Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Puzey Fair

It had been a long tiring week.  When Dave and I both finally got home Friday night the kids had made a surprise for us.

Blake made signs so we would know where everything was.
Leah did the 'Price is Right'  She had a few items out that she presented and we guessed how much they cost. Cora did 'Wheel of Fortune' but didn't get pictures.

Blake did 'Make it Up'. We went to the garage and built thing with supplies he had set out.

Next was a concert. They all sang songs and played some piano numbers.

After the girls gave me a little mini spa treatment.  Blake and Dave read stories in bed then we all went to sleep.  It was another late night but very enjoyable.  The kids had put a lot of work and preparation into it and were so excited to do this for us.  It was very nice, but the best part for me was knowing that while we were gone instead of getting on the wii or watching a movie they had got along and worked together to do something nice for us.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Crazy Week

This week we have all felt at rather lose ends.  Not really connected.  Started Monday at 6 when we got up to read scriptures before Dave went to work.  I then went about my day until about 3ish when I got a panicked call from mom.  She had fallen and hurt herself quite bad.  She is on crutches and waiting for further x-rays therefore could not stay with Natalie while Mike was away. Cora and I ran out and picked up Leah from badminton, dropped her off with Blake and did a quick grocery shop. Tuesday I took the kids to school and headed straight to Natalie's.  Spent the day there with her and her kids. She also took Benjamin to the Dr.  I left about 3:30ish.  Just as I was getting to town she texted and said that the doctor had called her back.  I called Cora when I was leaving and had her make us all a lunch to eat after piano on the way to YW.  When we ate our lunches Cora had written a nice note to all of us on our sandwich bags.  Of course we were late getting home from YW because they go so long.  Wed when I called my sister she was in the hospital.  Had been all night.  I called into work, said I wasn't coming and spent the day with her there.  Got home just in time to make dinner before an Insurance guy came to our house.  Dave swooped in 10 mins before he got there.  First time we had seen him since Monday morning.  The kids all got in and did the dishes and swept the floor as we talked to the guy.  Blake made Dave a lunch.  He had A LOT of salad for lunch the next day:)  Dave then sat with the kids for 12 mins before they had to go to bed.  The next morning he left at 4.  I dropped the kids at school, went to work, picked them up early, ran dinner to Natalie since she had to stay another day, and went to Cardston for dental appointments.  Back home for dinner and sewed a poodle skirt for the spring concert next week. Today I work all day.  I think Dave is coming back late tonight. (He has really enjoyed being there when the calves are born, he only did a few last years) Cora has a 2 hour meeting after school.  Saturday Leah has an all day music retreat, we are doing a family service project for a lady in our ward, Blake has a make up soccer game, and then adult session before stake conference.  Mixed feelings about going to the farm to live.  My kids will obviously see their dad WAY more.  22 mins in a week is not much.  I will be nice to see him when he comes home to change and at meal times. But I will also be farther away from my family and will not be able to just drop and run when needed.  Even though it is really sad to see the little boy under lights and in an incubator, I enjoyed spending the time with my sister. It is funny how you can go weeks and all it calm then it all seems to hit at once.  Next week will probably be calm and quite again.  My sisters husband is back so he will be with her and Dave's brother is back so he will help with calving.  Funny they both went away the same week for work related stuff.  Like I said Crazy Week.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Phone Cover

Saturday I went out with the Puzey girls.  Minus Lalainia because of the weather.  We celebrated the end of our 8 week challenge.  Rachel did a fabulous job and won both the weight loss and total points.  We went to Earl's.  Best chicken fingers EVER!!!  Then went to watch Safe Haven.  Even though we missed Lalainia it was a fun afternoon out.  I enjoyed getting together and chatting with them.  When I got home Cora had a surprise for me.  She had made this cover for my phone.  I thought it very cute and she did a great job.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Interesting Sunday

It was quite snowy this morning.  Dave decided to get all the kids ready early and take me to my meetings so I would not have to drive on the roads. They did well getting ready with only 45 mins notice.  Everyone was showered and beds made with teeth brushed.  While I was in my meetings Dave reviewed his lesson and the kids set up the Primary room for me.  In the meeting we discussed cancelling church and decided against it.  One of the bishopric members was sitting beside me.  He reached for my paper and wrote me a note telling me that my nursery leader and music person was not coming.  After that the list started to grow.  In the end I had my secretary, (who travelled an hour to get there) 2 teachers and my piano player.  I sat in the back of the chapel during sacrament meeting and watched as everyone came in. Wrote down kids and teachers that were showing up.  On just a side I found sacrament meeting really great.  Usually with our ward, like most I am sure, there is a few breaks and lulls while we wait for people to get up.  Today there was 57 of us there.  It was steady and Dave and I were commenting on the way home how peaceful it was and how much we felt the spirit today.  There was no breaks just one followed another.  It was a really nice meeting.  Then off to Primary.  I had it announced to have everyone please meet in the Primary room to figure out a course of actions.  The two teachers very willingly took other classes. (Which ended up being a class of 2 and a class of 5.  Then 2 nursery kids)  My Sunbeam teacher took the Nursery.  The pianist did all of the singing time and we had a longer Sharing Time.  I had no kids that were assigned there for closing exercises so we just skipped it.  But as things always do in the church, it all worked out.  It was quite and all the kids were so reverent and so good.  If Primary was that reverent all the time I would want to stay forever.  Every kid was well behaved.  We even brought Nursery in for 20 mins of singing time.  It was great.  I know we were blessed today for making the effort.  When we came home the roads were only wet, tons of snow but the road were fine. We ate dinner and we went in to see Natalie's baby.  Such a tiny little thing. And so cute.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Leah really really wanted Scrabble for her birthday.  I wasn't sure they would play, but found it at Superstore for $10 and decided to pick it up.  In the last week since her birthday we have played almost everyday.  We played during conference sessions, and at night time.  When I say, 'if you can get your rooms clean and ready for bed in 15 minutes we will play a game of Scrabble.' It gets done every time.  The box says 8 and up but Blake is really good at it also.  They have chosen Scrabble over a movie, DS and Wii.  There has been a little Jenga and  little Speed, but mostly Scrabble.  I guess it was a great idea after all..  Last night they started talking about playing with Grandpa Puzey.  Cora and Leah remember playing with him.  Cora said she thought he had an official Scrabble Dictionary, so of course the kids think they need one too.  If I every find on I will probably pick it up for them.  I have enjoyed this time spent with my children.  I treasure it while I still can and they are still willing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Like Father Like Son

Blake made many Lego creations during conference.  I know I am a little slow in posting.  But this was my favorite, because of the idea behind it.  He said it was Blake and Dave at work building grain bins.  On one desk is a blueprint for the grain bin by the office.  I think it is cool that he wants to be just like his dad, no matter what he is doing.  I love that they have hard hats and their own desks.  They even have a water cooler in the corner.  I love it.

Over the last couple of years I have been collecting pictures of things I want in my house someday.  Cupboards I love, flooring, etc.  A few days ago I found the whole complete kitchen in one picture.  It is beautiful everything I have been looking for.  I can't explain how it was an AH HA!! moment for me to see it all together.  Last night I finally had time to sit down with Dave and show it to him.  He said, 'Are you serious?  I really don't like that at all.'  I was so sad.  Now what am I supposed to do?????  He said that I could do whatever I want, but do I make him live in a house he hates, or find something that I am just settling for?  Maybe when he sees it all together he will like it.  I dunno!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy 11th Leah

Leah had wanted to have a design party.  But I couldn't figure out how to do that and keep everyone interested. She also loved the idea of an American Girl party.  We took them both and had a Maplelea/Fashion Birthday Party.  She invited 4 friends.

Cora and I put this up the night before Leah's party.  We then went downstairs and watched a movie.  When we came back up it had ALL fallen down.  We were not impressed.  The next morning, Blake helped us by handing us pieces and tearing the tape for us.  Her party ended at 4:30 and this fell again at 4:55.  I think someone was praying for my decorations.  Leah loved them.

A side note for anyone that has repinned the cupcakes in ketchup cups.  It doesn't really work.  They looked really neat, but ended up being the same size if you would have just made mini ones.  And they didn't open well. The kids had to eat the cupcakes with a spoon.  But if you still go ahead only fill them 1/3 they rise alot.  I had a mess.  The cups were a big hit.  Most girls had a full ring of chocolate on their faces when they were done.

Ryan helped peel the oranges.  My kids still hate the feel of sticky orange peels and would prefer that I do it.  I thought it hilarious that he just sat there and slowly peeled.

I was glad that Natalie and her boys showed up so Blake had someone to play with during the girl party.

To start the party they made party hats for their dolls, then autograph books signed for them and the dolls.  We then had chocolate milk, cupcakes, oranges, and chips.  Next activity they designed outfits for their dolls and did a fashion show.

It was then time to take the girls home.  We had a few other things planned but didn't have time for them.  All the girls were going to make headbands for the dolls (Leah decided to finish these and take them to school on Monday for the girls). We were going to play musical chair with the dolls sitting on the laps, and Cora drew an awesome picture that we were going to use for pin the flower in the dolls hair.  Even though we didn't have time for it all they seemed to have a great time.

Here is Cora's picture. I thought she did a great job.

After all the kids went home Leah opened her presents from the family.  I found a great site that sells clothes for her doll this is about 3/4 the price.  We got her a little outfit from there and she really wanted Scrabble, plus a few little things. Cora is in the middle of making her gift, but needed Dave's help and so is not quite done.  I will post that when completed.

We ate spaghetti, Leah's favorite meal and had some quiet time. She said it was a great birthday. And we celebrated all day.

As Natalie is due soon, Leah was asking me when her due date was.  I told her she was 10 days early.  She heard wrong and thought I said 10 months early.  Cora thought that was quite the phenomenal feat to be that early and was laughing.

Happy Birthday my girl, you are quirky and extremely witty.  You can accomplish amazing things when you want to and on your time only.  You love your siblings and love to play with them, but also very much treasure time by yourself.  You are a joy to us and we love the testimony you have and freely share with others.  We love to watch the person you are becomings.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Break

Cora organized the Easter Egg Hunt.

Then Leah gave us an FHE lesson on the creation and we went on a nature walk.

The kids' collection of ladybug's.

I had to work all day Tuesday.  When I got home Leah and Cora had done this wonderful surprise for me.

The sign says Employee of the Month

There were a few different things to choose from as main course, appetizers etc.  My menu had a dessert menu saying I was not allowed to have any since it was not my treat day:)

Leah also made spaghetti.  This was a delicious double layer jello.  It looks beautiful in the bowl, but didn't scoop out to nice.  Cora was disappointed.  The whole thing was a great surprise and yummy, and I didn't have to cook.  Such thoughtful kids I have.  I was very impressed and they all worked together to get it done.  Blake made OJ ice cubes and brought all the stuff up to have a picnic outside.  Wonderful day!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I decided to take the kids to Great Falls over the Easter weekend.  I thought it would be fun if the trip was a surprise.  Thursday while they were at school I packed a suitcase and some games and hid it all in the car.  Friday we got up and had breakfast then told the kids we were going to go for a drive and wanted them to come with us.  They kept asking us were we were going.  We would only answer yes and no.  It took them about an hour to guess the destination.  It was really a lot of fun for me.  I had decided to play a secret agent game on the way.  I made up these 'mission' cards and handed them one each hour.  Everyone really enjoyed the trip down.  All of them kept telling us that this was the best vacation ever.  Such deprived kids that a surprise trip is so exciting.

No one got sick, the kids all got along.  We went out for dinner and swam for a long time.  While the kids and Dave were swimming I walked over to Barnes and Noble and then to Smith's and stocked up an some items we can't get here and then joined them later. I find it a little funny that Kita comes up and get Quaker Oatmeal muffin mix and I go down and get Krusteaz muffin mix.  You always want what you can't have I guess.  The kids got some clothes for summer and swam again the next morning while I used the fitness room.  Then of course we had to hit Fuddruckers before leaving town.  That is one of my favorite restaurants.  It would not be a shopping trip with out me getting a pair of new shoes:)
Saturday when we got home we started a bunch of laundry and did a quick clean up of the house.  Cora and I watched the YW broadcast at home while I switched and folded laundry. It was a really great session.  We  then set the table and went to bed.  We had invited the Puzey clan to come for Easter dinner.  I was a little nervous since I had never cooked a ham and didn't want everything to be not cooked or to cooked and dried out.  It seemed to work and I had a wonderful time with everyone.  We played some games and spent time together.  Atwoods were not able to make it down because of their church time.  Blake was so disappointed.  He had no one to play with:( 
Cora loves to make place cards for events.  These were really fun simple ones.  There was white and brown bunnies and chicks.  Everyone brought something delicious to eat and the kids played good.
Happy Easter!!