Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dental Appointments

We had no cavities this year.  YAY!!!  (Cora and Leah have never had one.)  However it is still going to be an expensive year.  They sent forms away for Cora for pre-approval for her braces.  As soon as they get mailed back and we have a quote then she will get them on.  Leah is on pre-approval for some thing (I didn't really understand) that will start to move her top front teeth in and fix her overbite.  I was told this will lessen her orthodontics later.  And Blake is going back to have a spacer put in where he has lost a couple of teeth.  What is the saying if you are going to do it do it big:)  The roads were awful.  I almost cancelled.  I knew it was going to snow, it does every time I go to Cardston for dental appointments.  So expect snow next Thursday when I go back:).  I decided to brave it.  We drove pretty slow out there but except for 10 mins on the way home the roads were clear and dry.  While in town we picked up hankies that have Calgary Temple on them, picked up my blueprints, and visited my Grandpa.  It is so sad to see all those people that don't have a clue what is going on.  Grandpa is always upbeat and making conversation.  I think it would be so frustrating.  We had packed a lunch because we were supposed to met the youth at the temple for baptism, but they ended up cancelling.  When we got home Dave had made dinner for us and finished shoveling the walks.  It was nice to spend and evening with him at home.

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  1. I'm glad you got home safely - the roads were awful yesterday. Good luck with all the dental issues - we're going to have our fair share around here as well :(