Friday, September 26, 2014


I was thinking I had not updated for a while, then suddenly I had lots happen.  So I will do an update on new schools, YW, life, etc, later.  Blake and Leah had color day at school this week.  Blake's color was green and Leah's was rainbow.  Leah was required to wear at least 4 different colors.  They had a lot of fun choosing their outfits.  In fact I had it written down on the calendar for the 23rd.  Outfits were planned days in advance. At noon I glanced at the calendar and thought 'oh no, today was color day.  Leah is not going to be happy'  When I picked her up I mentioned this and she informed me that it had been the 24th.  The note had said Wednesday the 23.  I only say the 23, but they had announced it at school.  I thought Leah should get a personal prize it was such a great outfit. Blake's class won an overall school prize for having the most dressed up kids. 

Blake and Leah did the Terry Fox run on Thursday.  Leah was required to run 9 km and Blake did about 6.  On Monday they had just had a Cross Country Run also that was a few km long.  I manned a water station with another girl. (Happened to be Amber's sister)  It was fun to catch up with her.  

Cora's Terry Fox run was today.  We went up to watch her run.  She really did not want me to take a picture.  She said it made her feel like a 6 year old.  I told her I would give her a month or so to settle in, then I didn't care and I was taking pictures again.  At her high school they had Terry's brother, Fred, come and speak with them last week.  Cora said it was absolutely amazing.  Loved his speech and slides.  I had never heard of an actual family member coming and thought it was really neat.

Blake and Leah don't have school on Friday's.  Yep.  Ever.  Unless Monday is a holiday.  I find this very irritating.  Not sure how we are going to make it through the next 5 years.  Actually if Cora had them off maybe it would be OK. But anyways. So this morning we are up as usual at 5:30.  Leah is just slightly less then impressed that I was making her get up when there was no school.  Both younger kids were told the could go back to sleep right after scriptures.  Leah promptly left.  Blake was quite awake.  We got Dave off, made Cora's lunch and had breakfast with her.  Got Cora off, then were trying to stay quiet to not wake anyone up.  (Myrna was watching Rachel's two boys)  I decided to read in my room.  A few minutes later Blake came in like this.  He said he was going white water rafting.

He wanted to go on a Sunday and was sure that Cora's friend Meghan had done so.  Not sure why he wanted to go on Sunday.  He asked me what religion she was.  He promptly decided that is what he would be for the morning and that he would say a prayer on the raft.  He then sang 'Praise the Lord, Oh Praise the Lord.'  This woke Leah up and she decided to join him.

Leah was in charge of the fishing.  She said she caught a 'bull' fish.  I was seriously laughing so hard.  They went white water rafting for about 45 mins.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dump Run Fun

I am not exactly sure why, but my kids love going to the dump.  Sometimes I really think they are strange kids. :) But I love that they can find joy in the simple things.  Cora has found some tire that she thinks will be perfect for a fort at the farm.  They are massive tractor tires and she was sure that we could all just pick them up and set them in the grain truck. One run they each found a perfect new bike.

You can't see in the picture, but Cora's also has no seat. Just a nice pokey bar to sit on.

Blake could not decide which fabulous one he wanted to claim.  Our last trip to the dump, Emry came with us.  The girls had a great time showing her all their great finds.  (Of course we leave them there) We usually have one girl drive to the dump and the other drive home. Emry really wanted to have a turn.  She assured me that her parents would not care at all.  I felt bad to disappoint her, but didn't think that was my call to make.  So I just let her drive a short little bit through the yard, she did not even use the gas pedal, but still so excited.  I wonder what 'treasures' await our next visit.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crazy Lady in the Store

You know how sometimes you go shopping and there is one crazy lady in the store that you think, 'oh man, I can't wait to go home and tell so and so about that one'? Well yesterday I was that crazy lady.  I had some pumpkins seeds that I had decided that if I got some white chocolate and dried cranberries, it would make a very delicious bark.  I went to Bulk Barn to get my white chocolate and beside it was this. (Look closely)

Amazing white chocolate chips with red sprinkles in it.  It said red sprinkles, but looked like candy cane pieces to me.  I opened the lid to get a closer look and was hit by a wave of Christmas.  Seriously! I was so excited. (If you have ever tasted the Candy Cane Hugs that only come out at Christmas time, then you know what I am talking about).Usually I am very determined about not getting into Christmas until after both Thanksgivings and Halloween.  This I could not resist.  I immediately thought I needed them in my hot chocolate, and in my Nutella cookies, and plain, and to just smell.  I put a couple scoops in and ran to show Cora my find.  I made her smell it.  Just a disclaimer: I smell everything before I eat it.  Smell it so important to me in food.  Later at the counter a lady that had been walking by when I showed Cora was right in front of me.  She said that she just had to ask what I had found since I was so excited.  So I showed her and opened the bag so she could smell it also.  She had two sons standing there and they wanted to smell also.  So I let them.  Cora and Leah said that I was  embarrassing them.  I was acting a little crazy. I pointed out that at the very least I had given them a story for the day.  Once in the car we tasted.  Kita would have been very proud of my Mmmms and Ooohhs.  Then Cora said I was right.  They are so so good.  I have thought of all sorts of things to do with them, but am trying not to, I probably shouldn't eat treats EVERY day.  I could use a whole case of them just for my family.

Friday, September 12, 2014

School Pictures 2014

I finally  made it to the spot I have wanted to take pictures in for the last three years.  It was a long drive and I kept putting it off, or things would come up.  But this year I said enough was enough.  We packed a picnic and went up just a few days before school started.  After we did a little walking around and had some fun.  Warning: there may be a LOT of pictures.  But really this is only part of them.

Leah has new glasses ordered.  They came in after we took these pictures.  I will have to do an update for you.  She really wanted to have the new ones in her pictures.

Cora was upset that her shoes would not slide.  She really wanted to do the splits on these pillars.

Crazy photo bomb.  I did not even see him there for a few pictures.  I was so concentrated on getting the shot. Then I totally burst out laughing

Happy School Year 2014/15

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Calling

Yesterday I was called as the Young Women's president of our ward.  The call was issued to me our very first week in our new ward.  I was a little surprised that is was so soon.  I have actually kinda known that I would be in YW for a month or so.  Kinda felt it would be president, but then I thought that would be crazy, how do you pick councillors in a ward when you don't know anyone.  I was sure I was feeling that wrong and it would just be somewhere in the YW's program.  The bishop actually apologized to me when he issued the call.  Said he knew is was quick but they had been waiting for me and felt they needed to do it right away.  Just one more reason that you know this calling is from the Lord.  I have only served in YW for a few months back when the girls where very little.  They were 1 and 4.  I am a little nervous.  There is so much to do in YW, and so much always going on.  I have 5 girls,  Two are my own and one more coming in in October.  When she comes in I will have 2 Laurels, 2 Mia Maids, and 2 Beehives.  Keeps it all nice and even:)  They are a really fun, great group of girls.  I have been studying the manual and looking for lots of activity ideas.  I am nervous about making sure Blake does not feel like I am neglecting him.  I will have to make sure to spend extra one on one time with him. There is lots to plan and learn and do.  It was encouraging that when Leah and Cora found out they were both really excited.  Better that then them groaning.  I will try my best, work hard, and study lots.  I feel I have chosen good councillors.  Now I just really hope that one of them likes to camp.:)

Friday, September 5, 2014

A New School Year

I wanted to do something a little extra special this years, since they were all going to a new school.  We had a back-to-school dinner.  I tried to stick with the school theme by naming all the food school type names.  I am not super clever at things like that.  For example, I had wanted sandwichy lunch type food, so we had grilled cheese, which I called 'cheesy science experiment'.  I think the kids still had lots of fun.  I had looked all over for big brown paper bags. I thought it would be fun to serve each dish in a lunch bag.  Apparently they are pretty obsolete.

Dave gave all the kids some really nice blessings for FHE that night. He got a little choked up with Cora.  Later I asked him what had gotten him with her.  He just said something about having so few years with her left and she is such a great kid.  He blessed Cora that she would be herself and not afraid to show people who she is, that she would find her way around and that she would be happy with her grads.  Sadly I don't remember specifics of Blake and Leah.  Cora went last.  But I do remember thinking they were just what they needed.

Nobody wanted me to take a picture of them getting on the bus the first day.  I stood at the window and waited for them to come home.  Then I hijacked them:)

Cora is doing well.  She has some funny stories and is getting to know people.  Blake is loving it.  Said it was the best school ever because they got to eat their snack outside.  Leah really likes her teacher and has a few people that she tells stories about.  I am still wondering about how this will go for her.  She said there were lots of nice girls. But is seems not quite there yet with her. I am watching, trying to read the signs. Only time will tell.  Everyone is really enjoying our new ward.  They are all so welcoming, friendly and nice. Cora is loving seminary again.  We are off to a good start.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Just a quick update:
1.  Last day of basketball camp, Cora came home with a jersey she had won for most improved player.  She loved the entire camp.  Said she learned so much.  In the end she was
-Most Improved Player
-2nd in Layups
-2nd Fastest
-3rd in Foul Shots
-Had learned to get a few 3 pointers
-Really improved her defense
-Can dribble between her legs. (She was wicked pumped about that one:)
-Learned some great offense
-And so much more

2.  I am still learning to use our new computer.  Last night Dave taught me how to get pictures on it, but have forgotten the camera cord at the other house.  I have a few posts but will have to update when I get pictures down loaded.

3.  First day of school.  The kids got their first bus rides.  Cora is picked up at 7:35.  Blake and Leah at 8:15.  Of course most days Cora will be at seminary and not take the bus in the morning.  I actually cried sending a kid to school today. Never done that before. It was so hard to send Cora out that door, to a school where she knows no one, doesn't know where classrooms or lockers are.  Or even the office to ask.  She was the first one on the bus, which made her nervous.  I seriously felt like the worst parent in the world to put her through that.  When I paid her school fees she seemed to be OK.  Dave told me to have faith in the Lord and how he guides her and to have faith in our daughters ability.  I guess this is a little letting go for me.  Blake and Leah where both very excited.  Couldn't wait to get on the bus.  Leah had a little drama about the outfit she had wanted to wear.  Had planned it months ago. (She really does do that.  She is my typical girl that will have all her clothes on the floor and bed and claim she has nothing to wear.  Crazy!) But had forgotten one piece of the outfit at our old house.  It was devastation to find something else for her.  When I check in on both of them Blake seemed great.  Leah not so much.  I will have to figure that out when she gets home.