Thursday, May 10, 2012

Homework Rewards

I should have waited one day to post the crazy place I live.  I woke up to snow again this morning on May 10th.  And tomorrow it is supposed to be 18 degrees. ?!?!?

Cora has been very frustrated the last couple of months at school.  She has been coming home complaining that every one else in her class just talks during class time and they don't have any homework.  They play around and still seem to get the work done.  She said that she tries to work very hard, sometimes she gets it done, but sometimes she has homework. She was frustrated that she had to work so much harder than everyone else.  Tuesday she had her math teacher call 5 kids (out of 26) to the front of the classroom. Cora was one of them and she was a little nervous.  He told everyone to take a good long look at them.  Then give them a round of applause.  Those five kids were the only ones that had done there homework all year long.  As a reward they got to go outside and do their math in the beautiful weather with chalk on the sidewalk.  It happened to be her really good friends that were with her and they had a blast.  The next day another teacher brought a big bag of candy and put it on the desk.  Everyone who asked for a piece didn't get one.  But again those that had done homework consistently the whole year got some.  Cora came home with quite a bit.  So she learned the lesson that all is not as it seems and she was very glad that she had done the work.

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