Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading Week

Monday we helped Dave with the house.  It was nice to spend the day with him.  Jared and Dave moved some bails.  Leah was not having a good day.  She needed a lot of alone time.  She often does, but hasn't been getting it lately as she shares a room and we are all in such close quarters.  We made sure she spent some time by herself for a while.  I will have to make an effort to make sure she gets that more often.  She was going a little crazy. We separated cows in preparation for auction.  Tuesday we took a couple loads of cows down to the auction.  Cora went with Dave on the first load, Leah went on the second.  We picked up Leah half way and headed out to my parents. Dave worked on the house as Jared took the next load down.  It was a really fun week.  Everyone had so much fun with their cousins.  The four girls went to the store and the library, Friday they did drop in baptisms again.  I can't wait till Cora gets a licence.  So much more freedom.  Wednesday Cora went on a hike with the YW out there and I took the boys and Leah in to watch the auction.  Thursday I tried some new recipes.  The pizza was pretty amazing.  I had made that kind once before and wanted my family to try it.  They all liked it I think. The 4 girls had fun with Natalie's two boys. Mom took Natalie's boys back to her on Friday.  The girl where disappointed that in the end Natalie was not able to come out for the week.  They really wanted to meet their new cousin. (Leah broke her glasses. I tried to fix them, but it popped back open.  This morning Dave tried again, she had to stay in while we did the first load of bails while the glue dried. Leah is pretty blind.  Later as she was sliding they opened again.  Apparently Krazy Glue and Super glue are not working.  I will have to take her in.  Super excited about that extra expense) We came home late Friday afternoon.  Dave had said that he would be late at work, so we thought we would stop and say hi since we hadn't seen him for so long.  We ended up getting there about dinner time and decided to have dinner there.  Pretty good Chinese in this little town.  This morning we hauled a couple more loads of bails.  The kids where in a funny mood.  We found a few awesome places to slid around on our boots.  Last fall Dave dug a trench around our entire house so it would drain away in the spring with the snow melt.  Right now it acts like a moot almost.  Half of it is filled with ice, a very large skating rink.  We took a load to the dump, I don't even worry about Cora in the truck. She does awesome driving, we just need to get her driving more in town now.  Next was building garage walls.  In between when we needed the kids they would slide.  So they would slide for a bit then we would have them help then they slid again.  Finally we came back for dinner, showers, and house cleaning.  Dave and Blake are out working on his Kub Kar.  The Rally is next week.  Lots of family time on this family week.  It was awesome.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Perfectly Gorgeous Day

I had wondered what we where going to do all day Friday.  Cora's tournament had been cancelled, not enough teams signed up.  We had a whole day free.  I had some sewing projects in mind, games with the kids, run on the treadmill as I watched a movie. But that morning as I left to got visiting teaching it was already amazingly gorgeous.  I tex ed Amber and asked if she was free and wanted to walk outside with me.  She was and we did.  When I got back we went for a nice hour long walk.  The day before Emry and Blake had been sliding around on the frozen ice in the ditch.  He had said that if it was still frozen he wanted to get his skates on and practice.  So on the way back we check the ice.  It was still solid.  Instead of going in I grabbed Blake and we played some baseball for another hour.  I still couldn't believe how nice it was.  We decided to get Leah, pack a picnic, and get the skates.

We ended up being outside for hours.  Slowly a pond developed on top of the water, but we never did break through.  We skated and ate and played more baseball.

Finally at about 2:30 I had to go in and get ready to get Cora.  She had been score keeping and working the door for the boys tournament.

Skating in T-shirts is crazy.  I even slid around with them for a bit.  Their cousins came over and slid for a short bit also.  I put dinner in the oven and went to get Cora.  She was so sad she had missed such a great day.  After dinner Dave and I put in a few hours on the house.  We didn't even need our coats until 8.  Dave still just had on his thick jacket.  We walked back on the road instead of across the field.  It was way less muddy that way.  As we where passing the ditch we where curious how big the puddle had gotten and if it had broke yet.  We ended up sliding around and getting our boats cleaned for a while.  It was a really dark night.  Dave had a headlamp on.  It was a little eerie to hear the crack of ice below you.  We didn't break through, and it was only 2 feet anyways.  Still a weird feeling.  So in the end I did nothing on my to-do list, but it turned out so much better.  It really was a perfectly gorgeous day.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blake and I

Blake and I have had a lot of time together the last couple of months.  We have spent many hours waiting during basketball practices and driving to games.  I have really enjoyed this one on one time with him.  One night this week he took some cows to auction with Dave.  He loved it.  Yesterday Cora had a game 2 hours away.  Right after school, I packed up our dinner and we drove to the game.  Just Blake and I.  We talked most of the way there.  He told me all about school and his friends at church. His favorite subjects and teachers.  He has been reading lots of baseball books and he is hoping to play this year.  He told me everything he had read.  Even how to properly hold a baseball when you are throwing it.  I told him to talk to Justin this summer and get some tips.  He also told me about this girl he has a crush on.  Blake told me that he had mentioned to one of his friends at school that he had told me about this girl.  His friend was shocked.  He said, 'you tell your mom that stuff?"  Blake said, "Uh, yeah, don't you?"  We had a really nice time and after stopped to get him some hot chocolate.  After drinking it he wrapped up in blankets and tried to sleep.  We got home at 10:10.  It was a long drive, but very enjoyable to spend with him.
Blake was trying to take a bunch of pictures.  The sunset and the mountains where amazing, but my windshield was slightly dirty and my phone does not take good motion pictures.  He was having difficulties.  These were the only two clear ones of about 10

Cora had an amazing game.  They are still losing, but playing so much better together as a team.  Yesterday they only had 6 players.  Lots of injured and sick.  Cora taped her knee, sat for the first minute, then played the entire game.  They were all so tired.  She got tons of rebounds, breakaways, great passes.  She did dribble on her toe once.  She shot foul shots a couple times, she hates foul shots.  Final score was 45-61.  Of those 45 points Cora made 24 of them. Awesome!!  Grandpa and Grandma Smith came to the game.  They were keeping track of the points.  So glad they did, since I got there after the 1 quarter.  Cora was glad they did because the other two games they came to where terrible.  She was glad that someone saw that she really can play basketball.:)

Monday, February 9, 2015


It seems my life is very boring until the weekend.  Every post could be titled "Our Weekend" and fit.  Leah had her final basketball tournament.  She played well.  Got quite a few baskets and swished her foul shots.  4-6 of them. Cora was in a tournament very far away.  They left Thursday afternoon and got back Saturday afternoon.  I was a little worried about her going with people I still don't know that well.  She had a blast and said she played like a beast.  She was limping a bit and finally admitted that she hurt her knee back in November but just though it would heal.  Her coach sat her for most of one game at the tournament when she realized what was going on, but they where down 5 players and Cora really wanted to play.  For her to even mention it hurt I knew it must be killing her.  She has a high pain tolerance and never complains.  Just plays through the pain.  I made her see a doctor today.  She has a sprained ACL.  He would like her to sit out a week.  Good thing next week is a holiday, otherwise I really don't think she would.  He said we could just wrap it tight for the games she has this week and no gymnastics.  It has gotten a little colder again.  I should not complain it is February.  Last night we had New Beginnings.  I thought it went rather well.  I kept it very simple and we where only 50 mins long.  All the girls had a small part introducing part of the program.  One girl has finished her Personal Progress so we asked her to speak on how it has helped her.  Then we asked a sister in our ward to talk on how her Personal Progress has helped her as a wife/mother/worker/etc.  She did awesome,  It was exactly what we where hoping for.  I introduced our new General theme and encouraged parents to help their daughters with Personal Progress, to sit down with them once a week and see what they have accomplished.  Bishop gave wonderful closing remarks then we had sundaes.  I had dished up all the ice cream ahead of time in different size mason jars.  It saved so much time.  Before Dave was a little unsure about what I was doing, but said it was a great idea afterwards. I had mom's caramel sauce, Mandy's hot fudge, homemade raspberry sauce, mini choco chips, crushed graham crackers, and marshmallows.  I had tons of compliments after.  I love to lay out brown paper on the table then just label everything below with a marker.  Works so slick.  Clean up is awesome.  It was great.  At church Cora gave an excellent talk, Blake did also.  Leah was set apart as Beehive President and Cora as 1st counselor in the Mia Maids.

And just because posts are always more interesting with pictures, here is some that Cora has drawn.  She tried oils and didn't like them, but is loving the watercolors.

These bottom  three are her favorite.

And Leah skating with her friends for school.  Glad she has met some girls she is enjoying.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Bosch

Myrna gave me a Bosch.  For my birthday.  I got it a few days ago, but haven't know what to say.  I don't know how to fully express how wonderful.....amazing..... the gratitude I feel for this.  I told her I thought it was way to much.  I am still in a bit of awe.  I have made all the kids look at it and oh and ah over it.  We pulled it out again last night when Cora got home from her tournament. I have wanted one forever.  They are way to much for anyone to buy, but Myrna did.  For me!  I'm so excited. I really think this should cover the next 10 years of birthdays.  Thank you Myrna, thank you so much.

Isn't it awesome!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Tournament

We are getting close to the end of basketball season.  Leah has one more game and her final tournament.  Cora has a few more game and 3-4 tournaments.  I finally got pictures of Cora playing.  I also think I finally remember all the names of her teammates.  One I just could not remember, and two I kept mixing up, but I got it straight now.  She did good this tournament.  Cora got quite a few baskets and some breakaways.  This one was hours away.  Friday we packed up lunch and dinner and stopped at Target on the way first.  Blake needed new shoes and Leah some jeans.  I was hoping that the liquidation sales would have started, but they hadn't.  Still store was kinda empty. I'm not sure much will be let by the time they do start.  On the way up Blake had been telling us about this Big Rock he had learned about in school.  He told us the legend and also what really happened. It had been moved hundreds of KM by a glacier. So later on the road we saw a really big rock and just jokingly asked him if that was the one.  100 yards later there was a pull out on the other side of the road and this one really was the Big Rock. It's huge.  He was so excited.  We stopped so he could walk around and read all the signs. Cora and Leah thought it was a waste of time since they couldn't climb it. Blake was fascinated. Blake always LOVES the rock sections in school.
We made it to the game early and ate our dinner.  Cora was really nervous and didn't eat much.  All these pictures are not in order.

She made a foul shot.  Seemed pretty shocked about it.

What Leah did during the games.

What Blake did.

When I first downloaded this picture I thought that was a really weird place for the ball to be.  Yeah, it's the fire alarm. :)

Caught the pass.  That is her way on the other side with the ball.

And she shoots.

Saturday Blake and Leah wanted to stay with Dave.  They where preg testing cows. Cora and I packed breakfast, lunch and dinner this time.  It was fast Sunday, we where hoping to eat early, but I didn't want her fasting during her game.  It had snowed the night before.  We left 1/2 hour earlier then we thought we would need to and still missed the first quarter.  It was very icy.  Cora had a couple of games, we just hung out at the school during games and ate our lunch.  Her last games was not to late so we ate in the car on the way home.  Dave said we got good results on the cows.  It was a pain to get them in tho.  He said he was so proud of Leah and Blake, even tho they where nervous they held their ground.  Apparently Blake did a little to well one time and Jared had to tell him to move back.  Good to know my kids where being watched over.  It was a cold day with lots of driving and down time.  Cora felt good about her game and the team played together better than they have since the second game.  Leah and Blake had a good time being out with the cows.  When we got home, Dave and I went to his work.  Our Tahoe won't start and we needed to get it out of the way.  Sure hope we can figure that out.  The next morning Dave got up early to get to his meetings.  He left at 6:30 so he could be there at 7:30.  At 8:20 he finally got a text back saying meetings had been cancelled and they forgot to tell him.  He had stake business for the ward though so he couldn't come back.  He waited in his car until 9:30 when someone came.  Dave said he got all caught up on his email from work.:)  But it was a little cold.