Friday, January 27, 2017

Makes me Happy

Years and years and years ago when I started making lists for my birthday, I thought it was a neat tradition.  But now that I am sooo old, I have decided that this will be my last.  40 is a nice even number to end on.  Also I will go back and use the idea from my first list.  Without further ado:
Things That Make Me Happy
1. Dave
2. Cora
3. Leah
4. Blake
5. My parents
6. All my siblings
7. Having great in-laws
8. Living in this beautiful country
9. Living in wide open spaces
10. That my kids have flown on a plane and seen a bit of the world
11. Getting to see Dave's mission field
12. The Toone's
13. Sunsets and sunrises
14. My comfortable bed
15. The knowledge that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me, just as I am
16. When all my family is home safe and sound after a busy day
17. Watching my kids work hard and succeeding at it
18. Also when they fail and learn that sometimes we do
19. Green grass
20. When my kids are struggling with something and seeing them rely on their Heavenly Father
21. My health
22. Blue Bic pens
23. A good book
24. When someone else cooks dinner
25. A great movie
26. The good choices in friends that my kids have made.
27. Vacuuming floors
28. Fresh clean laundry
29. When I get to sleep in
30. Watching my kids in all their extracurricular activities
31. Days by myself
32.  A new recipe that ends up being fantastic
33. A clean house
34. Family get togethers
35. My house
36. Knowing that I can be forgiven for the mistakes I make
37. Days that I don't have to go anywhere
38. Clean sheets
39. Making notes and lists
40. Even tho it is annoying, I love listening to my kids talk to each other late at night when they are supposed to be asleep.

That was an easy list.  I could probably do that for my 90th and still have more to say.  I have been so blessed this year.  If this upcoming year is even half as good it will be amazing.  We got to do and see so much and spend so much time together as a family.  I had no obligations today, no where to go, and nothing that had to be done.  It has been the perfect birthday.

Monday, January 23, 2017

18 years

Leah had a basketball tournament last weekend.  They played two games on Friday, then after the second one, we were told that the team they were to play Saturday had backed out.  So we did not have to drive all the way back. Saturday morning we separated out a few calves that had gotten back in with the cows, then Leah and Blake were off to a party.  Cora studied for her upcoming diplomas.  We were to pick up Leah and Blake at 5.  Dave called and asked me to find out some movie times for Rogue One.  If it worked out, he wanted to take everyone after picking up the kids.  It worked out perfect.  We grabbed the littles and headed straight into town.  We had just enough time for a quite bite at A&W, then to the movie.

I am sure we are the only family that doesn't like 3D movies.  They really annoy us.  Leah said it was much better not to have to try to fit the 3D glasses over her glasses, but still.  (Her glasses broke after her game on Thursday.  We made a quick dash to the Dr for him to glue them together and then went back early then next day to try once again to get fitted with contact.  She was successful this time.  It was to be her birthday present in April anyways, so happy early birthday.)  Dinner and a movie with our kids was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.  We love being with our kids and want to spend all the time we can with them.

Sunday was our anniversary.  I woke up with a raging headache.  Blurry vision and nausea included.  But I had early morning meetings.  Through church I could barely concentrate, I just kept counting down the time. To church, Dave wore the tie he wore for our wedding.  Cora congratulated him for still being able to fit into his tie after all these year. :) After Dave asked if I wanted to ride to the stake center with him.  He had a short meeting.  At first I said no, so I could go home and lay down, but then I didn't want him to have to go alone.  He had Advil for me.  I took that and rested during his meeting.  When we got back, Leah had made dinner for us.  Cora had set the table all fancy.  We ate and watched a movie, then off to bed.  Being with each other and the kids was the only thing either of us wanted.  It was a perfect weekend.  It has been a wonderful 18 year start on eternity.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


The weeks leading up to Dave's birthday, we had thought it was going to be a bit of a bummer.  Cora and Leah both had games in different towns and it was the High Council Spouse Appreciation Dinner that night.  All wonderful things that we love doing, but because of time and location, Dave was going to High Council by himself and none of us would even see him for his birthday, except the 15 mins in the morning that we read scriptures.  A few days beforehand, we learned that Leah's game was JV only, so she didn't need to go.  Which worked great for me.  She would then be able to be home with Blake and they could both get to bed at a decent time.  In theory.  :) Wednesday just before noon I was told that Cora's game had been cancelled.  It was so cold where we were going, that they had closed school for the day.  I quickly let Dave know that I would now be able to come to the dinner with him.  It turned out to be a nice day after all.  Cora did not have drama either so we were all home for an hour before Dave and I left.  We sang him happy birthday and Cora had a present for him.  Blake wrote him a really nice letter.  Then Dave and I headed to the dinner.  It was great as always.  I enjoyed spending those couple of hours with him.  We haven't seen much of each other since school started up again.  Dave was telling me stories of work.  He also reflected on how amazing and how blessed the past year was for us.  We had so many wonderful opportunities.   Our kids have got great friends, we have been blessed with good health so far, and we feel very very lucky.  When we got home, even tho it was late, the kids were all still up.  Cora and Leah have exams coming up and have been studying hard.  Blake was hanging out with him.  So we got to talk with everyone for a few more minutes before everyone went to bed.  We still have not had birthday cake together.  I was planning on it tonight, but Leah will leave before Cora gets home, then when Leah gets home Cora will be gone.  We will be at a basketball tournament all day Friday and Saturday, so it may be Sunday.  But we will get to it.  At this age, birthdays are kinda just another day.  And at least we got to see each other.  Happy 45th to the most amazing man I know.  I am very lucky to have you by myself for this journey.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Resolution....of a sort.

I've never been big on New Year's Resolutions.  I figure if I am going to start something new or make an improvement, I can do it in February or June 17th if I want.  I know, I know, it is the beginning of a year, time to start fresh, I get it, I just don't usually feel the need to participate. But over the last week, I just happened to be in many different places, with different people, and had the same situation come up.  It has caused me to really reflect and ponder some thing.  I have a lot of time on the road alone, that my mind gets to thinking.  I know I am crazy, but here it is.  I will be with someone that really annoys me and other will be singing their praises, or I will overhear someone  having a hard time with someone I think the world of. Some people I find so easy to be with and other I have to work so hard at it that I am exhausted after.  So why.....?  What makes the difference?  And it is not like all the people that annoy me are on one side and all that I love are on the other side. Some of my dear friends are good friend with others I have difficulties with.  Some I can see their goodness, but the things they do that annoy me really out way the good and I find them hard or uncomfortable to be around.  On the other hand some I can see the faults and how they could annoy others, but their good qualities are so amazing, I can easily overlook the faults.  I need to try to love everyone.  Cora is a great example to me, she is not fooled by other and will not be walked over, but she is always kind.  Even to those that annoy her.  She sees their potential and for the most part can ignore the irritants.  This year I strive to be better. Concentrate on the good.  Be more Christlike, see others as He does.  I know it is possible to develop this attitude.  I honestly don't think I have ever heard my Dad or older brother say a negative thing about a person.  I have a lot of friends that will chose a word for their family for the year.  Something they want to concentrate on or develop, etc.  Another tradition that I have no interest in, but as I have seen them blogged and Intagrammed over the last few weeks, one really stuck out to me.  I had a friend choose the word Listen.  And it got me thinking.  That is what I need to do to understand all the many difference around me. I need to listen to others lives and the roads they have to walk.   I need to listen to what they are not saying.  I need to listen to the prompting of my Heavenly Father and learn to see others as He does. Also I need to listen to how others feel around me.  I have never been bothered if someone didn't like me.  Figured it was their lose.  (Seriously if you know Leah at all, her personality is so me growing up.  The confidence, the surety, the grumpiness, the snittiness.  So sorry mom and dad!  I have grown and gotten better, I have great hopes for her and on the bright side nobody pushes her around)  Anyways, if I am to love everyone, shouldn't I also try to make it easier for others to love me. This year I want to try be a kinder person, a softer person, and learn to listen to what is in other people's  hearts.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year's Eve

As I mentioned we had planned to go skiing the 27th, but it was to windy.  The weather was perfect to go on the 31st.  We got all packed up and headed out around 7:30 in the morning.  A little later than Dave had wanted.  (My kids are going to die when they go back to school next week)   Leah was a little nervous about skiing with her knees.  She took both her braces and did them up tight.
First run hurt her a little, but she was snow plowing a lot.  They all had a blast.  Dave said they all did so good.  Cora and Blake had each gone one time last year.  Dave took a little time getting Leah back in to it, but he said it didn't take long and they had so much fun.

It was a good day.  Some wind and a little cold, but not to bad.

I sat in the lodge and enjoyed a good book and working out a food plan for the next couple of months.

We left the ski hill a half hour before it closed.  Cora and I had signed up for the Resolution Run that night.  After the hours of basketball the day before and then just sitting all day, I felt very unprepared for this 5K Run.  But I made it thro.  My time was not as horrendous as I thought it would be.  Cora did awesome.  Dave went to wash the car and she was back before he was.  She always waits for me at the beginning.  One of these days, I'm going to convince her not to.  She was only a couple minutes off my brother's time the year he won it.  Maybe next year for her.

After the run we decided to eat at Pizza Hut.  We had 2 hours to kill until we dropped the girls off at the stake dance.  Pizza Hut usually takes a while, so we thought it was a good choice.  Wouldn't you know it.  That night they were very prompt.  After eating we still had an hour.  We slowly drove clear around the town, killing time.  Finally we dropped them off.  The girls had a blast dancing and ringing in the New Year with Emily and Maycie.  They ended up staying in town with them that night.  The roads were horrible, I was so thankful that Cora was not driving at 1 in the morning, with the snow and so little sleep.  They did end up staying up till 4.  But oh well she didn't have to drive.  Blake fell asleep on the way home.  Dave and I brought the ski stuff in, put the food away and went to bed also. Before midnight.  It was a long, full, wonderful day.

Family Get Togethers

Between Christmas and New Years we got to spend time with family.  It was wonderful.  On the 28th the Smith's came up to us.  I have to say it was very nice not to travel this year.  We did our traditional Mexican and white elephant exchange.  My mom was with her oldest and her youngest grandchildren.

The white elephant was awesome.  A couple years ago I had gotten a giant potato masher to give away.  It was a big gift and Colton grabbed it first to unwrap.  He was disappointed to say the least with what was inside.  In the end, Cannon ended up with the masher.  This year he brought it back.  Kailey wrapped it up and they said it looked like a rocket.  Colton got very excited about the rocket idea and took it again.  To see his face when he opened the potato masher yet again was worth the whole event.  We'll see what happens next year.

It was fun to be together, food was amazing as always.  Nicole brought a feast with her.  Cannon scored the best overalls in our exchange.  I really wanted them but knew they wouldn't fit me.  I should have taken them for our guest when they come to help.  We have had several opportunities to dress people up as they help us, these would have been awesome.  They fit Cannon perfectly, it was great.

Little Miss even sat with me for awhile. Cute little thing.

The morning of the 29th, Dave and I got up early to do temple sealing with the Smith's.  They had found a lot of names and it was good to do them all together.  I haven't done sealing in a long time.  We came back and did a quick clean up, then over to the Puzey party.

Blake has so much fun with Cadence.  He has become quite attached to this little girl.  We hung out and had some delicious food.  Cora got a call she had to run to, but it wasn't a long one.  She was home long enough to grab a bit before she had to be back at the fire department. Dave and I left the party a little early, we were sooo tired.  The next morning was a full breakfast and then Jared took the kids hooding.  Everyone really enjoyed that.  We then went to the church for some basketball and Nerf Wars.

My kids always love a good Nerf War.  There were so many bullets it was hilarious. You can't even see them all in the picture.  Blake had got a new gun for Christmas and loved trying it out on his cousins.

After a few hours at the church we headed back to Myrna's for turkey dinner.  It was very good.  There was a little delay in the turkey, which worked out good for Cora.  She got another call and still made it back to eat with us.  We then had a short concert and home to bed.  I love that we have so much family close to us.  It is always great to get together with everyone.