in the shot.

Leah and Tayler 'running' oh so fast.

A beautiful sunrise.  Blake woke up one morning a few weeks ago and took this picture.

Myrna and I have been saving egg shells for Blake.  This was one of the ideas from my Pinterest board.  Ever day he would count the eggs and see if he thought we had enough yet.

We had cleaned the eggs as we kept them.  Then we filled with paint and threw them at a canvas.

Nice faces kids!!:)

It was fun.  The kids loved it.  I think I may actually keep it.  I have an idea where it might go.  You will have to look around my house and see where I put it.  ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

School Pictures 2015

 I had a really hard time picking my spot for pictures this year.  I knew I wanted old buildings with the kid's clothes colors, but everything I had looked at was either private property or behind locked gates.  I had thought about doing the hay bale thing again.  It has been a few years and I still really like those pictures.  Then Dave and Cora pointed out to me that I live on a 100 year old farm.  Well seriously.... Duh!!!  Lots of cool buildings literally in my own back yard.  So Saturday we got some pictures for school this year.  I love them.  I took almost 50 pictures.  I will only share a few with you. :)

I really like Cora's hair at this length.

And some fun ones.

Cora wasn't too happy with this picture.  She can do splits more than that, but not in those jeans.

Some didn't turn out to be good spots because of the light at that time of day, shadiness, etc.

Here are some of my favorites of the day.

Grade 11

Grade 8

Grade 5