Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Past

It is that time of year again.  Next week the Christmas cards go out.  Nicole found a great deal awhile ago on cards and told me about it.  So I have had my cards addressed and stamped, ready to go for three weeks.  I know, a little crazy.  As I was getting them ready I started looking at old Christmas pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.  Some taken at Christmas time, some used for something at Christmas, whether  a card or tree ornament etc. Wish my earlier photos where digital so I had them all on the computer.

Puzey family Nativity.  Cora was the narrator.  Thought I better explain that hat.

Kids made yet another fort during Christmas break.  I think this one stayed up for the whole two weeks.

We make an ornament for Grandma Puzey's tree every year.  This is still my favorite from all we have made.  I really wish I would have made a set for me each year at the same time. Kinda late tho.

I really wanted this photo changed to all black and white expect the red we where wearing.  I thought that would be so neat.  But I have no cool programs.

I love this.  Taken as part of a session we had originally planned to use as our Christmas Card that year.

Sometime we have had multiple parts to play in the Nativity.

I thought and planned about this card for a year. (I usually do) Lots of sewing and lots of prep for this one.  Dave was gone so much this year that we had to come to him to get a family picture.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Girls Day. (Sorta)

 A few years ago, Myrna taught us all how to make fondant.  This way we could all make some in our homes and bring it the day we make chocolates.  Less work for her, she was making ALL of them, a huge job, and we could carry on the tradition. This year as the day got closer I started thinking, most of our kids are in school and we aren't too terribly far away from each other.  So I asked my Sisters-In-Law if they thought they could possibly swing coming for a day.  I knew it would be at different times and not a long day, as some would have to be home to pick up kids from school.  To my delighted surprise they were all able to make it.
I set out fruit and a hot apple/orange drink for the morning.  We got quite a few batches made.  Myrna started before the kids were even gone.  Then everyone else trickled in when they could.

I did finish setting the table :) I just didn't want to forget to get a picture.

For dinner I made Tish's potatoes, salmon, Spinach/Mandarin/Poppy seed salad from Best bites and Mel's White chocolate mouse vanilla bean cheesecake.  To drink we had Kita's Juicy Sprite.  It was all very tasty if I do say so myself.

After dinner we continued making fondant.  Lalainia need to leave first.  I forgot until the very end to get a picture of the two new little cousins together.  It will be so fun to see these two grow together and see their different personalities develop.

We got almost everything done.  It was a fun day.  I am so glad they all made the effort to drive and spend the day together.  It was kinda like having a girls day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tiny Branch

When Dave got called as a High Councillor, we planned on going on assignment with him when we could.  One place we wanted to go to for sure was the Branch.  We usually attend their sacrament meeting when we are on our way through for vacation.  This time we wanted to stay for the entire thing.  It was amazing how tiny is was.  There was 25 people there.  That included the 5 of us. (I think there were a few out in the hall)  Dave had early morning meetings before hand.  We needed to get up at 5:30 in order to make it. While he was in meetings the girls worked on their family history booklets and they all did some exploring.  It really was the neatest tiny church ever.  The kids enjoyed meeting other people in the stake.  We had heard that they did a potluck after on High Council Week, since they are so far away.  We had brought a salad just in case. After we could smell delicious smells, but still were not really sure what was happening.  Then one of the presidency said they usually have potluck but the only thing people had brought were meat and a dessert.  Dave told them I had a salad and they thought that was perfect. I had brought some Christmas Oranges for us to eat on the way home if we weren't staying.  I also got those and peeled and sectioned them.  It was a great little branch.  It was fun to see how you can make things work even with a small number.  On the way home we stopped at the falls.  They were so beautiful.

We got home just in time to have a quick bit to eat, then I took the girls up to Bishop's Youth Discussion.  This was the first one in this ward.  I was so glad that they all attended and had such a great time.  I was very happy to sit in the car and read a book by myself.  I had just spent 4 hours in a car with my children.  Being by myself with a book was awesome. :) I took some hot chocolate and a blanket.  The girls had such a great time.  We have such great youth.  Made it home just in time for bed.  Blake and Dave watched a movie while we were gone.  What a fabulous Sunday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rememberance Day

I have always felt it very important to make sure my children know exactly how they were free to make the choices they make. To remember and respect the fallen soldiers, navy officers, fighter pilots, and the veterans  of all that are still with us.  I want my kids to appreciate and never take for granted the sacrifice so many made for us. What I failed to think about was the soldiers still doing it.  This year at the school's Remembrance Day program they showed a short film set to music of many soldiers, in WWI and WWII, but also many out right now.  I am so thankful to all of them.  Thankful to those that leave their families so I can stay with mine.  Thankful for all they gave so I could live in a free country.  For guarding the land I live in and for fighting for me.  Seeing that film really put a new perspective on it for me. They laid down their life so I could live mine.  Thank you.  Thank you. For all you did and all you still do.  I remember and am teaching my children to remember.  I honor each and every one of you today and every day.  Thank you.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things

I had kinda had a bummer morning.  We looked at the weather forecast and realized that our cement pouring window had closed.  Dave assures me there is still a very long list of things we can accomplish with out the cement, but the major downside is that if our house does ever sell we don't know where to store our stuff.  We had always planned to put it in our garage.  I know, be patient, have faith, I am trying.  We ended up separating and castrating cows yesterday.  Working with cows is one of my favorite things and it did cheer me up.

Leah took all the photos for me.  She had gone back in the house to switch her glasses and I asked her to grab the camera.

This looks like we were just watching Dave do all the work:)

The kids got right in there. Blake was a little nervous but they had fun.  I think a little nervous is healthy. They worked all day. We started about 9ish and were done at around 6.  We took a lunch break and worked on the house for a few hours while Jared got some more castration bands.  Then back to cows.

Cora's favorite kitten is Shadow.  This is not Shadow.  

Leah loved herding the cows into the squeeze.  She did lots also but had put the camera away.

It was a fun day.  Nice weather. Working with my family.  My favorite thing.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Photo Contest

We didn't win.:(  Last spring Leah entered a photo contest.  The prize was $50 certificate for Maplelea stuff.  The magazine finally arrived in the mail today, after much anticipation.  Sadly she did not win.  We were kinda rushed and I wasn't quite sure what to say about each picture.  I think they are all great ideas of shots.  Leah knew exactly what she wanted to do.  She had a lot of ideas, but you are only allowed to enter 5.  She may be to old to try again next year.  I think she wants to try anyways to use the rest of her ideas.  There is still a spring magazine, so I guess she could still have a chance, but I am assuming they would contact all the winners at one time.  Oh well.  She had fun. Here are her entries.

I think the this last on is my favorite.  Since we were not exactly sure what they were looking for, we tried to get action, historic, great scenery, and holidays.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Plus

Saturday night I had taken the kids down so Cora could meet Meghan for a movie.  We almost didn't go.  We heard there was a snow storm coming in and I didn't want to drive home in it.  But by this time she was half way here.  Its a 4 hour drive for her, and we found out it was the only reason she was coming.  At that point it was just raining and we thought we would be okay.  Coming home was scary, we crawled.  We almost stayed over, but it was still just above 0 and I thought it would be worse in the morning after it had frozen.  Good decision.  There was way more snow in the morning, church was cancelled and we had power out for 12 hours.
We played lots of board games, had sandwiches instead of the roast we were looking forward to, kids built some snowmen.  The house didn't get too cold.  Made me very thankful it wasn't -30 outside, that we did have stuff to eat, and that no one was sick that day since we couldn't flush toilets.  Also very thankful for the people that worked all day in the snow to get the power back up again.  Electricity seems like such a little thing until you don't have it.

OK so Halloween.  Usually the kids Cora's age don't dress up.  It was usually just her and her friends.  She decided to go as a low key Batman.  When she got to school she found out that here they go all out.  Cora is excited for next year.  Blake's hair is way to long.  A few weeks ago Dave suggested his hair looked like a mop top and that he should go as Paul McCartney for Halloween.  Perfect costume.  Didn't have to do a thing.  I still haven't cut his hair.  I am hoping to have a free hour on Wednesday.  Leah chose months ago to be a bumble bee.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  She drew it up, picked out the supplies and I sewed it.  All easy costumes this year.

When Amber found out that Blake would be trick or treating by himself with Dave, she offered to take him. He had fun and Dave kept working on the house.  He got lots of candy again.  Blake has been very generous and sharing with all of us.  My mom had seen a poster saying Beyond 5 was coming back.  They had hit a lot of high schools in the area last year, and she thought the girls would like to see them again.

Mom took us all out for Marble Slab before hand. It was a good concert.  Mom and I sat at the back and chatted and laughed at all the hysterical girls.  We were wondering why they even had seats.  No one sat in them most of the night.  And lots of screaming.  Obviously you go to a concert to see the performers not hear the songs.  Silly me:)

Beyond 5 is a good group.  You can tell they really enjoy doing what they do.  Four of them are members and two just got mission calls.  They do not do church music, just good clean music.  Also they said they were not in it to make money and fame, just to get good music out there.  After the concert they meet every person and signed anything you bought.

Cora and Leah had each gotten a baseball shirt and had that signed.  The rules were: Only one thing.  Keep the line moving and No pictures.  One of the singers, Tanner, has jammed a lot with Brock.  We finally convinced mom to go up.  One boy was going to Scotland on his mission and mom has a seminary student that she thinks the world of that is there.  She talked to him a second then we moved on to Tanner.  When he found out we were related to Brock he was so excited.  Kept saying, 'I love that guy.'  He broke the rules and insisted on getting  picture with the cousins so we could show it to him.

The stage managers were not happy with us.  We didn't break the rules, he did.  But I was glad to get a picture anyways.  (Actually I didn't.  I can't find the flash on my phone camera and they had turned the lights off so we would leave.  Thanks Abby for the picture.)  A great way to spend Halloween.  We stayed over to get some equipment early the next morning that Dave needed for the house.  Dave and Blake had a sleepover and got up at 5 to keep working. They had a great breakfast and spent most of the morning together until we got there. 
Oh and in case anyone is wondering, I have fixed my tiny screen problem.:)