Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lucky Me!!

Dave is an amazing man.  Every day he tells me he loves me and we think so much alike, sometimes it is scary.  Until a few months ago I took this for granted.  I thought that all couples felt this way about their marriage and each other.  Now I have been making a point to show him how much I appreciate him in word and deed.  At the same time I have been more aware of how he shows that he loves me, our children and our Savior.
1.  He never says a word when I buy shoes.  Sometimes even points them out to me.
2.  When on a 'date' to feed cows he always lets me stay in the warm cab to get bails as he stands out in the cold and wind to cut the strings.
3.  He knows that I prefer to park near a cart return rather than close to the store door.  When we go shopping together he always does this for me.
4.  When I am upset he goes over the top to make me laugh and if needed helps me realize how irrational I am being.
5.  He often saves me from singing in public.  I have no talent.  At All.
6.  He will come in and help with dishes when he is around.
7.  He is building me a house.  That really should cover all 38.
8.  Loves to sit down with all our kids around him and watch a movie.
9.  Will watch a gazillion 'chick-flicks' with me.
10. Works hard at making his high council talks each month interesting and full of stories.
11. Encourages me to make the long drive out to my parents to see them and my sisters.  He knows it rejuvenates me.
12. Encourages and supports the kids in all their interest.  Attending terrible games, watching concerts, buying material so they can learn to sew, helping with cubs goals, and so much more.
13. Cooks sometimes
14. Always makes sure each kid gets a hug at night, even if they are already asleep when he comes in. And before he leaves in the morning.
15. When I help on the house he makes sure everything is extra secure so I am safe being so high up
16. Each time I have to travel somewhere, even to just get groceries, he makes sure car fluid are topped up and tires are OK.
17. He goes to work everyday to support us.
18. Tells me everyday what I good job I am doing raising our kids, even days I feel like I could have done better.
19. Often tells me how thankful he is that I stay home with the kids.  To be there for them, to organize everything and to get us all to where we need to be.  He says over and over how much easier this makes his life to not have to worry about it also.  He know it is taken care of.
20. Most days will send a quick text, just to see how I'm doing.
21. Even tho he likes to tease his mom and sisters, he has a deep respect and love for them. He is often thinking of them and is concerned when he hears of trials they are enduring. He thinks they are all great women and mothers and will remind our girls of the great examples they have around them.
22. Spends hours keeping all our personal and farm expenses in order so we don't get in trouble.
23. Will eat whatever I make him.  We often try new recipes.  We have had lots of successes, but some big fails.  He always eats it.
24. He let me 'cancel Christmas' and take everyone to Vegas.
25. Attends all his church meetings.  Even on warm Saturday's he will stream General Conference or come in and listen. After travelling back and forth on Sunday's he still attends the youth firesides with his girls.  Knowing that is where he is supposed to be.
26. Gets up early and stays up late to accomplish all he needs to do.
27. Dave honors his priesthood.  He understand the magnitude of the responsibility he has and is teaching our son to respect that and honor it as well.
28. He may know me a little to well:) Somethings he got about me before I fully comprehended them my self, such as: Thanks to Natalie and Makita I have a little obsession with shoes.
       29. I collect lip chap.  I get very excited when someone gets me some or I find a new kind at the store. Currently I have 6 in use in various parts of the house and cars and 16 in storage. Never know when you might need some.
      30. I may be slightly opinionated and don't mind sharing my views, but he knows when I am really really ticked.  I don't say a word.  Glad to say I have never been that mad at him and most of  the time he agrees with me when I'm that upset.
      31. I love tiny things.
      32. I have a hard time resisting anything under $2. (So if its tiny and under, then I'm toast)
      33. I also have a great love of all things mason jar. Except painted, that just ruins them in my opinion.
34. Dave loves to have the kids come out and work with him.  Sometimes it is just for the company and being able to talk with them.
35. He makes sure we spend lots of family time together.  Mostly feeding cows, running to the dump, watching a movie, or working on the house.  But he wants to do it together. And he loves to make things interesting for them.  Helping them with German, getting out the telescope, etc.
36. He drives an hour each way most Sundays to cover the ward he is over.  Our building is 10 mins away.
37. I am pathetically scared of the dark.  Instead of laughing at me, he will make sure I get in the door.  If the lights go out while working in the dark he will call a couple times to make sure I'm OK as he gets them back on. And always walks me to and fro when I have to get something outside at night.
38. Even tho he thinks Essential Oils are a bit witch crafty, he has never stopped me from buying and using them everywhere I do.  I think he even likes the cleaners better since they smell so much better and don't make you sick. He tried the toothpaste and deodorant. And helped Blake look it up in my book the other day.

Hi Mom!  I am sure you are the only one that made it to the end.  I would have stopped or just started skimming long ago. I started this birthday list blog about 5 or 6 years ago.  I think that 40 will be my last one.  It is getting too long. But it has been fun to think about and make notes all year in prep for this post.  I think these lists have helped me to document life and look for things rather than just rush through the day to day.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beautiful Day and a Few Missed Things

I can not believe how beautiful it was yesterday.  It was so warm and not windy at all.  The kids played outside for hours. Mostly in T-shirts.  Leah danced, the all played basketball, baseball and gymnastics.  Dave and I got a few walls stood.  Jared came over to help with a big one.

The clouds where amazing.  It was like having a blanket hanging over us, keeping us cozy and warm.

Blake got all his Valentine's ready for school.  I know it is a bit early, but I really like to have things done.  Especially when I know the next few weeks are going to be a little go-go-go.  Well back to normal really:)

A few weeks ago I came back from a Young Women's activity.  Blake was sitting in my bed pouring over my essential oils book.  He had a sore of some kind and his first thing to look at to fix it was the EO's.  I thought that was awesome.  Dave always teases me that I should chant and dance around when I use them, but the kids are starting to see how they really work.  The girls both had sore throats, so we got the lime out and they felt better the next day.  Cora sprained her wrist in basketball, a little EO and wrapped and the next day voila.  Another time I came home and the basement smelled like citrus.  Blake had had a nightmare so he looked up Fear and figured out what he should do.  I love it.

I had forgotten that Leah took some pictures of everyone hooding.  I think this was New Year's Day.  They love it when Jared takes them out.  He is so kind to do so.  They always have a blast.

Our kids are allowed up to one hour a day on electronics.  That can be lessened or taken away depending on attitude, chores and homework being done, and other priority activities.  The other day they had all been on for a while, but where playing together and having fun. So I let them go a bit longer.  Then I found out that Cora had downloaded a German app.  They had all spent the last hour learning German.  They actually learned a good amount with the app, and Dave said it is very accurate.  I was glad they where making such good decisions with their devices.  That time anyways.:) So today during Sacrament Meeting this is what Cora and Blake drew.  I didn't take a picture of Blake's. Lots of pictures with the names of all in German underneath.

P.S. of course they do not take their ipads to church, that is all from memory.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

16 Years

A few days ago we celebrated our 16th anniversary.  Cora had no school that day and she hung out with me during the day.  I thought it was very nice of the schools to cancel all basketball and drama that day.  I'm sure they did it just for me, so I could just stay home.  Myrna made us dinner.  She was not feeling well, but gave us a really nice meal anyways.  That night I had a RS activity to go to.  I wasn't feeling like going, I didn't stay long.  When I got home Dave had the telescope out.  There was a comet that Dave had read about that had not been seen for 12 hundred years.  We found it and Jupiter's moons. Plus lots of other things. It was really neat.  Friday Blake had a doctor's appointment and Cora had a final.  Then later that afternoon we met Dave at his work and went into town for dinner and the college basketball games.  The girls game was like watching a high school game. But the boys was pretty good.  Very close game.  The kids got excited thinking they where going to see their first over time.  It was 82-82 the last 3 mins of the game.  The timer ran out and at the very last second there was a foul.  We got two shots and he made one.  So we won the game but no overtime. I was thinking I would not have wanted to be the person shooting, Cora was thinking she would not have wanted to be the ref.  She has a little different perspective on reffing now.  It was a fun day and good to celebrate with the kids.  I'm glad we have things that we all like to do together and are interested in.  It has been a great 16 years.  Looking forward to many more.  I feel very blessed to have the spouse I do and am very grateful for him in my life and for the kids and the life we have made together.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sometimes You Have to Laugh

Some times you have a day so crappy all you can do is laugh.  Today was one of those.  The last couple weeks have been frustrating for house building.  The week before last, the weather was so cold that the air tools would not work.  Dave has done as much inside as he can at this point, where he can turn a little heater on.  We are trying to get second floor walls up.  This week the weather was beautiful.  There was a situation at work he had to stay late and deal with on Monday, Tuesday he got a little work done then Wednesday and Thursday Dave had stake meetings to be at.  This morning we had a late start.  Cora was babysitting last night late and as always I waited up for her, I was pretty tired this morning.  Dave and I feed cows after breakfast.  Before heading out we told the kid it was a beautiful day, the wind was not even blowing, they really needed to spend some time outside today. We should have stayed quiet.  After cows we went over to our house.  We were both excited, anticipating all the work we could get done today.  The wind came up quite quickly.  As we pulled up we could see plywood all over the ground.  There were about 14 pieces that had blown off the second floor a few days ago when it was windy.  The snow had blown and drifted and become solid ice over top.  We climbed to the second floor, nailed as much as we could down, rearranged some stuff and quickly got off, before we were blown off.  Next we sorted out what was left of the plywood. Shoveling, lifting, pulling.  Luckily most of it was still usable. I pulled my back lifting the plywood, and being jerked around in the wind.  Dave decided to stay and shovel, but I couldn't help with that.  I walked back over to help Cora with her homework.  She has finals coming up next week and has spent a few hours yesterday and about 6 hours today.  She still has a long way to go.  After a late lunch I loaded everything to go to the dump, then the truck died.  I tried a few things then called Dave.  He said he was on his way over.  He got a little ways away from our house and his truck ran out of gas.  When I saw him get out and grab the Jerry can, I totally started laughing.  What else could I do.
On the bright side the kids have had fun.  We did a much needed purge of closets and dressers yesterday. I have found a system I am very hopeful will help Leah in keeping things put away.  Keeping my fingers crossed. They each got some Lego Nanoblocks in their stocking and finished them yesterday.  Cora's was drums, Leah's piano, and Blake guitar.  We have our own little band. 

Blake decided to go on a hiking adventure today.  He got a phone, snacks, compass, water and lots of other things ready to go.

Said good-bye and off he went.

He caught some fish in the pond.

Then he fried his fish over the fire.

Unfortunatly it started to snow.

But Leah set up his tent for him.  Apparently it is now a camping trip.

Blake and Leah are getting along now.  They are happily playing together. Yesterday I was not sure they would both survive.  Dave was a big bear that came to attack them and Leah ran for her life.  Which is funny because she kept asking to play with him saying that he should not hike alone, what if a bear came along, he would need help.  Not so helpful in the end.  The sun is almost down and the wind has stopped.  Seriously!! We are cutting our loses and calling it a day.  Creamy wild rice chicken soup for dinner, kids getting along, nobody sick, warm place to come in out of the wind, a dedicated daughter that is sticking with this crazy homework.  Counting my blessings. And laughing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Basketball Tournament

Basketball happily consumes most of our time in the winter.  This past weekend Leah had a tournament.  Here the High School team is required to ref the Junior High games.  It is one of their fundraisers.  Instead of paying for refs, the High School teams go to a 2 day ref clinic and then the money they would earn goes towards their teams.  I think it is brilliant.  Leah had two games on Friday.  Both were lost terribly.  Our team practically moved out of the way and handed the other team the ball.  Leah had a lot of great, she loves to run up beside someone and knock the ball out from underneath them when dribbling.  She can keep control of it and get it back to her side.  And most of the time she is a great re bounder. And fast which also surprised us. Wish somehow basketball speed could spill over to her everyday life.  That is a great fuzzy picture isn't it?!:)

Saturday morning was Cora's first turn to ref.  She was so nervous I thought she was going to make herself sick.  It was a terrible first opportunity.  They did miss a lot of fouls on both sides, but it would not have effected the outcome of the game.  One team could not hit anything.  The principle kicked two parents out and then during the game the coach from one team wanted a time out.  He called time out, Cora said OK.  He yelled at her and said I want a time out now.  She said she would next chance, he walked onto the court stopped the play and called his girls over.  He was like that the entire game.  One of Cora's teammates at one point told him he could ref if he wanted to, and he should be nicer.  After the other coach and a few parents told them they did a good first job and not to be too down about it.

Her next time reffing was a game of Leah's.  It went way smoother.  She even enjoyed it and became confident again.  At home that morning we had told Leah all the good things she had done the night before then gave her a few pointers.  Surprisingly she listened and took to heart every thing we said. (Seriously wish she lived life like she plays ball)  She was on fire.  Cora even said how well she did.  They still totally got their butts kicked, but Leah gave it her all.  At a few points during the game guarding 2-3 players at a time.

After the game we ate our lunches and then Leah did some score keeping.  After the tournament we dropped Leah at a party and went home to get stuff prepped for Dave's birthday.  When we arrived, however, he had decided to go to a University Basketball game.  We grabbed a few snack to take and jumped in the car.  It was fun to watch them.  Some good ball.  We made it back in perfect time to pick Leah up.  She had had a blast.

My basketball player and my ref.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy 43rd

Sunday was Dave's birthday.  When I wished him Happy Birthday in the morning, he said something like oh yeah it is my birthday.  Needless to say he did not want a lot of fanfare. He traveled to the ward he is over to do some stake business.  Which gave us an hour after church to quickly do some decorating and surprise him.  Cora made a couple of banners, Blake made him cut a red ribbon to officially start his birthday celebration, and Leah made the card.  She thought she was very clever.  When you opened it is said:
YOur forty three. yoUR
AWesome and wonderFUL
Happy Birthday

At Leah's basketball tournament the day before there was a husband/wife team that made custom shirts.  They made them right there.  The girls decided they wanted one and had money with them to purchase it.  Then they saw the Basketball Dad one and thought Dave needed that for his birthday. He also got a great gift certificate and a mug from Myrna.

We had potato rolls, (which I thought where nasty, didn't turn out in my opinion), sliced steak, raspberry jello with raspberries and whipped cream, sauteed corn and of course chocolate cake.  We then had FHE, changed to Sundays for a couple of months due to basketball schedule. After that we made the kids go outside since they were fighting and needed to do something.  I told them they needed to please stay out for 1/2 hour then we could have hot chocolate.  45 mins later Blake asked is he could please stay out longer.  I said yes of course that would be wonderful.  Dave, Myrna, and I stayed in where it was warm and had a nice discussion. When the kids came back in we had our hot chocolate and a few treat then watched "Ghost Army".  My parents had told me about it, very interesting documentary. Simple, perfect, relaxing birthday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back at it and some Cooking

We have been thrown right back into life again.  We stayed up way to late all Christmas holiday and Monday morning was a little difficult:).  But we made it.  Basketball started again with a bang.  A game first day.  Dave said it was a terrible game.  They had mentally prepared to lose before they even got to the gym.  No plays, garbage shots.  Lost by 60 points.  Dave said lost is really not the word.  I am sure they will pay for it at practice today.  Another game Wednesday and Leah plays Thursday and home tournament this weekend.  Drama doesn't start for another week luckily.  We have made the sad decision to take the girls out of piano.  They are not enjoying their teacher and don't ever practice.  I think they know less now then when they ended for the summer last May.  We were really wasting our money.  Rachel and Lalainia told me about a great site to get some music for not to much money.  I have found some songs the girls love and we want them to learn some of those and continue to practice their hymns.  Leah will continue with the flute and ukulele as well.  So that will relieve one thing we have going on. 

 Over Christmas I had the kids each take one day and cook a meal.  They planned it and checked for the ingredients in the house.  What we didn't have they were responsible to write down on my list.  We then went grocery shopping.  My intention was to just oversee and have them do it all their own.  As it turned out I was either away or dealing with another kid during each cooking time.  So they literally did it all by themselves.  I think Cora helped Blake and Leah a bit, which also ended up being a good lesson.  Cora choose Holly's Hawaiian Pizza.  I have been trying different crusts to find a perfect one.  The one we found this time Dave said was by far the best yet.  I may stop looking.

It was delicious  Blake and Cora tested out our cheese.

Blake made Who-hash for New Year's Day breakfast.

Leah did Bombay Chicken.  All of them turned out great.  I need to remember to do it again during Reading Week.

The other day as I was going out to my parents when we had to stop on the road for some deer.  Not just slow down, but stop and wait.  A big herd.  Probably about 20, crossing the road.  I should have thought to get a picture earlier, but I often forget I have a camera on my phone.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Last Post for 2014

We celebrated Christmas on the 27th.  Kids where so tired we had to wake them up.  We just did very simple stockings after having a trip.  Cora still has one item she is waiting for, it was back ordered.  Or stockings are all packed up, so I just told the kids to put out a regular sock like people used to.  This is what I found from Leah.

After stockings and breakfast we got ready.  Dave went to work on the house.  All the Puzey's where coming in for the day, to eat and exchange gifts.  I still had not finished the quiet books that the kids where giving to their cousins.  I was madly sewing so I could be done.  After all arrived we had a great dinner, opened cousin gifts and gifts from Grandma.  Those are always a hit.  Blake got the tablet he so desperately wanted. 

I had given the girls Beyond 5 CD's.  They came wrapped in bubble wrap.  Cora was very excited about her bubble wrap.  She said, "Oh yay!  Bubble wrap.  It came with something hard in side to help hold its shape.' They then all played with the bubbles for the next 15 minutes.

That was a little out of order, but anyways after Grandma gifts we went in to the cemetery to see the newly erected headstone for Grandpa Puzey.  It was very beautifully done.  Next we played basketball at the church, then back for snacks and stockings from Grandma.  And a concert. Lots of talent, it was nice.  We stayed up way to late chatting, but didn't want the party to end.  Sunday morning we ran to our old ward to listen to a missionary homecoming, then quickly back to our ward to listen to Jared talk.  He did a great job.  Everyone but Atwood's had stayed.  Another great dinner and then we played some card games.  Later that night we watched Maleficent, which Myrna had given us for Christmas.  Finally got some groceries the next day.  Dave has been madly working on the house, taking advantage of his week off.  Kids have been having fun, having some free time, figuring out their new tablets.  Cora spent quite a while on the phone with Cannon getting her won iPad all set up.

Last night Cora and I did the Resolution Run.  I think there was only about 1/3 of the people that normally run.  I had no hopes of grandeur, since I have done almost nothing since September.  But I was only about 1 1/2 minutes longer than last year.  Pretty impressed.  We then went out for an appetizer dinner and back home for a movie.  We watched 'While You Where Sleeping'.  We made it to 11 this year, by far the latest ever.  So tired this morning.  Happy New Year to all.