Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Our school doesn't usually do track and field.  I have always been a little sad about that.  This year they did a decathlon.  A few track events, a few field events and a few fun events like obstacle course and balloon toss etc.  I was a fun filled day.  And like any good track and field day we all got a little burnt.  I was in charge of the obstacle course.  Since I stayed there all day I did not get many pictures.  Cora came and helped after her exam and got a few for me.  The kids had a great time and came home with some ribbons.

Cora and I had a great time putting all the equipment from our event away.:)  Try as we might we could not roll the hoola hoops and jump throw it while it was moving.  We did manage to roll them across the gym floor.  We put them away when a teacher came in.  We felt like we had got caught.

Showing off the ribbons!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Siding the House

As many of us that were able got together this last weekend to side Myrna's house.  There were two sides that needed to be done.  On the way out we got a few pictures of the flood.  None of the pictures really do it justice and we did not get anything even close to what other cities did.  The damage here is crazy.  As I have said to a few people it really is amazing how fast something can happen and stores can be depleted.  Made me really look at my food storage and 72 hour kit.  It seems we have had a few practices with fire and floods the last couple of years.  But I digress:)

We started by stripping the old stuff.
The blue wood was a really fun job.  K not at all.
Then we started putting the new siding back on.

I asked Cora to get a few pictures for me at the end of the day.  Most of them were of Gibson, not the siding.  We all know where her heart really is.
It was a fun get together.  I had been praying for good weather and it was perfect.  Sunny, even a little to hot.  In the afternoon we got a bit of wind and some cloud coverage.  We all pitched in and helped bring part of the meals we had.  Blake stayed with us until about noon.  When he found out that we were going to put back on what we had just taken off he was a little deflated.  He thought the job was done.  He then proceeded to ride the quad with Emry the rest of the day.  Cora stayed with us until almost the end.  She then felt bad for Leah who was watching the 4 boys under 5 the whole day.  And went to help so she was not by herself anymore.  After that day and the diapers that Leah changed I promised her that I would never volunteer her to babysit again.:)

On the way home Dave took us another route to see more of the flood.  Here the kids are pretending to dive in.  They had lots of fun skipping rocks and throwing them in.  I have never seen ripples move down stream like that.  It was so fast then did not spread out just moved. There is a bridge under all that water.

It was a great day.  We got lots accomplished.  It was nice to get together and have my kids spend time with their aunts and uncles, grandma and cousins.  We missed the ones that could not make it because of weather.  But is was a beautiful day none the less.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Early Birthday

I always find it easier to have Blake's parties at the end of the school year.  This year he wanted to have a military theme.  We sent out the invitations a couple days ago.  Only half the people responded, but he had a great time anyways.
We started out with some boot camp training.  A few push-ups and jumping jacks etc.  Then they decorated the bags that they were going to put their loot in going home.

We had froze plastic army men in water filled plastic bags.  Then they shot water at them until they thawed.

Cora and Leah had set up an awesome obstacle course.  It went around the entire yard, back and forth.  They did a really great job.

Our next game was Wounded Soldier.  The kids ran down to the end grabbed the bandages and band-aids. Raced back and wrapped the soldier up then carried them back to the beginning.  Then do the next person.  I think the boys had a lot of fun doing this.

We opened presents then I did a popcorn buffet.  Blake doesn't really eat cake or ice cream. I popped lots of popcorn and had bowls of a variety of candy to put in the popcorn.  I was really excited about this buffet.  It did not work with 7-9 year old boys.  They FILLED the bags with candy not much popcorn and totally munched down. I was worried that they were going to be sick.  I will do it again sometime with probably Cora's age group of a party of my own.
After that there was only 10 minutes left.  The boys went back out to play on the obstacle course until their parents picked them up.  We were praying that the rain would stay away until we were done.  Rain began about 5 minutes at the end.  Awesome!!  It was fun.  Blake got some great gifts and everyone went home with a water gun and army men.  Plus bags of candied popcorn.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cora's Last Day

Cora's last day of official school was yesterday.  She has one exam everyday until next Wednesday.  So she brought home all her school stuff.  She went through her binders to see what she would need to keep to study and then if she didn't need something she threw it on the floor to pick up later.  This led to great fun.
Started out as raining paper.

That was quite a hit and went on for a while.

Then paper fights.

Even clean up she made a game.  Cora got a basket and they would shoot the paper in or make an airplane and try to fly it in.  They all had a blast.  She is really nervous about her exams.  Today is L.A.  Then next week is Science, Social, and Math.  Cora has really brought her grades up this year and wants to keep them there.  On the practice test for Math she got 91% and is hoping to keep that for the actually exam.  Dave gave her a blessing and she has been studying hard.  I have to keep telling her that part of doing good is rest also.  She can't stay up all night. I am very confidant that it will all go well.  I am glad that she cares and is trying so hard.

I can't believe the rain and lightning storms we have been having. Usually if Dave is home they don't bother me, because I think they are so pretty.  I wouldn't know what to do if the basement flooded or our tree was hit by lightning.  But if Dave is home I know he can take care of it.  Last night was different.  Even with him there I was quite nervous.  Especially when he decided to get on a ladder in the middle of the storm and clean out the eaves troughs.  Not good timing if you ask me:)  All was well this morning.  It was very hard to sleep through, we are all a little tired this morning. And the only flowers I did manage to have this year are destroyed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

A Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers I know.  Thanks to my dad for being so awesome and teaching me the way he did growing up. For always looking out for me. And for the continued love and support and guidance he gives me.  To my amazing husband.  The best dad I could have asked for to help me raise our children. The love and unity I feel with him.  The laughter and joy we have together. To a wonderful father-in-law that instantly opened his heart to me and would tease me unending.  That was kind and generous and concerned about every one around him. We miss you every day.  To all my fantastic brothers and brother-in-laws.  It is so great to know that we are all headed in the same direction and that no matter what my kids have cousins that are trying to stay on the same path that they are.  I enjoy being with every one of you and think I really have the best family in the world.  Feeling very blessed and lucky today.  May you all have a really spectacular day.  I love you all.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


We finally remember to take the camera the very last game of the season.  It was a relatively good one.  Only two really cold games, and only rained out twice.  He loved every minute of it and can't wait to play next year.  A couple of  times he was very close to a goal.  Blake would take it all the way down the field then not quite kick it hard enough to go in.  He was excited to go to practices and games.  Most times Blake would hop on his bike and go to a practice or an in-town game and we would meet him later for the game with chairs.  He thought that was great.

They did not win many games but sure had a blast.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The fun never ends:)

Saturday started early for us.  Dave wanted to be out at the farm by 7.  He and Jared had a few more things to finish before we could move cows that afternoon. I needed to pick up Rachel by 7:20 to make it to Ladiesfest on time.  So we got the kids up, they had had a sleepover the night before in the basement.  Ate, and did a few quick cleaning things before every one dispersed for the day.  My run went good.  Rachel and I kept pace together pretty much.  She did so awesome for it being a first run.  I still didn't get mine under and hour.  I was 1:04.  I will have to try harder next year.  Blake and Cora had wanted to come and cheer me on.  It was fun to have them at the finish line.  We then came home and showered. Switched laundry and headed to a work BBQ of Dave's.  They had a big Astro jump and a petting zoo.  A fish pond for all the kids and a playground.  It was really fun.  After we jumped in the same car and headed to the farm to move cows. Blake and Cora stayed with us and helped.  All Blake really wanted to do was whack a cow.  We got him a long stick so he could stay back a little bit.  Leah played with Emry.  She also got one VERY nasty diaper that she had to change. Cora was going to mow grandma's lawn but I couldn't get the mower to keep running.   The cow moving went fairly smooth and when we were done Dave got the mower working.  As we took the last load of cows down, Cora made us dinner, then they went out to finish the mowing.  By this time it had started to rain.  We were cold and wet.  Because the lawn was so long and lush it kept plugging up the mower. Dave opened the back where the bag is supposed to be and let it blow straight out. Cora was a little green to say the least:)  We got home late, but because of the rain, lawn, and cows everyone still needed to shower before climbing in their clean sheets.  It was a very late night for us (Sunday morning came very early) but the kids loved every minute of it.  It was a very fun filled day and we packed a lot in.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Leah's class was going on a field trip to the zoo.  I got the day off work and went with her.  I had to drive myself instead of riding the bus since I didn't find out I could go until all the spots were filled.  I didn't want to drive by myself and had free tickets we got last year with our airmiles that needed to be used before they expired.  So I pulled Cora and Blake out and they went with me.  I was surprised Cora said she would come since she did not even miss school when she was sick.  But she is ahead in all her classes and figured it was OK.  I was a little nervous to drive in Calgary.  I think we said three prayers:)  But the zoo is a pretty straight shot in and out.  Very convenient.

This is the shot Cora took shot from the Prehistoric part of the zoo.  We really didn't want to go in this section but Leah's group was going and we were there to follow.  So she took this picture and pictures of flowers.

This butterfly was as big as her hand.  So cool.
Blake thought this flower looked like a little banana

Since I had not had to buy tickets I decided to splurge and get them souvenirs.  Of course they all picked a stuffed animal.  Great!! Just what we needed. Cora got a snake and named it Avocado, Blake also got a snake and named it Sunshine, Leah got a penguin and named it Glacier.  As we were driving home, Cora was clicking away on her camera.  She then said ,"OK mom I have got it down to 85 pictures".  I have no idea how many it was to begin with if that was the number she got it down to.  We were able to take Leah home with us.  We stopped in Vulcan and gassed up and grabbed a burger.  Then we surprised Dave at the farm.  We didn't do much since we had not brought any work clothes and it was a little muddy, but we got to hang out with him for about an hour.  We then headed to YW and Activity Day girls.  It was a really long day, but we had so much fun and I really enjoyed the day with my kids.  I have missed those days.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I like

I like the new hair do that I found for my girls.  I call it the basketball do, because I think it would be perfect.  Out of their face but still cute.  I really wish I could french braid my own hair.
I like that almost everything I cook the whole family likes.  I don't have to leave bread and butter on the table for those that don't like what I made anymore and I can try lots of new recipes, which I couldn't just a couple years ago.
I like that my girls love 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'Pride and Prejudice' and many other, and we watch them together.
I like that one spot of sun that comes through really bright on a rainy day.
 I like that my kids love to play basketball and do puzzles together.  They love to draw and play board games.  It is not all about the video games and movies.
I like that Leah loves the radio.  Every day she turns it on.  And it stays on until she leaves.  I never listen to the radio.  Dave says that she talks about Jared and Kathy from the River like they are good friends of hers. And she can quote you any commercial.
I like the little morsels of coconut and mint goodness that Myrna sent home with Dave.  Although I view them as a direct sabotage on my week:)
I like it when Dave is home to cook breakfast in the morning.  I love bacon but hate to cook it.  I broiled the hash browns in the oven with some butter and they turned out crispier then ever before.  I will never look back.
I like it when my kids play with my hair. I could sit there for hours. They have realized this and will start to play with my hair and talk to me around bedtime so they don't have to go to bed. Just like Saturday morning chore when I was growing up😉
I like being with my kids and husband.  Can't wait for the week my sister and brother come up so we can all spend some time together.  I love that week.