Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yaaay!!! He is Home.

We were soooo excited when Dave drove up yesterday.  Two weeks was a long time for him to be away.  I just happened to look out the window and saw the car.  Everyone ran out to meet him.  Dave brought back us all a souvenir from his trip.  As I mentioned he had seen the Roughriders play baseball.  These shirt are from the Rangers.  We don't know who the players is that we are wearing, or if they are any good but we are wearing them with pride.
While I was in Utah I had picked up some Big Red gum.  It has always been one of my favorite.  (I have never seen it up here if anyone knows were to get it let me know please)  I gave some to the kids while Dave was away and they LOVED it.  Really how could you not:)  One night when Leah was talking to her Dad she asked him to bring some home.  We asked for a couple packages or a years supply, you know either one, we didn't want to ask for too much.  He totally brought us tons.  Dave just kept pulling it out of his suitcase.  Like clowns in a car.  I don't think it will last the year, but we will try to chew it sparingly.
Dave got home about a half hour before the girl's piano recital.  They both did a good job. Cora was worried about one of her song, she didn't know it as well as she would have liked.  But did a wonderful job anyways.
The recital was one and a half hours.  Way shorter than I had thought it would be.  After all the numbers the students did a mini musical.
The musical turned out really cute.  They hadn't had a chance to practice all together, but it was great to watch anyways.  Some parts even made it more fun as they had to readjust and lower mikes etc.
Leah had a blazing headache and a really bad sore throat.  It was hard for her to sing her parts and talk loud.  She did make it through and went straight to bed when we got home.  This is quite the weekend to get sick for her.  She had recital yesterday, is singing at Emry's baptism today and has a talk in church tomorrow.  I hope she makes it.
We are so glad to have husband and father home.  He was greatly missed.  Dave took lots of pictures and I will be posting those next week when I get a chance.

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