Saturday, October 13, 2012

WOW!!! She is a Teenager

Cora's birthday sunrise.  She was sure that was sent just for her.

We started out the day before by having all her friends come for lunch.  She really has a great group.   I made beef dip.  Cora had wanted me to make these really great cupcakes that Amber made once, but I tried and they didn't work at all.  So we ended up having just regular chocolate cupcakes.  When she got to school on her birthday all her friends yell Happy Birthday together and they had written all over the board wishing her the same.  She said a lot of people and teachers also came in and sang to her.

Cora had got a few gifts early, and she has been enjoying them for months.  We got tickets to go to the Calgary Temple open house on her birthday and Grandma Puzey came with us.  Before we left Grandma gave her a beautiful carrying case.  She will be able to pack and go on youth outings and what not.  Cora loved it.

We then headed to Calgary for the open house tour.  It was amazing.  They all loved it.  I was looking more at the architecture and ceilings then anything else.  It was great to see what Jason has been working on.

I have no idea why this is croocked.  Just turn your head:)  Jason had mentioned earlier that he had something for Cora.  We decided to meet at DQ by their house after the temple and have a little celebration. (Dave decided that morning to go out to eat first also)  When she opened her gift she was honestly flabbergasted.  She just sat there and stared at it for a minute.  Jason has been working on the temple, he has been doing the gold leaf amongst other things.  This is an original template that they followed when doing some of the painting.

Jason added the temple and Angel Moroni and the words.  Dave's phone would not take a good picture with the lighting, but she was so excited.  It was by far her favorite gift.  She felt bad about picking a favorite, she usually doesn't, but there is so much meaning behind it and she couldn't belief Uncle Jason would think of her like that.  It is beautiful and something she will treasure always.  Next time anyone visits me make sure you check it out. It was a very late night but a great birthday.


  1. What an amazing gift! I'm sure she will treasure that always. I've also seen her wear those cute boots before:) She really is an amazing girl!

  2. Such a sweet girl. I'm so happy she enjoyed her present - her Uncle was happy to make it for her. We appreciate the good examples all your children are to our boys.