Thursday, May 24, 2012

Divisionals and "Healthy" Milkshake

Cora went off to divisionals in the pouring rain yesterday.  They even had hail, thunder, and lightning at some points during the day.  I was sure they were going to move it to another day.  She hid out with her friends in the equipment shed until they got kicked out then they hid in the bathroom until they got kicked out.  I had sent her some money in case she needed anything.  She ended up buying all her friends a cappuccino and herself a hot chocolate.  She said,'I don't know what a cappuccino is but they all wanted one.'  I told her what it was and thanks for buying the coffee for everyone. That is exactly how I wanted my money spent.  Cora is soooo generous she would give anything to anyone.  While I want her to share and be kind and not be greedy this buying things for people ALL the time is starting to get on my nerves.  Once in a blue moon when her friends buy her something she always pays them back the next day.  I want her to want to do stuff for people and I really don't think the friends she has are taking advantage of her, but how do I teach her before someone does without ruining that giving spirit??????  Any advice would be great.  Anyways Cora was in tears the night before she was so nervous.  She really did not like high jump and didn't want to make a fool of herself.  Out of 16 kids she ended up getting 3rd.  She was happy she did that well and said, 'now I never have to do high jump in my entire life again.'

Blake has this amazing bruise on his thigh.  I keep forgetting to take a picture of it.  He has no idea where it came from.  I assume soccer but he only remembers getting hit in the face. It completely covers on side and wraps around a little to both front and back.  And it covers just a bit more than three quarters of his thigh.  Blake's bruise is just coming out of the purple stage and into that pretty yellow green.  It still looks painful.

A couple of months ago on Pinterest I had seen how to make your own smoothie packs.  I have been using these lots and really like it.  In a cupcake pan fill each slot 3/4 with yogurt. (I used vanilla the last time) and freeze.  Then put it in a plastic sack (or baggie if Katherine is reading this:)) add to it about 1 cup of any frozen fruit you want.  I had frozen sliced bananas with a little lemon juice and added those to frozen mixed fruit from Costco.  I love this.  I add some OJ and protein powder, don't even need the guava nectar this is sweet enough and blend.  It makes two glasses full.  Perfect for my breakfast and lunch.  I just add a little toast or veggies or whatever.  Anyways this is getting long.  I had left over frozen strawberries and frozen yogurts.  My kids had really wanted a milkshake so I finally bought some ice cream and decided to try and experiment.  I used milk, a little ice cream, the frozen yogurt and strawberries and guava nectar.  Then mixed it all up.  Nobody could even tell.  Dave who can always tell when I try something didn't even know.  They were surprised when I told them after.  It used way less ice cream and it was still really thick and creamy.  We have also tried chocolate.  I think this may be the only way I make milkshakes from now on.


  1. Yum! The milkshakes sound great - I'll have to try that! Cora's friends seem young to all be drinking cappuccinos - good grief!

  2. We love breakfast smoothies at our house too. The milkshakes sound good. we'll have to try it. I'm glad Cora made it through. Its weird that they force you to participate, I remember track and field being something we tried out for.