Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Basketball Begins!!!!

I always knew that given the chance Cora could be good at basketball.  I'm not saying the best but who knows.  Last night was her official first game of the season.  They had 5 1/2 players because a few girls where sick. (1/2 player because she floats and is only allowed to play limited time)  The girls they played against are a strong team and really tall.  Coalhurst did full press the entire game and kept ahead.  They won by 10 points.  Cora got a basket.  She is doing way better this year.  Not so timid.  She boxed out great a number of times so her teammates got a basket.  And she is jumping for rebounds.  Big improvement from last year. She also told me she is having a lot of fun.  I'm so glad. :)  I just got asked to coach Leah's team in the Elementary.  Myrna was at the game last night and said something, I can't remember, that got us thinking and if it works out Dave is going to coach with me.  He is great with kids.  That would be so much fun to spend that time together doing something we love.  Can't wait!

Today at Leah and Blake's school was red and green day.  I knew this day was coming and was excited for all the things I was going to have Leah do.  I planned a month ago.  As it turned out we had 15 mins this morning to pull it all together. (Yesterday I was standing in the store at 10:30 in the morning and was so tired I was tempted to lay down right in the aisleland sleep.  With work, school, and church stuff I feel like I don't sleep and with Dave and I coughing all night we sometimes literally don't)  Anyways with all that I had not got it done yet.  It didn't turn out as cute as I had hope because of time.  Leah's tree is to low.  We did clean up her nails after the picture and I couldn't find eyes for the reindeer on her hair.  But she was happy and that is the main thing.

Blake only had a red shirt and we used green washable marker to make some trees on his cheeks. But he didn't want a picture taken.

Thanks to all the great Christmas Eve ideas.  I loved all of them.  I appreciate the help.


  1. I love Leah's hair - what a cute idea! That's great Cora is enjoying basketball this year. Good luck coaching!