Thursday, November 1, 2012


Another year of Halloween done.  I made these cookies for Leah's class then the other two wanted some also.  I thought they were cute.
Cora was going to be a scarecrow for Halloween, but we couldn't figure out how she could stuff all her clothes by herself at school.  She decided to wear this witch costume to school.  This is the costume that Leah wore when she was 3.  Cora has always loved it.  It was a dress on Leah. I thought it was pretty funny.

For school Blake was the grim reaper.  We weren't totally happy with his costume and after school I was looking for things to improve it.  That lead to a costume change for everyone at 4 o'clock.  Little crazy.  Leah had dressed up as a person going to a masquerade ball but changed to Holly Hobbie.  She was looking for something warmer.  It was a very cold night.

Sorry about the crappy pictures, Cora's friends showed up 1/2 hour early and were waiting for her.  I felt a little pressure.  My parents brought in Kailey and Levi to trick or treat with my kids.  They never last more than and hour and a half.  They get bored or cold.  This is very fine with me, less candy I have to deal with.

Blake ended up as Sherlock Holmes.  He was very irate when we told him to put a coat on. He was so angry I almost did not let him go trick or treating.  He wanted everyone to see his costume.  You would think the kid has never trick or treated in Canada before.  My parents stayed at my house and handed out the candy.  (And mom brought in her doughnuts for me.  SO GOOD!!)  This worked out great for me.  I got to spend some rare time with Dave.

Cora lost most of her stuffing by the end of the night.  Grandma called her a naked scarecrow.

I won the 'Worst Mother of the Century' Award today.  Leah was sick and throwing up this morning.  I really really needed to get groceries and Blake and Cora had follow-up dental appointments.  For a spacer and sealants resentfully.  The roads were actually good and I didn't want to reschedule and take another day off work.  I left her by herself most of the day.  I did talk to her frequently and maybe if nobody was here nobody will catch it from her???!???  She said she was fine with it, but I still felt pretty awful.  What kind of mother does that.


  1. I would have left her behind also, don't worry. Loved all the costumes and yours and Daves in the other post. I love most that all of them are created from stuff at home, very proud of you, they are cute

  2. Love the costumes!! You are always so inventive. Tell Blake that it wouldn't be Halloween in Alberta without cold, cold weather. I remember those nights!!!! Grandma P.