Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!

This has been a great Christmas season.  Dave had 10 days off and spent it all with the kids.  He took them skiing and to the farm.  Moved cows. Played Lego and board games. The best part was he never once ask what my plans were, he just took the kids.  It was a vacation for me for sure.  The kids have loved every minute of it.  Today we did a clean the house day.  I have never been knocked out with a cold before but I sure was yesterday and most of today.  Dave ended up taking down all the decorations and doing most of the laundry.  The kids helped a lot.  I had to work at noon.  We then went out to a movie with the Puzey clan and our traditional Chinese.  After the movie we ran Cora back to the house so she could get picked up for babysitting, then we went back to the restaurant.  Leah has gone to Emry's for a sleep over and we are hanging out with Blake.  We told him to get used to it, this is what every night will be like when Leah graduates. :) We have had many great things happen this year and some trials to go through but such is life and hopefully we are stronger because of it.  We toasted the New Year in with some 7-up at 9:23:) I hope every one has a really great New Year.

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