Saturday, January 26, 2013

I would love to do/have/see

This is no way a I-want-to-do-before-I-die list.  Most of these are impossible either because of expense, practicality, or the biggest one FEAR.  I am doing this a day early since I will be gone all day tomorrow. I have early morning meetings then we are headed to my parents house for dinner. It should be a great day. OK here is this years list.
1.  I would love to visit every temple in the world
2.  I want to visit every state, province, and territory in North America (except defiantly not Mexico)
3.  Go skydiving
4.  Have a personal hairdresser.  I have no idea how to do my own hair.
5.  Have a personal seamstress and shoe maker.  I would never have to fix a pair of pants again. And all the awesome shoes I see, I could just get them make for me.
6.  See Ireland, Scotland, England, and Australia
7.  A world trip with my family, the kids could learn and see so much
8.  Not get sick on a roller coaster
9.  Ski without being petrified the whole time
10.Go caving. (Way to claustrophobic for this one)
11. Play the violin
12. Get Leah to understand that when you take off a pair of pants, read a book, etc put it away immediately and it will save her grief after.  Chores will not kill us.  And everyone has to do their part.
13. Do the splits
14. Sew amazingly
15. Knit and croquet
16.Learn a second language
17. Sometimes I would like a personal chef.  I actually enjoy cooking, but sometimes it would be nice to come home to a hot meal, I would probably eat healthier, and I would not have to make all the decision about what to make. (Cora is making me breakfast as I type this, maybe that is the same thing, yesterday I came home and Dave had a hamburger already for me with my avocado and spinach smoothie)
18. I would LOVE to be able to draw.  That is one talent I really wish I had
19. Always know the right thing to say to my kids when they ask a question
20. Have beautiful penmanship
21. Have my kids fly on an airplane for a vacation
22. Be a good gardener.  I can't keep anything alive and I am terrible at weeding.  I really don't think we would have a garden or flower if it was not for Dave.
23. Visit Prince Edward Island
24. Run a 8 K in under an hour
25. Go up in a hot air balloon again
26. Drive down the coast to California and visit everything along the way.
27. See the giant Red Woods
28. Have a photographic memory
29. See the Statue of Liberty
30. Do the Tower to Tunnel 5 K run in New York
31. Write a cookbook
32. Write children's stories
33. Have my husband and kids see Africa
34. Take my family to Germany and see where Dave served
35. I want to be able to lay down on the ground and do a sit-up straight to standing like she does in Soul Surfer, that is my abs fitness goal.
36. Not come in last this year at the Fort Macleod triathlon.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fantastic Fourteen

I knew awhile ago and found it amusing that Dave and I would not spend our anniversary together.  He is trying to be more helpful at the farm and Tuesday is his day to feed cows.  Also that day is our piano/YW/Activity Day Girls day.  YW and AD was cancelled because of final exams which meant we only had piano and I didn't have to work yesterday.  Well work at the post office.  I made a couple batches of bread, cinnamon buns, pizza crusts, buns, cookies, and oatmeal bars to freeze.  Deep cleaned the shower, Tahoe and Little Greened my stairs, and did laundry.  Dave called me about 1-ish.  He said, "I wasn't going to tell you this, but I think I am going to have to.  I talked to Jared...."  I was really worried thinking what in the world does he need to tell me.  Turns out he had talked to Jared about the feeding and he was staying home to take me out for our anniversary.  He laughed when he heard I was nervous he had not meant to do that at all.  Just before we left for piano, Myrna came by with a quick hello and a gift for us.  Very thoughtful of her, we will put it to good use.  Thank you.  Dave met us at piano and took everyone out to eat after.  We then came home and had our cinnamon buns and the kids gave us the best present.  Apparently since Christmas, while we are both working, they have been working on this little number.  They sang and had actions to the 'When I'm 64' song by the Beatles.  This was by far the best yet.  If you are ever together with my 3 kids you really should get them to do it for you. (Unless you really don't want to of course:)) They had Dave and I laughing and clapping.  So good and fun.  Dave and I then went to see Les Miserables.  They only had an 8 o'clock showing and we got back late.  We had got the tickets online before hand and it was a good thing because we were 40 minutes early and barely found a seat.  It was a wonderful day and even better since I actually spent it with my husband.  I can't believe it has been 14 years but I also can't believe that that is all it is.  We are so in sink it just seems like we have been together always.  If that makes sense to anyone.  Here is to another fourteen thousand, or so, years.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

HIGHLY Inappropriate

HIGHLY Inappropriate 

Setting:  Early morning in the kitchen
Characters:  Mom, Cora, Leah, and Blake
Cora: Mom, can you get me a sports bra?
Mom:  Oh yeah I guess we should.  Leah did your new bra's fit or do you need a different size.
Leah: No, they were a little big and I don't like the bow in front.
Mom: Can you girls go run and look at the sizes you need so I can put it on the grocery list?
Blake: (puts his spoon down and sighs)Mom!!  I am a 7 year old boy.  I do not need to hear about my sister's bras and underwear.  That is not appropriate.
Mom: Sorry Blake I did not know that offended you.
(Girls come back up and give their sizes. Leah asks about the bow and if we can cut them off)
Blake:  I am trying to eat here. I don't want to hear about it.
Mom: Just a few weeks ago you ran around the house showing off your new underwear because you thought is was so cool.
Blake: (eye roll)
(A few minutes later)
Leah: Mom, I think Blake plugged the toilet.
Blake (big sigh of exasperation) Really guys that is highly inappropriate.  HIGHLY!

Today in church Leah turned to me in a panic. She wanted to know if she was allowed to take the sacrament.  My first thought was 'my word why not?'  I realized she was talking about her retainer.  I guess we are still getting used to it.:)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Look at her go....

Cora had a home game last night.  They won by 42 points.  Kinda a runaway.  Cora made 8 points, had awesome steals, great blocks, fabulous assists, and had a blast.
Waiting during the JV game for hers to start.

She made this basket.  Drove right down the middle

I think this is hilarious.  Reminds me of Pippy-Longstockings.

That is her in the center.  She made that shot also.  Dave said she has excellent court awareness.  She can see the whole area and moves to were she is needed.  Last year she had a couple of players that wouldn't give her the time of day, this year they are consistently passing to her and she catches everything.
I took all these pictures with Cora's new camera.  Such a dream.  Maybe if I save all my extra pennies (while building and paying for braces:)) in 20 years I can buy myself one.  Loved it.  And I barely delved into what it can do.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Braces Update

Don't worry I am not going to give you and update on Cora's braces everyday for the next 18 months:)  She is doing well.  The inside of her mouth where it rubs is sore, but not to bad.  We have been having soft potatoes and things that she can chew easy.  I bought a ton of yogurt for her.  I figure it's got calcium, protein, good bacteria, and it is soft.  Win win.  She is eating mandarin oranges, cucumber, and croissants.  So she is getting enough to eat and stuff from every food group.  Leah has said her teeth hurt quite a bit.  I think that Cora inherited my high pain tolerance and Leah certainly did not.  Leah is still talking with a lisp and sounds funny but she will get used to it. Now they have to brush their teeth at school, so I made them these little carrying cases and got travel toothbrushes and toothpaste.  I figured that nobody wanted to see the toothbrushes and a plastic sac doesn't breathe.  The girls were very happy with their little surprise.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


All my kids now have some type of dental band.  Blake got his a couple months ago.  He had two teeth that needed to be pulled and because the adult teeth were not coming in for a while they put a spacer in his mouth.  You can't really see it but it attaches to his back teeth like braces would then the band goes around the inside to keep the teeth from falling in til his teeth grow in.
Leah got her retainer yesterday.  It has a little key (like Ashton's) that we will turn once a week.  This is to move her front teeth in.  I was told she will most likely still need braces but this will cut down on later work significantly.

 Here is the design she chose.  She wanted something that would blend in but still have a little fun

And Cora got here braces.  They aren't to bad so far.  She is finding it a little difficult to eat but her gums are OK right now.  I am sure the next couple of days will get worse before it gets better.  She has lots of games and a couple of tournaments in the next few weeks, so for her elastics she asked for school colors, red and yellow.  I thought that was awesome.  I guess you are looking at every night out or movie or fun extra that may have happened in my life over the next year and a half.  And think my insurance is paying almost half.  I have no idea how my parents did it with no insurance at all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy 41

As promised here is pictures of Dave's birthday.  It was fun to see him open his presents.  And of course we enjoyed the cupcakes immensely.  This is the conversation I had with Dave when I went to take a picture of him opening his presents.
Dave:  You aren't going to take a picture of me opening them are you?
Me: Yeah
Dave: It is the same picture every year
Me: You don't get the same things, I want pictures
Dave:  A 41 year old man does not need his picture taken when he is opening presents.  It zaps the fun right out of it.
I didn't take pictures.:)
Saturday we went skiing.  It was a beautiful warm day and lots of great snow.  Dave has deemed that the bunny hill is beneath us now.  So except for the first 2 runs and the last 5 (where I went to the bunny hill) runs of the day I pretty much spent the day in fear.  Two hills he even apologized saying he didn't know they were that steep.  Probably because they aren't to him.  Blake is a trooper and wants to try everything.  He even when over a few of the jumps and moguls with Dave.  We forgot the camera in the car, so here is my only picture of the day.
Blake is a little ticked because Dave pulled his hat down for the picture.  He likes to wear it really high on his head.  One run we were going up the lift and there was the hugest bang.  We looked all over to see if we could see the avalanche but it was on the other side.  Dave said it was a cannon.  We could see the big smoke afterwards.  Another lift my leg fell asleep on the way up.  Never had that happen before.  Think of how are it is to walk when you leg is asleep.  Now think of getting off a ski lift and going down a mountain.  That was interesting!!  On the way home we were both disappointed that we hadn't called Jared to let him know we were going.  I told Dave I was going to facebook Amber and just let her know and he said that he was going to text Jared.  It was a last minute decision but still would have been fun to have them there.  Next time we will have to call.  It was a fun day and I am proud of my little skiers, they have soooo much fun.

Friday, January 11, 2013

This and That

We have the most beautiful snow again.  Driving the kids to school today I just count myself lucky to live in this wonderful part of the world.  I am free to drive my kids to school and make my own choices.  So far they are all making good choices and have good friends.  My house is cozy and warm.  I need to not be so selfish and wish for a bigger house and more room.  Really I am very blessed.  I need to enjoy what I have while it is here.
 Dave has been getting up at 4:30 or 5 in the morning to get done everything he needs to.  I don't know how he keeps the hours he does.  We have made cupcakes for his birthday today.  His favorite, chocolate with whipped cream in the middle and chocolate icing.  Sunday we are having Panko chicken for dinner as he requested and next Friday we are going to Firestone (we got a certificate for Christmas) to celebrate birthdays.  The kids and I got him just a few little presents to open tonight.  I guess at 41 birthdays just aren't big blow out parties anymore. :(
Cora has got her donuts in her teeth and they are moving nicely.  She is not in pain anymore so hopefully she will get used to the braces quickly.  We get them on next Monday.  Because of the snow her last basketball game was cancelled.  Cora was very sad.  She is loving basketball now.  Which of course makes Dave and I  ecstatic.
Dave and I also started coaching Leah's basketball team this week.  I have missed coaching and it is really fun to do with Dave.  He is so great with kids.
Blake has made a new friend in school.  I am really happy with this choice.  A guy in our ward got remarried and his new wife has a son Blake's age.  They really get along and he lives right around the corner from us.
That is just some of the updates from our family this week.  I will have birthday pictures for you soon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Aaaand We're Back

Back to getting up early, making lunches, and school.  Back to YW, piano, and basketball.  Back to dental appointments, homework, and choir.  Back to running around, band, early bedtimes, and (sadly we didn't do to well over the holiday) scripture reading.  At least I try right???  I wish I could pick and choose the days that I had things on.  Like if the kids are fighting and need to get out then they can have a couple hours of school, or send them to basketball.  But if we are tired and feeling lazy it could be a stay at home day.  Wouldn't that be nice.  I thought it would be hard this morning to get them all ready, but we were early and even read 4 chapters this morning (3 where short).  All lunches made,showered and beds made.  It went way smoother then I had anticipated.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Day

I have been trying to sit down and write this for a couple of days but haven't had the time yet.  So here we go.  New Years Day was fabulous.  We slept in a little and then Dave worked on more building permit stuff as Cora, Blake, and I did a little spruce up of the house.  We then got ready and went to Champion. It was a really nice time there.  Rachel was not able to make it and we missed her.  When we first arrived we chatted with Jason and Lalainia and Myrna for a while.  The kids where outside playing and it was nice to have some quite time.  Jared then took all the kids but Leah hooding.  They really enjoyed that.  Jared always comes up with fun thing to do with the kids and seem to enjoy being with them.  Leah was not feeling well.  I thought for a while that she might have the flu again but it turned out she was just VERY tired and VERY hungry.  Dave and I finished the catwalk around the crowding pen.  We then had a great dinner.  Dave loves sour cream enchiladas and I rarely make them since he is the only one that eats them.  It was nice for him to have that treat.  We then stayed at Amber and Jared long past the time we were welcome I'm sure:)  Dave had taken the telescope out and it was a perfect clear night.  But we enjoy being with the Puzey's and spent to much time chatting.  By the time we went home it was too late and we were too tired.  We do that every time.  It was a lovely day and a great start to a new year.