Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pictures from Texas

Dave visited the place that JFK was shot.  I did find it a little funny that I had put the movie 'The Kennedy's' on hold several months ago and it came in the week he was gone.  So as he was there, I was watching it.

He said they just keep these white x's painted on the road.  Dallas hasn't made a really big deal out of it.  I think you can even go up to floor 6 were the shooter was believed to have been.  It was closed and Dave didn't get to go up.

The new equipment they are working on is classified.  The company making it had these red tarps up so other customers coming in would not see what they were working on for Frito Lay.  Once it is up and running, Frito Lay Lethbridge will be the only ones in the world with this technology.  Pretty cool that my husband is the one in charge of it.

I have no idea where this is:)

My kids love seeing the pictures from the plane.  This is mostly what Dave brought back for them.  He had taken a camera from work so most of the pictures I am not allowed to put up.  You know the whole classified thing.

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