Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

It was a little to cold to do our traditional ski trip on Christmas Eve so we stayed around here instead.  My parents had given us a Pre-paid Visa card for Christmas and we decided to us that to take the kids out.  Dave started the bed for Leah's doll Monday morning.  We got that part way done I got measurements and started the blanket and pillows.  Around 11 we set out to Lethbridge.  We had a few last minute fresh ingredients to get then we tried the new restaurant Cora's in town.  It was really good.  Everyone liked what they got.  Next we headed over to the Mill to watch a movie.  Then home.  Dave and I worked on our projects until they were done.  We played a bunch of games.  Cora and I where doing push-ups and crunches while it was other peoples turn.  Blake took a bathroom break and it was the turn for squats, he took so long in the bathroom I thought I was going to die.  A little sore the next day, but it was fun.  We did the nativity (everyone had multiple parts:) then set out our stockings.  Leah had made Dave and I Santa and Mrs. Claus hats for Christmas Eve.  This year their Eve presents ended up being books.  My kids love to read and do so every night before bed.  We thought it would be a perfect gift.  Blake love his so much we had a hard time getting him to open his first gift the next morning because he was reading.  The kids got their beds ready in Leah's room and settled down to read and go to sleep.  I had decided to make an crock pot breakfast.  I did not want to cook the next morning at all.  Dave and I got that ready and in the crock pot then off to bed for us as well.  It was a different Christmas Eve but we had just as much fun. 


  1. Sounds fun. What movie did you see? I like the new book on Christmas Eve idea. That would be a great way to get my Christmas book collection bigger(I may have to use that idea) :). Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Love you all.

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas Eve. We had a quiet one at home as well after delivering some Christmas goodies to friends. Merry Christmas!