Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Catch Up

Time to clean up pictures from my phone.  One of the last things we did this summer was have an awesome weekend with the Toone family.  Cora and Leah had been trying all summer to get together with Emily and Maycie to go tubing and bridge jumping.  Between everyone's summer camps and reunions it took forever.  Finally a day was found.  We invited the rest of their family to meet us at our house for a BBQ after.  I had so much fun.  They are such a wonderful family and it was fantastic.  Just what I needed.  

They ended up inviting us back to their place a few days later.  We went up to what they call 'The Hills'. It is a beautiful spot.  Dave had been there lots as a kid, but it was my first trip.

Our strong husbands.

Toone and Puzey girls.

Blake testing out the new bridge.

Love these girls.

Blake and Avery.

Those dots on top of the ridge are the girls.  They came down a different way and we couldn't find them for awhile.  But here they come.

When we showed up at their house, Natalie said she had a gift for me.  She surprised me with a flyswatter.  It was perfect and funny.  She thought I might need it after we had so many flies get in during our BBQ.

Blake enjoyed going with the 11 yr old scouts this year on the day camp.  He took a friend with him and they loved the zipline.  Thanks Amber for the pictures.

Cora got one more ski in with the youth activity.  She has been helping Dave out with some project, trying to get money for school and mission. 

Dave's work party this year was at the Corn Maze.  Always love the corn maze.  This was my favorite party so far.  Barely had to talk to anyone.  :)

My kids tease me about making them pose, so they decided to really pose for this one.

We have been switching phones around.  I thought I had everything off my old phone that I gave to Leah.  But I did not.  I forgot to upload their first day of school pictures. She asked if I was ready for her to reset it.  I said yes.  Whoops!!  I made sure to get some today, as it is picture day at school.  That's close enough right?

Leah is doing fantastic with seminary.  No complaints, no lateness.  Not what we expected at all.  Hope it lasts, especially once basketball starts.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Grade 9 here they come.

Leah had a back to school Grade 9 party yesterday.  We had planned a wiener roast and some games,  but forgot to tell her friends that we were feeding them.  Everyone had just eaten.  They played Heads Up while waiting for everyone get arrive.  When all got here they went out side to play Poisonous Stump.  We do this a lot with kids since my sister and brother-in-law taught it to us.  Always a hit.

Then we built a fire.  Kinda munched but still not hungry.  I had a lot of left overs.  We had made a S'more bar with different types of cookies.

They played outside for a while and sat around the fire talking about up coming school and what they did for the summer.  Next we played the candy ball game.  Another that is a no-fail fun one.

We were waiting for it to get dark to play some night games.  In the mean time they went down and played Mario Kart and Foosball.  We tried playing some Dutch Blitz, but it takes a couple rounds to get into.
I had them all sit on the same couch for a picture.  Minus two (Sadly Gerri was not able to come, she was away with family.)  This is the 2017 Grade Nine class.

Finally is was dark enough.  Dave got a big spot light and we played a watch tower game.  They all had to start at the end of the yard and then run in under our deck to safety.  Dave swung the light around.  If you got caught in the light you had to stop with your hands up.  If you moved, back to the beginning.  It was a lot of fun.  They played quite a few rounds of that.  Lastly, I had bought a ton of glow-sticks.  They all took some and wrapped around necks, arms, legs,  and played tag. It was cool to see all the lights moving around.  I hope everyone had fun.  Leah really enjoyed it and it was fun to see everyone after summer.  Back to school soon!  Last year in Junior High.  I hope they have a great year.