Saturday, June 28, 2014

American Girl Doll Party

Since the moment Amy arrived, Leah has been planning an American Girl Doll Party.  She made up invites and planned activities.  The only thing I did was snacks.  They had a really fun time.

Leah, Katherine, Andi, Alex, and Sarah-Ann.  Alex is from France, staying over here for a few weeks with Andi.  She was fun to talk to.  Didn't say much, but a really nice girl.

That is an amazingly big bowl.  I filled it up twice.

All ready for an American Girl movie.

After the kids got their chores done today, I deemed it a family day.  Sometimes you just need those.  They read in the tree for a while, and played with chalk forever.  Set their 'pool' back up and went for a walk.

Cora was so high up I could not get a picture of her.  To many leaves in the way.  The kids have asked several times if there was any way we could take this tree with us.

I did some deep cleaning in prep to have people come see the house.  We are getting closer.  One of the jobs was to clean up my sewing pile.  Cora got this John Deere material months ago and I finally got her pj bottoms done.  Goes perfect with the shirt she got from Kita.

Tonight everyone plans to watch a movie and I am going out for a girls night with my in-laws.  Looking forward to that.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Schoooool's Out....

Last day of school today!!  Cora finished her last exam yesterday at 11.  The Grade 6 class went on a school camp this week.  Leah didn't want to go, so she hung out with me and helped me be a parent volunteer on a field trip with Blake yesterday.  Today was what I have started calling 'Leah's Non-Grad' and the Elementary final assembly.  I understand the Grad thing.  Moving from one school to another.  So in our case there is a grade 6 and not a grade 9 grad.  Cora had a grad in grade 6.  We have been making plans and getting ready for Leah's when we found out that they were not having one this year.  Disappointed.  There was to be a short farewell as part of the assembly to them.  Leah was devastated just a few days before hand thinking everyone was getting a new dress for the non-grad.  I finally told her I would take her shopping, but gave her a limit I would spend, since I thought it was ridiculous to buy a new dress for 10 mins on stage.
We found this one on sale for one dollar under the limit and it is just BARELY long enough.  Here is Leah all ready for her non-grad.  Blake was very anxious to attend the last day as you can see.:)
Leah had to write down her favorite memories and what she wished for in the future. She mentioned a favorite teacher, Mr. Preb, and memories of school mall, and kindergarten.
Cora made a banner for the first day of summer.  She also hung the chains around the entire front room.

I love how Dave always sits right down with the kids and reads their report cards with them.  I always just read them then say 'wow, that's awesome' or some such.  Dave will call them in and have them go over it together.
Blake's teacher told me today that she had put him down for the writing award.  They receive $10 and a certificate of achievement.  She was then told that our school doesn't give writing awards for Grade 3, just the older classes.  I thought it was nice that he would have received that.  He is an excellent speller.  100% on every test this year.  I don't even think he studied once.  He certainly did not get it from me.

Cora gets her report card Monday.
We received a call from the High School a few days ago, to let us know Cora was getting an award at the ceremony tonight.  We were asked to make sure we could be there.  We had no idea what she was getting.  

She was awarded the Ladies Auxiliary Junior High Scholarship Award.  Only one person in the Junior High was picked for this award. This was given for good leadership in the school and community.  Good academics, and quiet leadership.  Thinking of others and helping those around here. An overall good citizenship award. She was given a nice plaque and $25.

Then she also was awarded the Community Recognition Award.  One person from grade 8 and one from grade 9 where picked.  She received a certificate that says 'This Certificate of Recognition is given in honor and celebration of your contribution to and involvement in our community at a high school level'.  With this she was given an additional $50.  So proud of her!

Sure going to miss these girls!!:(

A few days ago the kids where running in and out grabbing towels and swim suits.  I asked if they were running through the sprinkle.  They said no they were swimming.  Since we don't have a pool I was a little confused and went to investigate.
They got it to fill about 2 inches deep.  Where out there for hours and had so much fun.  My grass did not love it but they sure did.

Cora has discovered my 'To Read Later' board on Pinterest.  I put everything there first until I have a chance to read it and see if it is really something I want to keep.  Every couple of days I will go through it and clean it up.  Cora loves this idea.  She pins tons of stuff there for me to read.  Any funny quote, craft or recipe she thinks is good and want to see if I want.  Sometimes I will have 15 things from her and delete every one.  Yesterday I found this quote and loved it.  "Rabbits jump and they live for 8 years.  Dogs run and they live for 15 years.  Turtles do nothing and they live for 150 years.  Lesson learned."
Happy First Day of Summer!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not so Effective (Sometimes)

A couple of weeks ago we had the Elders over for dinner.  We are feeding them many times this month.  They had an object lesson on faith that they wanted to do.  In order for them to do it they needed a tea bag.  I assured them that next time they came I would have one for them.  So last Sunday when they where back I gave them the tea bags I had gotten for their lesson.  The lesson was on faith.  The Elders cut the tea bag in a square and light it on fire.  If we had faith in them we would let it burn on our hand. We were not brave enough so one of the Elders tried it.  It was a little windy outside and before it could burn down the bag blew away.  We went back in for the scripture and lesson then Dave decided to try it in the garage.  It was supposed to burn almost to the bottom and then float away.  We still didn't want to try, so this time Dave got a metal sheet he had and we light it on that.  The tea bag burnt right down to a crisp, no floating away.  We all starting laughing.  So glad that we had not tried it.  Not an effective object lesson.  Apparently I bought the wrong kind.  How was I to know?  I have never bought tea before.  I told them the real lesson was to bring their own supplies for their lessons.:)

Last weeks FHE lesson was a disaster.  Cora was in a very very bad mood from a test she had just taken.  She is usually my very obedient one.  We were trying to get her to mow the front lawn before the rain came.  We knew it was going to be days of rain and it really needed to be done.  She had wasted a long time being grumpy and it was getting darker and darker outside with the clouds rolling in.  We sat down to have our FHE and Cora was on lesson.  She has been dying to tell us more stories from her recent youth conference.  She has told us many but wanted to save some for her upcoming FHE lesson.  Leah was conducting and kept getting very sidetracked.  Time for lesson and Cora says, 'I went to youth conference, we ate, played games, and went home.'  Then she left.  Blake was on prayer.  Blake is usually an amazing prayer.  Very thoughtful, very inclusive, and prays about every little thing going on around him.  Monday it was bless mom will let me play minecraft and bless that I can win wall ball tomorrow.  After Dave and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing.  Seriously not an effective FHE at all.  Later Cora did say she was just so grumpy and that youth conference was the most spiritual high she had ever felt, she thought she would ruin it by talking about it in that mood.  I get that.

We are sitting in church today, waiting for sacrament meeting to start.  We had about 2 minutes before it began when the seminary teacher came up and asked Cora if she was ready to speak today.  Whaaat????  We knew she had a talk coming up.  Seminary ended May 10th.  A week before it was over the teacher mentioned that all the students would be speaking at the end of June.  They needed to pick their favorite scripture mastery and give a short talk on it.  We never heard another word about it.  Silly me, I just assumed the bishopric would extend an official asking of could she speak and actually give her a date.  All she said was, 'Really, OK, how long am I supposed to speak for?'  She grabbed some paper from me and went to sit on the stand to write and give her talk. She did a really wonderful job.  Dave and I where very proud.  We where mostly proud that she just said OK and did it.  Cora was very nervous.  But really a 14 year old to get up unprepared in sacrament meeting and give a 5 min talk.  She is amazing, how did I get so lucky????

The kids had been praying for rain after Dave got the seeding done.  Everyday they would call him and ask if it was raining up there.  Finally the answer was yes.  Dave told the kids that they were such good prayers and had so much faith that they were going to flood the province.

I got released today.  I have been the Primary President in our ward for the last couple of years.  In the presidency for a bit before that.  They wanted to do it before summer, since that is a hard time to fill callings. And we have the presentation coming up right after summer is over. It will be a little weird going to Relief Society again, but I am excited.  Excited and nervous to see what the next step is.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Forgot...

Just a few things that I have forgotten about the last little while.  End of April I had all these thought about my job as a mom and made a bunch of notes then forgot about it till last week.  I was thinking how it has changed as my kids get older.  I used to feel like all my money was spent on diapers, now it is basketball shoes, school fee, and piano lessons.  When they were small it seemed you could just give them a cuddle and a kiss or a band aid and all would be fixed.  Now they have to work it out themselves.  I try to give words of encouragement and sometimes just listen, but I have to sit back and watch them hurt and learn.  It's really hard.  When young the whole world revolved around them.  It has been fun to see them become aware of others around them.  To lift others burdens, to become giving and kind and understanding.  I enjoy watching their testimonies grow.  We have always made sure to talk about when they feel the spirit so they recognize that.  I used to be tired from getting up in the night and felt drain from only having little people to talk to all day. Frustrated with the potty training and trying to get them to bed at night.  Now I am tired from running them all over the place, waiting up at night for them to come home from basketball, soccer, Cubs, YW, dances, or babysitting.  I feel drained from all the cookies and cupcakes the school needs, and the getting up early for seminary.  For dealing with the drama of Grade 6 girls. I used to spend my days on picking up toys and reading to my kids, now it is piano and homework and teaching them to cook.  When Dave would come home from work we would just want to go somewhere, anywhere, even just a walk.  We had been home all day and needed some brightening.  Now if we actually get a day that we are home, we just want to stay there.  Get in our pjs and watch a movie, or all sit in the front room and read.  So many stages we go through as parents.  We are all constantly changing, growing, and moving forward. But through it all, I always will always love them to death and I always get to be their mom.

The kids were complaining that I don't make cool cupcakes anymore.  Haven't for a while.  We had one more school bake sale.  So I got out my cupcake book, looked at Pinterest and these are the ones Leah picked.  Wish I would have remembered to buy tin cupcake holders.  Would have made a little difference.

Dave sent me this picture a month ago.  I have not even been out to see the cute new little ones.  I tell you, running my kids around is all I do:)

Blake finished PAT's Monday.  Leah has her last one today.  Cora starts tomorrow.  She has been studying like crazy.  Had a test Monday that she was surprise to really not do well.  Ruined her whole day.  Including her FHE lesson that night.:)  But that is for a later post. She is studying, studying.

Before the 8 K we ran, I wanted Cora to know the route.  We hiked the coulees then went for Frozen Yogurt.  Cora was pretending to be exhausted.

Can you see my beautiful stripped lawn.  I guess I can not do everything Dave does.  I swear I overlapped the fertilizer just like he said.  But the evidence proves me wrong.  I went over it again.

A very long time ago, the kids where helping Grandma Puzey clean out some rooms in her basement.  See what very helpful kids I have.

While Dave and I are in our meetings Sunday morning, the kids set up the chairs in the Primary room for me.  Usually it is all nicely done.  They are quiet and play games on the board when done setting up.  Maybe not so much this day.  But they had fun.

At Dave's work BBQ a couple weeks ago there was a bouncy house.  A big one.  It looked like lots of fun.  At one point only my 3 where in there.  I really wanted to try it.  I did ask Dave first if he thought I would pop it.  He laughed at me.  Seems like we made it too fun.  Right after I got in so did a bunch of kids.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

 We had a really nice Father's Day weekend. 
 Months ago Dave and Jared had talked about biking the Kananaski's highway.  Well let's be honest, they did it I think 3 or 4 years ago and have been trying to get back again but something always comes up.  This year I was determined it was going to happen.  There was rain in the forecast and the cows needed to be moved.  I never tell Dave what he can and can not do, but this time I was pretty insistent.  I told him to move cows Friday and then go Saturday. These brothers both have lots on the go.  Up early to do farm work, regular job, back to farm/yard/house/ work, and church callings.  The kids and I were trying to remember the last time Dave has taken time for himself.  He did go skiing three times this year (way down from the regular 12-13) and always with the family.  We knew he had long ago earned this break. We were praying for no rain in the Kananaski's area, but lots at the farm where they finished seeding. (I know kinda demanding huh)  They did end up going.  Bikes about 70 KM and only had a bit of rain.  This is where the road had washed out from the floods last year.

Dave took pictures of himself and Jared but said he would really rather I did not post them since their gear did not quite fit like it did last time they had it on :) That morning I was googling how fast a bear could run, then I asked Dave how fast he could bike on his road bike.  Biking was faster than a bear.  That made me feel way better.  Then he sent me this picture.

I guess there had been a big grizzly in the area a couple of hours before they got there.  They had a good day together.  Dave enjoys spending time with his brother.  I was so glad they had that little get away.  I told Dave he was not allowed to even think of all the stuff he needed to get done.  
That night when  Dave got home, he wrote his talk for the next day and we all traveled on assignment with him.  He had to be there at 8, so we packed some snacks, games, and books.  (Church started at 10) The kids and I had planned on finding a room and sitting inside, but the doors where locked.  We climbed in the back of the Tahoe and spread out a blanket and played Capture. A game Cannon and Nicole had given Blake for his baptism.  It is actually pretty fun. We did get a few strange looks tho.  I love listening to Dave give talks.  He can make a boring subject interesting.  And the kids were glad to spend the day with him.  After church we rushed back to feed the missionaries.  
For Father's Day the kids wanted to give their dad a bucket of his favorite treats.  They made a list of things that we don't ususally buy that Dave loves. We ended up giving it to him early so he could enjoy some for his lunch on the ride.

At church yesterday Blake made this candy gram for Dave.  They were each given 4 treat and had to make up a sentence to go with them.  After, they had left overs so the kids got a few more.  One of the sisters later told us how impressed she was with the things Blake came up with.  Some were: 1. You 'skor'ed big with me. We thought it was so funny he worded it that way instead of Blake had skored with Dave as a dad.:) 2. Sometimes your jokes are 'cheezie'. 3. It's like your made of 'Gold'. (he crossed off the fish) 4. Sometimes I think you are from 'Mars'.  Dave enjoyed reading and getting this.They have a very tiny primary up there.

I am thankful for the wonderful Dad's I know.  I grew up with the best dad around. I am thankful for the example he is to me and the way I was raised.  I grew up with a very strong example of service, love  and obedience for the gospel and how to work  Later I meet another fantastic father, who was also a great example to his son.  I am thankful to the way that he raised his son.  He is the perfect man for me.  I have never had a doubt that my father in law loves me and was happy to have me as part of his family.  My husband is a very loving and hardworking man.  He tries to give us so much and to be there for all the kids games, activities, special day, etc.  He sits down and listens to them and loves being with them. My brothers/in law are great dads and I enjoy watching them with their children.  Love all of you.  Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Soccer season is almost over.
I think he may need a little bit bigger of a jersey, this one doesn't seem to quite fit.  :) 

As luck would have it, I took one picture and the camera died.  I knew that I could flip it on and off and quickly get a few more shots.  (Dead camera may have happened to me before:))  But it is also slower.  I would zoom about where I thought, try to aim camera, then flip it on quickly.  Sometimes I would actually get a picture with him in it.

Blake has had fun playing this year.  He can kick it really far down the field.  He is a good team player, he passes well and enjoys the game. He seems to enjoy playing defense the most and helping the person in goal.
Already looking forward to next year.
Blake says he rocks!! And he does.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Outdoor Ed camp

One of Cora's options this semester was Outdoor Education.  They learned games, survival, cooking etc.  She really enjoyed this course.  At the end they went to Waterton and did a two day camp.  At first I was not going to let her go since it was a co-ed camp, but Dave said all would be fine.  Of course he was right and she had a blast.

We live in such an amazingly beautiful spot of this world. Cora took 120 pictures.  I narrowed it down for you:)

Cora, Annie, Sheila, and Meghan.  Sure going to miss these girls.  As luck would have it Meghan is moving at the end of June now also.  I hope they are able to keep in contact with one another.
There have been many bears seen the last couple of years.  We were both nervous about her seeing one on her hikes.  Cora did see some but they were always from the bus.  Thank Goodness!! They left early Monday, when they arrived they set up camp and had lunch.  Did a short Bertha falls hike and then back for dinner and campfire fun and games.  Second day they had breakfast, cleaned up camp, got everything loaded on the bus, had a few more games and activities then lunch.  After lunch was Bear's Hump.
Cameron Falls.

Meghan, Annie, and Sheila.  Cora's best friends and a wonderful group of girls.
Camp site.
Waiting for pick-up Tuesday morning before hikes.
She said it was a beautiful morning and packed her rain gear on the bus.  Crazy girl.  It poured the whole hike.  Everyone was so wet that the teachers cancelled the final hike and brought everyone home.  Soaking wet, but happy.

Saturday Cora ran her first 8 K with me.  She did really well.  The last stretch is up a hill that is 1.25 KM.  She paced herself and jogged the whole thing.  Time was 54 mins.  I run/walk and did 1:10.  Not as good as last year, but I did it:) We came home and showered then went to a work BBQ of Dave's.  Home to do laundry and clean then I dropped Cora off at a ballet recital.  The little girl she babysits had one ticket left over and chose to invite Cora.  We thought that was so sweet.  Blake and Leah were in the neighborhood at friends houses.  I did not see them for hours.  Sunday we went out to Hill Spring for my nephew's ordination.  He had turned 12.  It was warm and sunny.  Good food, good company.  From there we went to the stake center for YW recognition.  Fun evening.  Really clever skit about 'Snow White and the 7 Values' (in case you are wondering Snow White becomes the 8th Virtue).  Also they got the boys in the stake to make a music video of 'You are so Beatifull'.  Which was hilarious.  We had Blake with us, so we stuck him in a room with some books and I let him play Mine craft on my phone.  The boy was in heaven.  Usually he has a 20 min time limit, but I felt bad that we had to stick him by himself.  He ended up playing for 70 mins.  That is a long time.  Back up for scripture study and school today.  Late night, we were pretty tired.