Monday, February 25, 2013

Not Much

I don't have much to report the last few day.  I had to work all day Thursday and Friday and was worried about the kids, but they did great. They had lots of activities planned and got along great.  Thursday I got the best surprise when I got home.  Dave was there.  I had not expected him and it was a wonderful surprise. That night we started watching Downton Abbey.  I enjoyed most of it but had a hard time watching since Mary and Edith are so mean to each other.  I have been assured that it get better so I will continue.  Friday we took the kids to Wreck it Ralph.  It was cute.  The kids liked it.  Saturday was groceries and many sewing projects finished. It was good to get so much done that has been sitting there for so long.  Tomorrow is scapbooking.  Very behind in this.

Sunday Leah wanted to do her FHE lesson instead of Monday.  She has been telling us for a while that she has a lesson with Monsters Inc.  I had no idea how that was going to work.  She related Boo's room to the gospel.  And talked about how some people tempt us to stay away from the church (Randal) and how others are helping us to get back (Sully). And how it is best if we don't leave at all. She stopped the movie a couple of times to point this out to us and had a couple of scripture to go with it.  I was pretty impressed.

Today I found this saying on Pinterest. 'So, I am going to go stand outside.  If anyone asks, tell them I am OUTSTANDING.  I laughed way harder than I should.  I emailed it to Dave and this is what he emailed back.
'When I am at the farm I go stand in the field so you can say I am outstanding in my field
Make the kids go outside then you can have outstanding children.  Lock me out of the house and you can have an outstanding husband. Do it every day and you can have the most outstanding husband in Coalhurst.'
Seriously made me laugh so hard.  Maybe I am easily amused.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family Day

The kids are out of school this whole week so our family day 'week' actually started Friday.  Leah had her final basketball tournament.  The last game the kids came together and got what I was trying to say.  We lost by only a little that time.  They were very excited.  We then headed straight out to the Pronghorn game. It was another exciting game.  Number 7 did not disappoint me. (His name is Logan Reiter and from Iron Springs if anyone cares) Such an amazing player. Saturday we went to Champion to stake out our house site and do some fencing.  Sunday after church we watched a movie and headed out to HillSpring.  Dave took the kids skiing Monday and since we were there they didn't have to get up so early.  I stayed at my parents house while they went to Castle.  Monday morning I got up to go for a run.  It was cold and dark and about 20 minutes into it I convinced myself that I was going to get eaten by coyotes. Mom and I tied 3 quilts and then after lunch Natalie showed up with her boys and a little baby she is watching for the week.  She had some projects she wanted some help with and we went through those.  When Dave got back we had dinner and hung out for a while until Dave left to come home.  The next morning we had a great breakfast and mid morning snack.  I made Mom and Natalie walk with me this time.  It is safer in numbers:)  We got some more projects done and some baking.  Natalie and Dad took Colton to the clinic in Pincher and we stayed to be with the kids.  We got them all bundled up and sent them out in the snow with bottles of dyed water.  My parents had a lot of snow and the kids loved 'painting' in the snow.  Ryan was very excited about it.  I think he had the most fun of all.  After dinner I packed up my stuff and came back home.  We have a few more things planned the the rest of the week and will see how they pan out.  They have been good this week off and have been enjoying each others company.  I am not sure why but I just really felt like I needed to keep my kids close this week.  I work all day today and tomorrow and have got them several things to do while I am away.  It is nice to have a break from school once in a while.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started very early.  I woke up about 2:30 as usual but this time Leah was awake also.  I think she was really excited about her school ski trip and was unable to go back to sleep.  She did get back to sleep around 5 but that is when Dave's alarm went off so I got to stay up:)  We got Leah to the school on time. I was  a little surprised that only Leah, one teacher and one other student had any ski stuff and had been before.  She had a really great time and returned to us safe and sound.  She was a little miffed that she had to take lessons and was the only one in her specific lessons from her school.  Everyone else was in the beginners group. Apparently she took them with a bunch of 16 year old boys.  I thought that was a kinda funny.  When I got into the car to take Leah to the school taped to the steering wheel was a message from Dave.  We have never given each other things for Valentine's Day so I was surprised.  I did the same countdown that I did last year for him, where I sent him a treat and saying everyday.  The message was a start of a treasure hunt.  He is really good at treasure hunts and I had fun searching out the clues. After running Cora and Blake to school I ran and then made dinner for that night.  Dave loves chicken pot pie so I decided to make that for him.
On Sunday we had our ward conference and after had a ward potluck.  My friend Mandy made the most delicious hot fudge sauce I have ever had.  She was ever so kind and gave the recipe to Myrna, Amber, and I.  I had also been really craving a DQ cake lately.  So for dessert I had an ice cream base, Mandy's hot fudge sauce, crushed chocolate wafers and then ice cream again.  It was divine.  I think I liked it better than DQ.  I had to work all day and left instruction to put dinner in the oven with Cora.  When I walked in the door she had the table all set with flowers she had been given at school and a pink table cloth.  We sat down and ate then watched a movie together.
I had a great day and got to spend it with those that I love eating great things.  Thank you Mandy, that hot fudge will forever be known as 'Mandy's Hot Fudge':)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Basketball Winddown

Leah has been having a lot of fun this year at basketball.  She is actually pretty good.  Her team has not won one game yet. I know why but when I try to tell them what to do I only have 4 out of 10 kids that listen.  Everyone wants to take the ball down, everyone wants to dribble, and everyone wants to shoot.   I will seriously sometimes have all 5 players under the opponents basket for a pass in saying 'Give it to me, give it to me'.  Then they all follow the person down saying 'Pass it here'. I don't know they think is going to be under the basket.  And lots of over the head backwards lobs.  No chest pass or bounce pass.  The other team gets it every time.  Really I don't know why they should listen to me, I am only the coach:)
Cora has been my assistant coach.  After two practices Dave decided that the kids were too annoying and didn't want to help anymore.  Despite all the frustration I do enjoy it.  Anything to do with basketball is great.  I think next year I would request not to be Leah's coach. She has some potential there but am afraid anything I do will come across as favoring her.  She actually plays a little less then all her teammates.  She is great at defense and rebounds.
The final tournament is on Friday, then we are going straight into the last Pronghorn game at 8 (anybody want to come along?)  After that our basketball season will be done. I'm little sad:(

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out and About and Home Again

Last week Blake wanted to know how to change the background wallpaper of my computer.  So I randomly picked this picture and look how cute.  They were so young and fresh faced.  No glasses or braces.  They were a little sun kissed and happy.  I love this picture.

Blake was invited to a birthday party this week.  For the activity, instead of renting the bowling alley or a movie the mom rented a limo.  They all got picked up from school and drove around for an hour.  I guess it was a blast.  I did feel bad for the limo driver:)

After much research on Pinterest this is what Blake made to give out for Valentine's day.  There were so many cute ideas but none very appropriate for boys to give boys.  My favorite was a drawing of a mason jar and then you taped a plastic bug on it and said 'Happy Valentine Love Bug'  I thought boys would love bugs.  I am going to see if next year I can think of a good saying to use that anyways.  Dave suggested 'you don't bug me at all':)

Cora's final basketball tournament was this weekend.  They placed fourth.  The last couple of weeks the team has really come together.  They are using each other, passing, and playing as a team.  It was really great to see.  They won Friday, but Saturday morning was a very disappointing game.  The score keepers put up 2 extra points on the other teams board.  I watched them do it but when we tried to get it changed they didn't listen.  Another team was watching and they told us what happened.  We said we knew but they wouldn't change it.  Then after the game parents that had been sitting on the other side asked us why they had added the 2 point.  The dad I was sitting beside tried to tell the scorekeepers what happened and was threatened to get thrown out.  We lost by 2.  Very frustrating.  We may have got our butts kicked in overtime but if we won we would have gone to zones.

I made this scripture bag for Blake.  I thought about how I would do it and planned it all out.  But when it came right down to it, it was far beyond my sewing ability.  Just made it through and I don't plan to ever do one again.  There was a bit of unpicking and some mistakes that I just didn't care about at the end.  He likes it and that is what matters.

This week we have Leah's final basketball tournament.  Then our lives should settle down a bit.  It has been a great season and we have loved every minute of it.  Cora says she can't wait to play next year.  YIPEEEEE!!!!

Through my friend Christal Bevans I found this scripture study called 'Armor Your Children'  We started about a week ago and I love it. It is one short scripture that you read to your kids and then discuss it.  Your kids then have something specific to think about all day.  One day was kindness, one forgiveness etc.  Sometimes we discuss on the way to school and sometimes at home depending on the time we have.  This has been a great addition to our regular scripture reading and I was thinking if you aren't in that habit yet or if your kids are small it is a great start.  It takes so little time and makes them think.  If you are interested just google 'Armor Your Children' and print off the guideline.  

Monday, February 4, 2013


Cora's tournament was cancelled this weekend.  Due to a JV tournament and to many injuries on her team they would have only had 4 players.  So Dave decided to take us all to a U of L Pronghorn game.  We have been talking about putting Cora in a basketball camp this summer for a while and we thought it would be good for her to see them play. (Since the players put on the camp)  It was absolutely fascinating. Very close game but we won in the end.  Exciting.  A great game to take the kids to.  Blake got a few shots in during half time.  He had a fun time.  He was really cheering the team on.  Leah loved it and was cheering with Blake.  Cora was amazed.  Such good ball.  She was watching how they passed and used all of the team.  She kept saying, "I wish my team would do that"  Number 7 was my favorite player.  He looked short out there but when we looked it up he was 6 foot.  I guess when everyone around you is over 6'5" that is what happens.  He was so quick and really aware of all his team mates.  He had a lot of really fabulous moves.  Cora is very excited to go to basketball camp now.  I hope the timing works and we can do it.  After we took them out for donuts and hot chocolate.

Obviously not at the basketball game.:)  It was Cora's turn to go to the farm on Saturday.  She is such a good worker.  Everyday she amazes me with her willingness.  She will often see that something needs to be done and just does it.  She only avoids vacuuming because she hates it.  She is also the only one of my kids that really WANTS to move to the farm.  But she will really miss Meghan.  I think she will be able to keep in contact with her.  She is much better at that then both Dave and I.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Unexpected Lessons from Basketball

Over the last couple of month I have had the opportunity to run kids around for many games.  As I sit in the front and listen to the kids talk this is what I have observed and learned.  Keep in mind as you read this that I am NOT a perfect mother or have perfect kids.  I am still raising them, they have their agency and anything could still happen.  I also don't know what goes on in every persons home or head, this is just from listening to kids talk.
1. Spend time with your kids:  When my kids were little we took them almost everywhere.  Mostly I did this because I hated babysitting when I was young and didn't want to put anyone through that.  Yes it is a pain to take them to the grocery store, the movie, the restaurant, the doctor and so on, and yes sometimes you need a break.  But how are they supposed to learn to behave at the store etc. if they never or rarely go. If you always need to get away and have a break and don't talk to the kids when they are 2 or 6 why do we expect them to not want a break or talk to us when they are 16 or 20.  If I don't put in the hard work and endure through the rough patches now, how can I expect to gain the reward of a close relationship later when they really need it as teenagers and after. (Also on a side note when they are with you they learn patience, to budget, proper behavior, and social skills, just to name a few)
2.  Family Support:  We have made it a priority that sibling attend each others events.  Whether games, concerts, or recitals.  Many times they are bored.  Blake does not enjoy sitting in a car for an hour for piano then straight to YW every Tuesday.  Sometimes I don't enjoy him sitting there either. Cora would rather be climbing trees than watching soccer. We also know a handicapped boy that can not mentally or physically sit through an entire game. The world seems determined to beat these young kids down, sometimes even their 'friends' aren't that kind or supportive.  Sometimes these kids I hear talking don't even get encouragement from their parents.  Where are they going to go looking for that?  What are they going to turn to?  In an ever downward spiraling world my kids need the love, support, encouragement, and cheering from their family. It might be the only place they get it.
3.  Do I know my kids??:  Once again I hear how they kids talk.  About themselves, others and things they have done.  You then talk to the parents and hear how kind, loving and amazing their children are.  You should never talk bad about your kids because they will become what you say they are.  (Leah has got a bad rap from what I have jokingly said to others and I am trying to improve on that) Whether positive or negative.  But at the same time I don't want my head buried in the sand.  I don't think some parents have a clue what their kids do or say.  Do I?  Do I really know my kids?  Are they way different in public or at a friends house than I think?  I will continue to rely on the Spirit to direct me and hope that I am moving in the right direction.