Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Concert

This year the school did 'The Grinch'.  It was fun doing Leah's hair.  Although it did not survive the night.  Barely survived getting in the car;)  The kids did great on their songs and I think they had fun.  Blake said it was very embarrassing, but he never told us why.

At noon we have Dave's work party.  Tonight is the Champion Christmas Party.  This is always well done and we really look forward to going to it.  I can't believe that Christmas is so close.  Last day of school for the kids today.  Blake and Leah had Christmas parties Wednesday and Cora is watching a movie in the gym today.  Then off for two weeks.

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  1. I thought the concert was so cute, but needed to flow better. Too many long breaks to get the kids set up. I went in the afternoon with all the kids and that made it long for them. Everyone looked so cute in their "who" hair and outfits. Can't believe Christmas is in two days :)