Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Blake did awesome at his soccer game yesterday.  He actually chased the ball and kicked it more than one time.  He ran after it, like you are supposed to, and kept kicking.  He even stood in front of people to block the ball. It started to rain just as we started to mow the lawn yesterday.  That was fun, but it really needed to be done.  When we were done the sun came out and it was beautiful for the game.

Leah auditioned for the school talent show with a song that she wrote herself called 'The Moon'.  She made it in and is singing it today.  Yesterday Leah had a field trip to watch Ukrainian Dancing.  She said she really enjoyed it and the boys were way more interesting to watch then the girls.

As most of you know the Arrowood School burnt down over the weekend.  The elementary has been collecting school supplies to give to them so they can continue till the end of the year.  Cora and her friends got together and asked the teachers in the High School if they could have a bake sell for the Arrowood.  The teachers thought it was an excellent idea and she is organizing that right now.  To be held next week.  I wonder if I could find something that would pass off Personal Progress with that.  I will have to look.

After a grand 7 hour wait at the Great Falls airport, Dave finally made it safely to Dallas last night.  He was supposed to fly out at 6 am.  They had plane trouble and didn't actually leave until just after 1. (On a different plane). He said there was one poor family there with a toddler.  Bet that was fun for them.  He found the hotel with out any problems and said his hotel room was really nice.

Me:  same oh same oh.  My life never changes.  I did laundry and vacuumed today.  Mopped and dishes.  Ran 4 km.  See my life is super fascinating.

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