Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day...

I have desperately needed to replenish my frozen meal supply.  I finally had a free day Saturday and started early.
14 pounds of ground beef and 3 hours resulted in 11 frozen meals and 2 desserts in the freezer.

I am so glad that my mom taught me to be a 'clean cook'.  I can't imagine doing all that work any other way. Cora got home from baptism around 10:30 (we had dropped her off at 6:15 that morning) and she got right to work helping me.  We are set for a little while again.

I re pinned this from my friend Melissa and thought it would be so much fun.  We taped this sign on the inside of the garage door, so Dave would see it when he got home.
We each stood outside with our own bag.

Then attacked.

It really was fun.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Irrational Fear

I don't like night noises.  I especially don't like noise at night when Dave is not there.  Why do the vents or fridge sound so much more bangy and clangy, sinister and intruder-like at night?  I am sure every night that someone is breaking in.  That is not rational.  My kids make a noise during the day and I barely notice, at night I am sure they are suddenly sick and are going to throw-up on the carpet.  That is not rational.  Wind during the day is annoying, but at night I am sure the tree is going to blow over and squish us all like bugs.  That is not rational.  I remember as a little kid having to run down to the shop to get the engraver for our school supplies.  In my mind this was never remembered to be brought up when the boys were coming anyways.  That was some of the scariest moments of my life.  Dave talks about going down into the basement of the old house for potatoes and just standing in the far corner to master his fears.  Not I. I still run up my basement stairs as I turn off the light.  I will never walk down a back alley, even if it is way shorter.  I will not let my kids walk around town at night unless both Dave and I are with them.  I don't like driving at night by myself.  I always check the back seat of the car at night in case someone is waiting there to grab me.  Sometimes noises keep me up at night.  Yes I have a very irrational fear of the dark.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of Music

Cora had a really great fireside yesterday.  It was one of those days were we really did not want to go.  We had soooo looked forward to staying home and just being with the kids after our ongoing week.  But of course we went.  Wayne Burton was the speaker and he talked on the Power of Music.  It was really well done.  He had a lot of great points and things for the kids to think about.  He gave a little talk then moved to the piano and sang some songs.  He mixed these in with scriptures and thoughts.  He talked a little about what inspired him to write each song.  Some he sang with youth from the stake.  One part of a song I thought was really neat.  It goes:
' But then you lift me higher, where I can see
The light burns the darkness away
The tears that I cry will be diamonds someday
And each time this world has me down on my knees
I'm becoming the one you created in me.'
That really struck me as powerful to become the one that God created.  He then talked about working to reach our potential.  He then quoted the last verse in John.  I don't have my scriptures right here but it was something about Jesus doing so much good work that they could not write it all down, it would take up to many books.  I thought that neat.  I have always wondered why there was not more about the life of the Savior since it is such an important thing.  I wrote the scripture down so I can mark it.  Wayne had 10 songs that he played the first few bars of and we had to guess what they were.  The winner got a prize.  Of course we didn't stand a chance because we don't have a TV or listen to music very often.  Little by little either Dave or Cora would know what the tune was.  Theme from Cheers, Folgers coffee commercial, Mario Bros them music, O' Canada, etc.  President Steed spoke after and did a great job like always.  During the refreshments they asked who had got all ten.  We half-heartily raised our hands thinking there would be tons.  There was only 3 of us.  Cora went up front and the prize was a book of sheet music of Wayne's.  The other two he took their emails so he could give them a link to download his music.  We thought it was so cool that we won.  It was a really great night.  I was wishing that Leah and Blake could have been sitting with us, since I was sure they would have enjoyed it.  When we went to get them from the room they were in, turns out they had turned on the speaker and listened to the whole thing.  And they had enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Hat & Tiara Spirit Day

Dave made Blake's hat for him.  We tried really hard to find my cane for Blake also.  Leah was so excited to wear this dress from the dress-up box to school.  Fun Spirit Day this month at school.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fun! Fun!

It has been a couple of years that Blake has refused to wear a little kids tie with the zipper and clasps.  It has also been a couple of weeks that I have been thinking he should learn to tie it himself.  Today after church Dave gave him a few minutes of instruction.  He did it many times by himself.  He did a single Windsor and a double Windsor.  Blake was so excited.  Look what a fantastic job he did.  This is also a tie that he got from Ty, so we liked to say, Blake tied the tie he got from Ty:)
Cora and Blake built this snowmen to welcome Dave home after a day of skiing.  It was such a beautiful day the kids spent quite a while outside playing in the snow.  And Dave had a great ski day.  He said it was perfect conditions.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Reading Dave's journal has turned out to be an amazing experience.  He has often told us stories about his mission but we now get to see the struggles as well.  Which I think is important for us to see how he overcame them.  Somethings I ask him will prompt long discussion at meal times with the family.  Also Blake and Leah have had a renewed interest in their journal writing now that they see why it is important.

Leah had another eye appointment yesterday.  We were VERY pleased with the results.  It seem her bifocals are working.  There was barely a noticeable change.  He isn't 100% that it is the glasses, could be a hormone change as she is at that age or they are just slowing down.  But whatever I was really glad to hear that things had slowed.  I was a little scared.

Student Led was this week.  Leah is doing extremely well.  The only thing her teacher had to say was that she needs to speed up her work and not get so distracted by other.  When she does get it done it is always fabulous.  I wanted to tell him that if he found out how to change that please let me know,  I have been trying for 11 years.  Blake is also doing amazing.  Seems there has been some trouble with the boys in his class.  His teacher said that he is not apart of it.  I am so glad he has found a good friend.  Friends really influence us and I am pleased with his choice.  His reading is still up and they have had him start to do Grade 3 Math and Writing.

Cora came home the other day extremely pleased.  She had to the highest mark in her class on a test.  That makes 3 in a row.  All between 87 and 91%.  When I think of all the struggles we had with her.  And everything we did to try to help. Sylvan, Success Maker, Reading help at school, etc. Nothing seemed to work.  Then this year she has just seemed to figure out on her own how to overcome that block.  She works really hard and stresses about it a lot but she is doing it.  We have gone from wondering if she was going to fail every year to highest marks in the class.  AWESOME!!!.  She said her goal is to get Honors with Distinction this next report card.  She has worked so hard I hope she gets it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Awesome Husband

Last night for FHE Blake was conducting.  We sang the song and said prayer then he turned the time over to Dave for the lesson. Dave said,'What? I have the lesson?'  So he decided to have the kids each ask a question about the gospel.  Something they didn't understand or had been wondering about.  Then we all discussed it.  This turned out to be an amazing experience for me.  They all had great questions and when we discussed them it was wonderful to see the understanding and knowledge that the kids do have.  We did this for about and hour then had to shut it down for bed.  I think they could have gone on forever.  You can see that Personal Progress and Faith in God have really strengthened the girls' testimonies and helped them find answers.  I was so grateful for their young testimonies.

Saturday morning the kids were trying to figure out a way to spend more time with Dave.  They thought maybe driving out to the farm one night also but they have commitments most nights.  They do take turns going out on some Saturdays with him.  But decided that they would be willing to get up a little earlier if he woke them up before work.  Just a quick hug, good morning, have a great day so they could see him.  This morning Dave got up to leave at 3:30am.  That was a bit too early.  We may have to rethink this:)

There is a cartoon I found on Pinterst that totally made me laugh because it so describes Dave right now.  I couldn't figure out how to upload it.  There is a small piece of coal(the kids) looking up at a bigger piece of coal (the mom).  The mom is pointing at a beautiful diamond with a tie on.  She says 'Your dad has been under a lot of pressure lately' ;)

I was looking for something to read the other day when I came across Dave's journals from his mission. I asked if he would mind if I read them.  He didn't but thought I would find them boring.  I am really enjoying reading them.  He talks about his ups and downs and  the experiences he had are great.  There is some German in it that I have to skip over. I remember my mom telling me that she read my dad's missionary journals.  It really has been fun.  I feel like I am getting to know a bit more about him which is weird after being together for so long. Sometimes I remember the story he has told me before.  I think it would be a great thing for Blake to read before his own mission.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Under a Blanket of Snow

Saturday morning Dave got up early to go skiing.  We did some house work and exercised then about 11:30ish Dave walked back in the door.  We were so excited.  We did feel bad that his ski day didn't happen because of the wind but were so happy to spend the day with him.  The kids haven't spent as much time with their dad in a whole week as they did on Saturday.  It was a great day.  We even got some long over due projects done on our house.

Sunday we heard there was a storm coming.  Going to church it was just starting.  On the way home it was pretty frightful.  At times we literally could see nothing but white.  Our window wipers iced up and we drove very slow.  It took us quite a while to get home, but were very thankful when we did arrive safely.  We then spent a quiet day under the blanket of snow.  So thankful for my warm cozy house.

Blake asked Dave to play Lego with him.  The poor kid was shocked when Dave said yes.  Lately when he is home he is going over farm budget for hours or trying to catch up on much needed sleep. (The guy really is spreading himself thin, but so badly wants to give his kids the farm life that he had.  Where is my great-aunt Tilly???)

Cora had seen these Techno Tickets on Pinterest. Each Sunday the kids get six 30 min tickets and two 15 min tickets.  That is all the get for the week.  Parents reserve the right to say no if chores aren't done or to close to bed time etc.  Cora thought it was a great idea.  She was looking for things to do and surprised us all by making this.  She also took most of the pictures.

Apparently Blake and Leah are ghost hunters and are saving the world.  This is their secret hide out.

My piano bench done.  Thank you Mom and Kita for picking out the fabric and bringing it to me.

Quiet time reading.  Often on Sunday's everyone will get together in the front room and just read their own thing.  That is some of my favorite time.  I love that my kids love to read.

That is what is looked like for hours.

Around 8 the snow had stopped blowing and Dave went out to shovel the walks.  Of course everyone needed to help:)  When they were done he called into me to grab my boots, it was a beautiful night for a walk.  It truly was.  Not to cold, hardly anyone out, and loads of snow.

This weekend has been a much needed dad time one.  Dave is such a great father and husband.  He has so much on his plate and not much we can help him with.  But we cherish every moment we get to spend with him.  We live in wonderful country and I enjoy the weather (as long as I don't have to drive).  Thankful for so much.  My kids are growing up fast and will soon be gone.  I only have 4 years left with Cora.  That kinda makes me sad.  She is a very special girl.