Monday, October 27, 2014

This is How we Roll

For some odd reason, a couple weeks ago, my typing screen has gone minuscule.  But just on my blog.  I don't have great English or spelling skills as it is, but now I can barely see to even try to correct them.  As a result is it a pain to blog.  So today is many pictures and a back log of happenings.  Friday and Saturday the kids worked hard to get lots of work done.  We are trying to get cement poured before it snows. We are in a race against time.

Shoveling gravel into the basement was a very dusty job.  Blake looked like a ghost.

Blake had started working with Dave a few hours before the girls and I got out there.  We were cleaning inside first.  He was a huge help.  In the afternoon I let him take a break and play with Calum.  Unfortunately that is when we got most of the pictures.  He really did help tho.  We have shovelled so much gravel into the basement and have so much more to go.  Cora and Blake discovered that they could actually get more in the wheel barrow at the bottom by shoving it with their feet.  Then while I dumped it they would make another pile right in front of the window.

Digging holes for the cement that will hold up my porch.  Leah and Cora slide into the hole then Dave stuck the long round tubes on top of them.

Of course everyone also had to try the post hole digger.

I love Sunday's.  They are usually quiet and relaxing.  I love to sit down with my family and watch a movie.  It is our together time and I cherish it.  After church we feed the missionaries, then we started a movie while the kids did some crafts.  We didn't get to quite finish the show before we left for Auxiliary training.

Last week Blake really wanted to play football with someone.  Blake and Dave went looking for a football.  A few minutes later I looked out the window and saw this.  Not football.  It was so much fun.  We ended all playing for a little over and hour.  It started to get dark and was time for FHE.  We have never thrown a baseball around with the kids before. Volleyball, basketball and tossing football.  But never enough room for baseball.  They loved it..I love that even tho we are racing the snow, Dave took time out to play with his kids.  They will remember that.  And also because of it they were more willing to get in and help him this weekend.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Friday after school, we had an early dinner.  Then the girls and I headed out to my parents house.  We were attending the Super Saturday in their ward and did not want to get up super early.  As it turned out, their local library was showing Million Dollar Arm.  I had wanted to see this, so we went down.  It was a good show.  I will have Dave see it when it comes into the library, but not sure I would watch it again.  For sure never buy.   We stayed up way to late talking, it was great.  The next morning when we got to the church we realized that the girls class did not start until 11:30.  They were going to ride horses afterwards, but then we thought it would be best to have them go before.  They loved it. I guess Leah got a little stuck in the tree.  Her horse was tying to eat over there or something.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of that.:)  Back to the church, we ate lunch, and then they made a wooden tree.
Good thing they rode the horsse before, because after we barely had time to get back home and pack a quick picnic to feed Dave and Blake.  Afterwards we came back to the house and Jason gave us a presentation on his time working on the Calgary Temple.  It was really nice.  He did an excellent job and it was very interesting.  A lot of really wonderful experiences he had.  Sunday we had a stake youth fireside.  This one was centered around family history work.  The stake issues a challenge to all the youth to find their own family names and take them to the temple as part of the spring young conference on March 20 and 21.  When we were told the date we were just sick.  Cora had such a wonderful time at the last youth conference.  It is such a great testimony building experience and it help to get to know everyone in the stake.But that is the weekend of her drama performance.  She is required to be at the school from 8am-11pm both days.  So she can not even slip in for part of it.  We were so sad.

The dogs had been barking all day.  Emry came over and said they had got a raccoon cornered.  I had never seen a raccoon before and was quite excited.  On the way out to the fireside, we drove past them and got a few pictures.  It was a little bigger than I had though  Kinda neat tho.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 15th!!

Cora is 15.  Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  Dave's early morning meetings were cancelled, but mine were not. That left us with a small window to open presents before I left.  
This box has was buggin' her.  She could not figure out what it was. I had ordered The Book Thief in hardcover for her, but the shape was totally confusing her.  I was so enjoying her torment that I did not even wrap the box.  

Cora requested pizza for her birthday dinner.  If you know her that is quite the statement. This pizza Kita had told us about from her friend Holly.  I don't know what they call it but we call it "Holly's kinda Hawaiian pizza"  Seriously amazing.

Also requested was Angel Food Cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  I did make the cake, but took some batter out to try cupcakes.  I like the cupcakes better, so did Cora but she felt they should be bigger.  Dave still liked cake better, he likes the soft white part.

One of her presents had been 'The Seeker' movie.  Something she had seen just a bit of a few years ago.  She only remembered one line and we researched from that line.  Our library system did not have it, so I found it on Amazon.  When we watched it that night, she told us to have very low expectation since she really did not remember it.  Not to bad tho. Today they did not have school.  I had heard about this gigantic play center.  Cora has been sad for 10 years that ours went out of business.  I took them up as a surprise today.  We packed a lunch and went to order windows and look at siding colors then continued on.  She was so incredibly excited.

We ended up staying for just over 3 hours.  I got in and played with them.  The kids made up a few game to play inside, we had a snack, and played some more.

This black light game was so fun.  Tons of light up balls in the walls.  There was two sides and they played against each other.  Balls would light up at random and you had to run around your area to find and hit them to turn them off. Really fun.

You climb from level to level inside this mesh.  I felt motion sick just turning around from side to side to get up there.  So sad.  It seems to be getting worse, soon I won't be able to do anything:(  It was a great surprise and a wonderful day with my kids.

Cora is lots of fun to hang out with.  She make good choices all the time.  She is such a peacemaker.  Sometimes to the point that it bugs me since she will give up what she wants to make others happy.  I know that is a good thing, but I want her to be happy also.  She does not let people walk over her though, if it is contrary to her values, it does not happen.  I rarely have to ask her to do things twice.  She is helpful and happy.  Cora loves to tease me.  She loves to read and to do anything with her hands.  Drawing, building, crafting, anything.  Cora is having a really hard time deciding what she wants to do for the rest of her life. We still have not broken the knuckle cracking habit.  We are making progress on the not being able to smell.  It is not adenoids, she is going for allergy testing April 1.  That is the soonest available.  Once in a while she will sit on the couch and not feel like helping, she then declares she is acting like a normal teenager for the day. Not sure why, all the teenagers she knows are really good helpful kids. But whatever.  I think she may have a slight obsession with shoes also.  Not a good thing to pass on to my daughter:).  I truly feel blessed to have her as mine and am grateful that Heavenly Father has loaned her to me.  I am trying very hard to raise her how He would want me to.  She is a joy and a light in our family.  Happy 15th Birthday Cora. (Although today felt like we were celebrating her 6th birthday.  I think the oldest one there besides my kids were 5)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Second Floor Going Up

Dave took a week off to get some things rolling on the house.  We have got some back filling started.  Finally we have heard back from the insurance company, the septic people, cement and plumbing. We have been emailing and adjusting with the window and door place. Now that is complete and I will order those next week.  We have been blessed with amazing weather for the week.  I really hope it holds for a bit longer.  We really hope to have enclosed by first snowfall.  Blake found a great hat to wear one chilly evening.

Yeah, that's a neck warmer, but it works! I told him I was loving the hat and shorts together.

The kids love walking around on top and hanging out.  They are so confident up there some times it makes me nervous.  I keep telling them every step has to be thought out, I don't want them slipping on screws or saw dust, and they need to know where every single person is at all times. It is a very big drop.  I know, they think I'm crazy.

  We have found two jobs that Leah loves to do.  Will jump right to it with out even being asked.  She absolutely loves to screw the floor boards in and she love to wash the windshield of the Tahoe at the gas station. Wish I could figure out the magic and transfer it to room cleaning.  It is almost her turn to use the drill, so she decided a dance was needed.

Cora was helping lots, but one day she had homework.  She still wanted to hang out with us, so she brought it to the house.

It really is too bad that we have to pay our bills and eat.  I could totally hang out with Dave all day and love it.  It has been fun to build our house together while the kids are at school and spend some time with just us.  Almost feel like we have been on a vacation.  Almost:)

Monday, October 6, 2014

World Wide Conference

This past weekend was our World Wide General Conference.  I love this weekend that we get in April and October to listen to our living prophet and apostles today.  It is 4 two hour sessions.  Two on Saturday and two on Sunday.  Such inspiring messages.  I really look forward to it.  Early Saturday morning Blake ran into our room and jumped into the air with both hands up and shouted, "Conference!!" The girls worked on their rainbow loom bracelets again.  Blake did some Lego.  Dave streamed it to his phone so he could keep working on the house as he was listening.  One sessions I started some boot cuffs for Leah.  Cora made a felt Batman and set him up next to the TV so he looked like he was singing with the Tabernacle Choir. Sunday morning the bishop had asked us all to go to the church for that one session. But no matter how we get it, it is always amazing. Truly wonderful men that guide our church under the direction of Jesus Christ. If you google and go to general conference.  The Sunday afternoon session, last speaker was given by David A. Bednar.  He was speaking to the non-members in the world about why we share The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with others.  Excellent talk. If anyone has ever wondered about our church, that is a great place to find out what we are all about.

I have made some hand outs to help motivate the Young Women to work on their Personal Progress. I will give out one every few weeks, maybe once a month or something.  Found a great site with most of them, made up a few on my own.  I have gotten all their numbers so I can remind them of activities or just send them a message.   We are digging potatoes for the food bank this week.  Before I sent out the reminder I went thro the Personal Progress and wrote down every goal that they could cross off or use part of for this activity.  Then I let them all know in the reminder text.  Hoping to really light the fire of Personal Progress with them.
I went to check cows for Dave when he was at the Priesthood Session Saturday evening.  One the way home I saw one of my favorite sites.  I love the combines all out in the field working with the lights on at night.  A true country scene.  I ran in the house and grabbed Cora's camera, over to our house and climbed up on top.  It was dark of course and I could not figure out how to get her camera set on night setting.  So if you are a country girl like me you can just imagine how beautiful this should be.

October is Rett month.  We made sure to get our purple on.  Leah is having me make her purple boot cuffs so she can wear all purple to school some day soon.  Leah had written Rett on her nails, but they got scratched off and she decided to go with the paint spilling look instead.  Cora wants to get some of those plastic bracelets made next year.  I have heard you can get tons for not to much money, then we can give them out around the schools and such.  Rett Syndrome generally only affects girls.  At this time there is no cure.  You can google it and read all about it, and donate if you wish.  I have a beautiful niece with Rett.  She is such a happy girl.  Four days younger than Blake, she is nine.  She can't talk, or be potty trained.  She is high functioning and can walk, but lots are in wheel chairs and have feeding tubes.  My sister said it is like having an 18 month old forever.  Get your purple on and support Rett. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Us in a Nutshell

Cora - She is starting to find some friends in school.  Everyone has been great very welcoming and very friendly.  It is  different here.  She has to listen to a lot of not nice language and talk. One day she just wanted to come home and take a shower because it was so awful.  But she is moving around and meeting lots of people.  Has found some groups and girls that are cleaner and she is starting to find a place.  Cora is starting to get into a routine.  It was killing us to get her to seminary, then back and only have 10 minutes until Blake and Leah got on the bus.  Sometimes I would find them back asleep or out playing with the dogs rather than ready for school. (Dave leaves for work at 6 and we leave at 7) Jared has started taking her in the morning.  He works in the same town.  He had to go half hour earlier, but it has made an amazing difference to our mornings. We are so thankful for him taking her. Cora is loving seminary. She is liking her new school and the classes. She is looking forward to basketball. Also she got a part in the play for drama.  Drama is an after school program, so it takes more time and driving back and forth. They have started piano again and are still hating it:)

Leah - She is doing OK, has made a friend.  She is also loving school and the programs.  She so did not want to do band, but there was no other option.  She ended up playing the flute and has really enjoyed it.  She is picking it up so fast.  Leah was going to play volleyball, but then the practices where the same day as piano.  They told her she could still play but would not have much playing time, which I totally understand.  Because of that she decided not to play.  Sounds like there is no interest for basketball for girls her age.  Leah is pretty sad that they will not have a team this year.  She is still working on people and trying to convince them to play.  We will see.  It has been very difficult for her to get up this year. We have to get up  just after 5:30 so we can read scriptures before Dave leaves.  She really does not like it when we get her up on Fridays since there is no school that day.  We let her go back to bed:) Also not liking piano. Leah enjoys the bus rides and she is doing well in school.  Has learned to manage her time a bit better with school work.  They run a lot for gym class and she has learned to love it.  Even asked me if I would sign her up for the Resolution Run.

Blake - He is getting to know more boys.  Seems to be having fun with them.  He has new blisters on his hands everyday from the monkey bars. No one particular that he talks about yet.  Well one kid that he know from church and cubs.  He is in a different school tho.  Blake is also loving cubs.  They have done some fun things.  The other day they went kayaking and roasted wieners.  Today they made orange rind bird feeders. Blake also loves riding the bus. He is finally getting used to all the new noises in a new house.  Only gets me up in the middle of the night once in a while now.  Although for some reason he is sure that there are spider webs all over him at night.??? Trying to figure out that one.  He is having fun with his cousins.  I can tell when he has to much cousin time, because he starts to get lippy and whinny.  Blake has found himself grounded a few times already.  He love to go over and help Dave on the house and check cows with him when it is Dave's week.  He gets right in there and shovels quite a bit of gravel for a boy.  When he is not distracted he works hard.

Me - YW is going great.  I have a wonderful set of girls.  We had a planning meeting yesterday and they come up with some fun ideas.  We planned through the end of February.  At first I had them just shout out ideas, then we listed what we could do combined with YM.  Next I asked what was the purpose for each activity.  That seemed to stump them a bit.  Wondered why I wanted to have a purpose.  I started laughing.  Thought they were kidding.  Apparently not.  We have kept all activities to one hour.  It is great, we are not out so late.  I helped with the Terry Fox run last week and got to know a few other moms.  Last night was a school meeting I would have like to go to, but it was YW night.  I am keeping myself busy an getting in a routine also.  Finding shopping days and time to exercise.  Making my lists and systems to work here. I think it is all going good.

Dave - His audit that he has been stressed about and preparing for the last 4 months ended up being OK. It was last week.  He has declared October to be house month.  He has been able to work more on it that last two days then he did the last 8 months. Dave has taken the next couple of days off to get some things done.  He works hard over there.  He and Jared have got a system with checking cows that is working great.  He is still the high council over our old ward.  Because of this he only attends our ward once a month.  Two in the old ward and then one on assignment. It has been great to have him home every night.  In a few days we will start to pay two mortgages which is a little stressful to say the least.  We just keep praying that the house will sell quickly.  Keep our fingers crossed.

Guess that was not a nutshell.  Sorry it was so long.