Friday, February 16, 2018

Grandma is going on a mission....

It was a while ago that Myrna stopped to see us and tell us that she had decided to go on a mission.  We were all so excited for her.  Cora was a little jealous, she is not very patiently waiting till she can go, but still so happy for Grandma.  Myrna started working on her papers and seeing what type of missions were out there for single sisters.  And then she broke her knee.  :(  This set her back about a year.  She was finally healed and ready to sent in the papers.  We waited with anticipation to see where she would be called.  The day came, the letter was opened.  Called to the Montreal, Canada mission.  So exciting, but not leaving for 6 months.  Another long wait.  Myrna decided to use the time to learn some French, among other things.  The much anticipated day of her non-farwell arrived.  Lalainia and Rachel had wanted to put on a meal for their mom, so we all got in and helped with that.  There was a very nice turn out and good food.  As the whole family was there were took advantage of the opportunity and took some family pictures.  We had planned to do so, but got busy with food and clean-up.  No one was left but all the Puzey's and bishop.  When he came to say he was leaving I asked if he would mind taking a few quick pictures for us.  He as very accommodating.  We got a ton of pictures, I think a lot more than Myrna wanted to take.

Myrna had not been feeling well and was a bit anxious about the flight.  When she went to get set apart the Stake President decided to set back her departure date a week so she could get better before she left.  The next week we went down with her to get set apart and the morning after most of us headed off to the airport.  She got all checked in.....

..said good-bye to everyone...

....and off she went. 

Dave and I had decided to stay in the airport till she was on the plane just in case. 
We waited the two hours, Blake starving the whole time because I had left the lunch in the car.  He left us know often how hungry he was.  We got the text that she was on the plane, feeling good and excited.  We downloaded the flight tracker and then headed off.  Too soon it turned out.  The flight was delayed on the tarmac for 2 1/2 hours with mechanical problems.  They ended up deplaning everyone and rescheduling flights.  The first one Myrna could get was Tuesday.  Lalainia came and got her and she stayed up there until her flight.  Tuesday rolled around, on the plane, another 1/2 hour delay and finally she was off.  We were so glad to see that flight land safely in Salt Lake.  Such a long anticipated wait for her to go on this mission.  We have heard that she is loving it so far, long full days, but it is going well.  We are so excited for her and this opportunity and all that she is going to learn and do.  And the service that she is going to give.  What a great example she is to her children and grandchildren.  Looking forward to seeing future Instagram posts and reading her emails.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Stuck in a ditch

Leah had quite the adventure yesterday.  She was supposed to have her last*game.  It was the farthest drive of the season.  Dave had come home just after lunch saying that the roads were awful and that there were semis in the ditch everywhere.  Also my parents, who live close to where the game was to be held, said it was not nice at all.  So I started texting coaches to see if game was still on.  I was told that one coach was very comfortable driving and so they were going to go ahead.  At this point I almost pulled Leah from the game.  I really really did not want her on that bus, but they told me that if condition got bad they would turn around.  Sure enough an hour into the drive I got a text saying they were coming back.  Later I found out that they did not turn around because of road conditions, but because an accident closed the highway.  Otherwise they would have Kept Going!!  Not pleased when I found that out.  I was told that they would drove Leah off at Blake's school so I didn't have to go all the way up to the high school and Leah would text me when they were close.  At 4:45 she said they were 20 mins away.  I had to pick up Blake from archery anyways and decided to just wait in at the school.  Half hour later, Leah still has not shown up.  She called me just after that and said they were still 20 mins away, they were stuck in the ditch.  They were 2 km away from dry roads and a semi came around the corner, hit the ice and jack knifed right at them.  The bus swerved to get out of the way and went into the ditch.  Luckily we had packed Leah a ton of food and she had taken a blanket and a portable charger.  For the next 2 hours we thought about going to get her, but at first they said the school division was sending a bus and that I wasn't allowed to because they were accountable.  Later the other coach said she was my daughter and I could do whatever I want, which is what I thought in the first place.  As we got ready to go Leah said the RCMP was there to pull them out.  Another bus couldn't come because of the highway closer. So again we waited. RCMP could not get them out so finally Dave and I put sand bags in the Tahoe and off we went.  At this time it was 6:15 and it was starting to get dark.  Half way to the bus, Leah text again and said they had just closed the road.  They were not letting anyone else drive by bus, the had had a few close calls with traffic coming around the corner.  We could get 1/2 a km away on both sides of her but couldn't get her.  It was so frustrating to be so close, we could see her and could not get her.  Finally Volker Stevin sanded all around them, dug out the tires, and pulled them out.  As we were sitting at the corner, theydropped Leah off with us and we finally made it back home.  2 1/2 hours those kids sat on the side of the road.  Leah said as everyone's phones started to die they actually had a lot of fun because they started talking and singing together.  We made it home at 7:30, had a late dinner, then I sent a text to youth leaders saying I was sorry but I guess my kids were not going to make it that night.  Just to find out that it was cancelled anyways.  Leah does not have a data plan so we had no idea.  I'm so glad I did not drive back into town before I found out.  It was a long evening.  I was so thankful we were all home and safe together that night.  We read scriptures and went to bed exhausted.
* last away game, my computer won't let me fix that for some reason.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

League Champions

Blake's basketball season is over. He really loved playing and is excited for next year.  His team did really well and placed first in their league in the final tournament.  He did not play as much in the last few games.  His feet were really bugging him.  After taking him to a Dr. we know that he has plantar fascitis and is being referred to a podiatrist.  We hope to get it all sorted out before soccer starts.
Blake enjoyed getting to know his teammates and made some friends that he will get to go to high school with.

He is so proud of his medal.  It was a good last game.  He really has an amazing coach.

Congratulations boys!!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fun Packed Weekend

Cora got some time off work and came down to see us.  We were so excited, it had been way to long.  She left early in the morning so she would be able to come to Blake's basketball game with us.  After we grabbed some groceries.  They were all so happy to be together.
We stayed up to late talking when we got home.  Blake had school and Dave had work the next day and they were both tired.  But didn't care.

The girls and I just hung out until about 3 when Leah's friends arrived to get ready for the stake dance.  We had pizza and they curled and straightened and screamed and laughed.

Those are all horrible pictures, but it was all last minute.  They had a fantastic time at the dance, while Cora, Natalie and I went to see The Greatest Showman again.  It really is better the second time.  We picked up the dancers and listened to many fun stories and tales all the way back to our car.  When we got back we had a little shock.  Someone had shot 5 bullets into her car.  Back window, driver's window, and small window on back drivers side were all shot out.  Plus the trunk had been shot at.  We decided because of all the glass, Natalie would bring us home, very out of her way and we really appreciated it, then Dave and I went back the next morning.  We call the police when we got home.

The plan had always been to go skiing on the Saturday.  We got up early to get the car, but by the time we got it all dealt with and back it was almost 9.  That is usually when we like to be at the ski hill.  It is a long drive.  The kids quickly got ready, then Dave felt like he needed to stay at home.  Since it was the first time Cora would get to go this season, the decision was made for me to take them.  I was nervous and scared on the roads, but Cora said the skiing was perfect.  My parents met me at the ski hill and my mom surprised me with cupcakes.

We finally made it safely back home. We ate super fast.  Blake stuck a candle in some rice krispies we had and they all sang happy birthday to me.  We then went into the church to set up for the next day.

Sunday Dave and Myrna spoke.  We had a nice dinner after and got some family pictures.  Coming later.

That night we were all in bed when Cora came in and plopped herself down on our floor.  The other two quickly followed.  They laughed and talked, quoted movies, and  told stories.  It was so fun to see their enjoyment of being together that is was hard to make them go to bed. We knew Cora only had a few more nights with us.

Blake had mid-terms the next day and so finally the fun had to end.

We packed in as much as we could in the time that she was down.  And loved having her here.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Very Belated Post

I was talking to Cora on the phone this morning and something came up about pictures.  Which led to me saying something about one of my favorite pictures of her.  She didn't remember what I was talking about so I was going back through my blog so I could send it to her.  That is when I realized I never did blog her grad photos.  From 7 Month Ago.  Seriously!!  So here is an extremely late post because I want it in my journal books when I print this out.  Some fun, some quirky, some behind the scenes.  She had wanted Natalie Toone to come and take them, but we never seemed to get a date that worked.  Here you go, a ton of pictures from last June.

This is my favorite because I love her eyes.  She doesn't like it because she thinks her cheeks are chubby.  Oh well.....

And one from January a year ago.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Birthday and Basketball

Dave had a birthday!  After Blake's games we stopped at the Keg and used our gift certificates to have dinner.  Lucky Blake got to tag along with us for dinner and shopping.  Birthdays are very low key for us.  But we got a free dessert and it was pretty tasty. Not much to say about that, Dave really doesn't want much fuss.  It was nice to just watch a game and have a nice meal together.
Leah wasn't able to come with us.  I would have had to take her out of school way to early.  She has madly been finishing projects, games and then over the weekend was a tournament.  It was grade 8/9 tournament.  Leah was there to ref and score keep.  Blake to score keep and support his team. (He is in Grade 7 so didn't play this time)  It was a long two days, we got home late Saturday and finally Leah was able to start her talk for the next day.  She worked on it until midnight then up again early to put finishing touches on before church.  She did a great job.

Blake started out the season a little nervous.  He was worried that he would never be able to play well.  Then a few games ago, it just clicked with him.  He was so excited.  He has had many baskets in each game and his dribbling is really coming along.  As he improves his teammates are more confident in him as well and they are passing and trusting him more.  It is really neat to watch.  Blake has a really great coach.  Dave and I love how he coaches these boys.

All of his games are in January.  Then his final tournament is the first weekend of February.  Leah also has a tournament the same weekend, and the following.  Leah has had a few games, but she will be going strong in February.  Most weeks she has 2 games, practices, and a tournament.  She has been starting so far this year and doing awesome.  She is top re-bounder most games.

Her physio is going awesome as well.  The therapist was very excited about her skiing with out her knee braces and wanted her to try a practice without.  It also went well.  No pain during or even the next day.  Maybe we will be brave and try a game next.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Snow Fun!!

Just a whole lot of fun pictures from before the kids had to go back to school.  It was not to cold and we took advantage of it.  Emily had a hooding party.  Everyone loved it.  They stayed out until it was dark. Then had hot dogs and watched a movie.

We finally got a ski day in.  We had several planned but weather conditions were not good.  I am sure we drove Nicole crazy.  Levi was meeting us at the hill to ski with us and we kept changing our plans.  The day we did go was perfect.

Then is warmed up enough for Blake to build his snowman.

It is getting colder and snowy again so this snowman may actually last a while.