Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair Cuts

Yep!! She really did it.  I think it was harder on me than her.  While I think she looks cute and it is easy to do, I miss her messy bun and was really looking forward to the basketball hair do:(  Maybe I still need to get used to it.  She ended up donating 10 inches to Locks of Love as well.

The shortest Leah has ever had her hair.  She also is liking it but I miss hers as well.  Not the brushing or hair everywhere, but the styles we used to do.  Leah's hair really grows fast so I am not to worried about her.

Blake decided her needed to get a cut also.  He did his about a week before the girls. He loves not wetting it down in the morning before he goes places.

Day Tripping

We day tripped to the Water park near Kalispell on Saturday. This trip was planned months ago and the kids were really looking forward to it.  The last week they could barely contain themselves.  It was a very long day but so much fun.  We caravaned down with Dave's family. Amber had to work:( and was the only one unable to make it.  The Atwoods got their passports just in time, so that worked out great.  Nicole had known were were going and had given us buy one get one free coupons to the water park.  In order to get this deal you needed to buy the value pass.  This included bumper cars, rock wall, and mini golf.  It still ended up being cheaper per person and it was great.  We would not have spent the extra money if not for the coupon and the kids had a blast doing it all.  Logan's Pass was beautiful as always.  I love that drive.  It is the only place I don't worry about Cora, Blake and I getting car sick.  Even though it is windy, you have to go slow and we usually travel with windows down to see. Leah and Blake had picked a cousin buddy that they love hanging out with and stayed together all day.  I didn't have to worry about them.  Poor Cora!  She had invited a friend but she was not able to come.  So Dave and I were her buddy most of the day.  We picked a nice spot on the grass and had lunch.  Then back to riding the slides. Jared did a great job chasing his boys around all day.  What a good dad.  I am sure he was exhausted and so glad when they fell asleep.  After the water park we all went for a quick bite before heading home.  Blake fell asleep about 8.  Missed the ride home and didn't wake up until 8 the next morning.  12 hours of sleep.  WOW.  It was a wonderful family get together.

Friday, July 26, 2013


I am just a little sad.  Leah has been growing her hair out to donate again.  She wanted me to do the braids again before we went camping.  When I do them in her hair they take 4 1/2 hours.  Not the most pleasant of pass times.  Plus the 2 hours to get them out.  We measured her hair and decided that it was long enough to donate now and that I would then be able to braid it.  So in we went.  We explained what we wanted and said just cut it straight across the bottom after.  A little while later out come Leah with very short hair.  It is just below her chin.:( My battery died so you don't get a picture.  Leah says she likes it.  That she is OK.  But every once in a while she will say, 'mom do you think dad will like it?' then later 'do you think grandma will like it?'  She loves it in tiny little pigtails.  What happened was the girl cutting it said that she took a bit more to make sure.  She cut off 13 inches.  Leah only needed 10.  And then she cut it in a V.  Which we really don't like so I had to fix it when I got home.  It could have been longer.  AND now it is so short I can't braid to for camping.  Sad.  Sad!!  Plus Cora has been talking about cutting her hair for awhile.  She wants it short like Emma Watson's hair or Ginnifer Goodwin.  I will let my kids do what they want except color it.  But I will so miss the hair.  I know superficial and shallow, but there you have it.  I will just keep telling myself it is better than a piercings or a tattoo.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Go. Go. Go.

We had quite the crazy weekend.  It is funny how things seem to be calm then suddenly everything happens at once.  Ours started Friday.  After almost two wonderful weeks off I had to work a full shift.  I needed to get groceries after so I could buy treat for the Primary activity the next day.  So at 6 Dave and I went in to get some things.  I felt terrible about leaving the kids after being gone all day.  In the morning we had gone into town to set up an account and start ordering wood for the house.  They didn't want to come.  Then after work they didn't want to come either.  I guess I wasn't fun to hang out with that day.:)  We got our groceries and a little treat that we brought home for them, then it was bed time.  The next morning Dave was up early to get some things done around the house.  We had breakfast and quickly got ready.  Then Dave went back to Logic Lumber to pick up some things.  I ran into town also to get more paint and buy a present for an up- coming birthday party Leah is invited to.  I had to get back to the house by 10:30 to go to a baptism.  At 10:15 Dave called and said he was not going to make it back in time with Blake so I needed to come get him.  I totally thought it was 9:15 and had lots of time. I don't know what my problem was. Then some one had turned my phone to vibrate so I didn't hear the phone when Dave told me he was headed to UFA.  I got to Logic then got his call so back to UFA.  Blake and I rushed into the house did a 60 second change and off to the baptism in Fort McLeod.  We were 10 mins late and they were waiting for us.  I felt so bad.  It is sooo rude to be late.  I hate it.  After the baptism we ate a quick lunch at home then grabbed the freezies for the activity.  Apparently they take a couple of day to freeze.  I had no idea.  I have never bought them before.  So we picked up Leah's friend, then made a mad dash to Safeway to get some Popsicles, then up to Nobleford to the Spray Park.  Best activity ever.  We asked the parents to stay since there is a road close by and it was summer so not tons were there.  We had a great time and the kids entertained themselves then we gave them treats.  Simple. Perfect.  Back home to change and into town again to finish what we started the first time.  We hit the library and got the present then home again to start our daily chores.  It is no fun starting laundry at 6 at night.  Quick dinner. Dave had planned to go to the farm as usual, but as it got later and later he ended up just staying.  He has been putting in cement blocks all day, still at it.  We have made a list of things that need to be done around here to make the house more appealing.  That is our greatest fear that when it come time to sell, no one will want our little house. Then we would be in big trouble.  It was nice to have him around as I bopped in and out.  I said to Dave I felt like I should have just feed money right into the gas tank today.  He took the truck into town and every time that thing go into town it cost $50.  Not a cheap truck at all.  Plus all my running around. I think this is how things are going for the next couple of weeks.  Oh well it is beautiful out and I should enjoy it while I can,  the roads where good and I had great conversations with my kids as we were in the car all day.  I learn a lot taking my kids with me and letting them talk. It's wonderful.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Here is take two.  Well three actually.  Friday night Dave came home from work and told me that they had found water.  It is not really great, but comparable to the area, treatable, and has really good flow.  So we begin.

Monday for FHE we invited Myrna to be with us and had our first meal in our kitchen.  Dave said Leah was actually eating half on the patio:) We then had opening song and prayer.  We read D&C 88:119 and discussed how we could establish a house of prayer etc.  Then we broke ground.

Wow!!  Look how tall my girls are.  They have both passed me in height now.  Not that it is hard.

We then stayed over (to Myrna's surprise.  Apparently Dave had not asked her that before hand) to bail the next day.  Jared had taken off Monday and Dave took off Tuesday for us to get it done.  Unfortunately Monday was to wet for Amber and Jared to do anything until evening.  But they started a little and it was still dry the next morning for Dave and I to start.  I got this awesome 1950ish Massey-Ferguson to drive around.  I actually really enjoyed it.  

I had a hawk that stayed with me until about 3.  Circling, diving and sometimes just sitting.  Surprisingly there were no mosquitoes.  But a few rabbits as well. I got burnt to a crisp.  Except for worrying that my kids were driving Myrna crazy it was a perfect day.  I like to think my kids are independent and polite but I don't know what they do when I am not around. About 2 this morning I woke up VERY stiff.  All that bouncing around had taken its toll.  Dave broke down for about an hour and there was not much I could do to help him.  He did not want me to get too far ahead of him so I took a break in the shade.

Grandma Southam:
Natalie wanted you to see how she has used the couches that she got from you.  She asked if I would put it up here so you would be able to see.  I guess that means you read my blog.  I hope I don't bore you to tears.  I think it looks great and love what she has done.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Pictures

I have some pictures that don't really go anywhere, but that I love and want to always remember.
These are beautiful dresses that I wore in grade 9.  Can you believe the good taste I had.  The one Leah is holding is my Grad dress.  She thought is was so ugly that she refused to even put it on.  Cora was a better sport.  To bad my kids don't get a Grade 9 Grad here.

Getting ready for the family picture.  I always love the behind-the-scenes of organized pictures.

Beautiful Brynn.

I love that Blake is only 7 and can mow the lawn by himself.  When he started a couple of years ago (he was almost 5 when we had him first out mowing) he was not strong enough to push it up our tiny slop, and it was difficult to get the lines straight.  But hard work has paid off and we don't help him at all now.  All the kids get out and take a turn.

Cora has been practicing the guitar lately.  She is loving it.

I am not sure why but Blake has developed a very keen interest in Dave's guns.  He constantly asks about them and always wants to look at them.  Dave has told him the next time he is at the farm with some down time :)he will let him shot them.  Now Blake asks every day it today is that day.

Swim suit cover-ups I made for the girls.  I only saw a picture and had to figure out how to make them.  I think they turned out super cute, except they look like pajamas to me.  Leah loves hers.

Blake got a little painted when we did the fence.  But he stuck right with us.  They all did.  Worked hard and got about half done before we ran out of paint.  Very proud of their hard work.

Spectacular dive by Leah.  They are in swim lesson right now and doing awesome.

It took me two days before I was convinced I had not put Leah and Blake in the wrong class.  Both their teachers say they are doing awesome.  Really strong swimmers.  And they have passes their levels.  But look at the two classes.  It looks like Leah should be in Blake's and vice-a-versa.  All Blake's class are going into Grade 5 and Leah's are going in to Grade 3.  Not sure how that worked out weird this year.

And that is my random pictures.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Yummy yum yum!!!!  I got an amazing deal on strawberries through the people in Hill Spring that sell them.  I ended up getting 3 cases.  I have made jam, frozen for smoothies, pureed for drinks and stuff later, and made Popsicles.

And of course have tons left over for eating.  The kids have requested strawberry shortcake and I want a fresh strawberry pie.  Oh yummy goodness.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Catch Up

The last day that my kids went to school they took this little teacher's gift.  Inside is a Moutain Dew, Popcorn, and Starbursts.  Then we wrote, Thanks for all you Dew, you made me feel like a Star.  It was kinda last minute, I was not going to do gifts this year but gave in in the end.

The last day that they went was Canada Spirit Day.  Leah had a ton of fun getting her costume together.

Last night we took Leah and Blake to Shakespeare in the Park. We popped some popcorn and took along some water.  We had a few errand to run and didn't tell the kids we were going until we got there.

It was really fun.  Before hand they gave us a program and paper that had different words that Shakespeare had used and what they meant.  Blake was reading through this and every time they used one he would excitedly turn back and tell us what it meant.  It started to sprinkle half way through the play.  Then is completely down poured.  It first they where going to try to move it under the gazebo but is was coming down so hard, fast and sideways that everything was wet.  Leah and Blake wanted their picture taken with some of the cast. They did a really great job.

We are going to have to go back again so we can see how it ends.  And then Cora will be able to come also.  We pick her up from YW camp today.  Can't wait to see her again.

We had some books to return after and there was a great puddle at the library.  Dave drove through this several times much to the delight our children.  After we went for hot chocolate at Tim Horton's because we were a little chilly.

Kita, here is my truly ugly chair I was telling you about.  It is old, and because of all the yarn does not even fold correctly.  Which makes it difficult to carry.  But is really the comfiest camp chair ever.  So we put up with the rest.  We also have a brown and cream one. Lucky us:)

While we were in Hill Spring, my mom gave Leah this china doll.  It was given to her by a special lady as a thank you and mom knew Leah would love it and treat it well.  She has named it Lene (like Renee).  Leah had also informed me that Lene does not know English yet so Salia is acting as her interpreter.  They are great friends.  Speaking of which, Mom I hope you remembered to put Ben and his number on the table cloth before you put it away and I kinda think you need to add Salia.:)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week in Hill Spring

I will try to condense this.  But we had so much fun and did so much.  This is only a small amount of my pictures.  We headed out Wednesday right after Cora's last exam.  The kids missed the last day and a half of school.  Taylor got there the night before us and Kita arrived the Saturday before.  We headed through Cardston for dental appointments first.  It was really relaxing this year.  Everyone got along the entire week.  Mom simplified our meals.  Wednesday we just hung out.  The teens did baptism and the cubs went to cubs. Thursday there was some projects for the kids.  Then that evening was the teenager night out.  They went to Five Guys and Monsters University.  Friday was the adult night out.  The teens babysat and we went to Boston Pizza in Pincher. Dave meet us for dinner there. Saturday morning everyone that could went back in to do baptism, then we all headed to Waterton.  Sunday we had family pictures and church.  It was beginning to heat up.:)  Monday was the 1st.  We had the parade, program, and beef picnic as always.  Next we headed back to my parents to hang out and try to keep cool.  Some kids went bridge jumping, some ran through the sprinkler.  It was then time to head home.  I am already looking forward to next year)

The kids (mostly Justin) sanded in preparation for painting.  We never actually got to the painting part.

I love working in the kitchen with my siblings.  This is how prep and clean-up goes for every single meal.  Everybody working together.  We went through at least 12 watermelon.  I am not sure of the actual count.

Blake and Colton having fun with Ben.

These boys sure had fun together.  They seemed to stick pretty close.  Cute little faces.

Staying cool.

I have the greatest brothers ever.

The Waterton spill way flood.

Red Rock Canyon was so pretty.  I had not been there for a long time. Blake got very wet and enjoyed every minute of it.  Nicole brought homemade and very yummy granola bars, orange slices, water, apple sauce, and banana bread for a snack. We then decided rather then getting expensive ice cream at Big Scoop we got awesome ice cream at Pioneer Parlour in Glenwood.  It was our second trip.  It is a tradition not to be missed.  Way cheaper and just as delish.

Trying to get my perfect shot of chief mountain.  We had quite the ride home.  Natalie pulled over to fill a bottle, me for pictures, Kita because she wanted a turn.  Every time someone pulled over the rest would follow to see if they were OK. See we look out for each other:)

Mom wanted all the Smith Future Missionaries in their Sunday best.  I think it is a cool picture.  Great idea.

AWESOME cake made by Kita.  The pork we had was seriously the best ever.

The Smith clan minus Steve and Mike.

The boys played in the canola for a while.

I love this big group of teens that we have.  They enjoy being together and do fun things. Here they are playing football with Cannon and Taylor. And of course eating Popsicles.  This year I made two boxes full.

Cleaning up.  It gets pretty sticky out there with the kids eating.  

We got a tiny bit of rain one night and an amazing rainbow after.

Another successful reunion.  It would take forever to list everything we did.  But we actually got a lot of relaxing chats together. This year I think was the best yet.  All the way home my girls talked about the fun things that they had done, and conversations they had with their cousins.  I love that they love being together.