Friday, April 27, 2012

Crazy Hat Day/Badminton/Friends Over

Leah played her badminton championship the other day. She was supposed to go to piano and she wasn't coming.  I ran in to find her and she was playing.  I still had to take Cora to piano and so I couldn't watch.  I knew that if Cora got right out on time I would have literally 5 min to go to my house, grab the camera, and race to the school.  I could do it if Cora got Blake ready for soccer and took him. She did get out in time and when I got to the school I had 90 seconds.  I ran to the gym and got there just as she was walking off the court after her last game.
I made her pose anyways.  We played on the side for a while, she was really quite good.  We had a great volley going.
Everyone got a medal again.  She learned a lot and really enjoyed badminton.
Yesterday at our school was crazy hat day.  I just let the kids do what ever they wanted to. Blake said he was a two headed zombie and Leah put lots of lace and flowers on a bonnet.
Cora has been wanting to have a big group of friends over for a long time.  We finally found a day that was open.  She had been wanting to play a few games that need lots of people.  We had them come over right after school.  We had lunch, beef dip, jello, carrots, and OJ.  After I sent them down to play games with a few different bowls of candy.  They spotted the dress-up clothes and had a blast with that.  It was so fun to listen to them and they had a great time together.  She has an awesome group of friends.  They don't  mind being silly and get along great.  They played with the barn for a bit and even Barbie's just for fun:)  I think they did actually get to the games the last few minutes.  Next time they will have to stay longer.

Thursday Natalie called me and told me that Old Navy was having a super sale.  Cora had gone through her closet and since she has grown 2 inches in the last 3 1/2 months.  Of course nothing fit.  She literally has 8 items of clothes in her room.  We didn't know how long the sale was going to last and how picked over it would be.  I looked at her school schedule and after lunch she had gym.  I decided to pull her.  I picked her up at school and didn't tell the teachers why, thought they might frown at me.  We did get great stuff.  Jeans for $2.50, shirts for between $1.50 - $6.00.  Awesome.  Cora has always wanted to go to the mall try on lots of clothes, put things on hold, have a snack, and then buy what we want.  This is how my mom took us when I was growing up. Saturday I said I would take her.  She still needs some dresses and shorts.  Those items weren't on sale.  But we had fun skipping school.

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  1. Sounds like you all had lots of fun. I remember one time Christine and I came home from school and our mom had bought us two new outfits each. They were sitting on the couch when we walked in. it was the coolest suprise. I agree with cora to take a day to go shopping is always a good thing. P.S. I have always liked to play badminton. I have a set, so if you all ever come back down we will have to go a round.