Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dr. Tawney

When Dave was growing up when ever some one got sick or hurt they would go see Dr. Tawney. (Dave didn't know how I should spell that.  He thought it was like tonic since that is what you get from Dr.'s, but I spelt it like it sounded so you could pronounce it.)  He says that the only went to the Dr. the first time he broke his collar bone and once when his parents where on vacation.
So like father like son this is what Dave has always said to our kids.  Let Dr. Tawney look at it.  Dr. Tawney can fix it.
I love that a little bit of people live on in others after they have passed on.  When Dave does anything that I remember his dad doing it just makes me smile.

We had a very loooooong day yesterday dipping chocolates. Amber made some awesome potato soup. We were very late but made some notes about how to speed it up next year.
It was fun to be all together.


  1. It was a long day but I had so much fun!! I love being with my mom and sisters! I love it when I see something that reminds me of dad. I don't know if I told you but right after dad passed away Dave came over to me and started rubbing my shoulders. Something that dad would have done. Just that simple act was such a great expression of love for me.

  2. That is so funny you had this post today. I was just telling the boys about Dr. Tawney (aka dad) today as Jason was fixing a boo boo on Bowen's finger. Eating toad in the hole at Jared and Amber's yesterday reminded me of Dad. Loved spending time together!

  3. I had such a wonderful time with my four girls Friday and Saturday. Yes, Saturday was an exceptionally long day but I had fun and the chocolates look and taste terrific!!! The carmel rice krispies were yummy!! I'm already looking forward to next year and jotting down in my chocolate journal the things we discussed to make it more efficient. I love that Dave is continuing on the tradition of Dr. Tawney. I like how you spelled it. David would be so excited that all of his girls can make wonderful chocolates!!!!!

  4. ouch that looks like it hurt!!! Love the Dr Tawney!!

  5. ouch that looks like it hurt!!! Love the Dr Tawney!!