Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Crazy Place I Live.

May 5th

May 8th
Need I say more!!

I went on a field trip to the Aggie Days with Blake's class.  It was kinda fun, but really when you grow up on a farm it is not so cool.  It is good for all the kids that have no idea where peas and chicken and so on come from.  Blake loved petting all the animals.
There was a booth set up by Fortis Alberta.  They tell stories about kids kicking soccer balls into power lines, etc and how they get electric shocks.  They have a little demo set up and they shocked the plastic people. Blake and his buddy thought this was hilarious.  They went to this booth 3 times.  I am not sure they learned anything.

Here are some pictures that Dave has sent me from Dallas.

I had a really fun mother daughter night at YW with Cora last night.  We played the newlywed game and That's my mom.  It was great.  We did OK.  On the way home I asked her about some of her answers.  Most of the time when we didn't have the same answer she had thought they said something else.  We probably could have done better, but nobody kept track.  I also enjoyed spending time with the other mothers.  There is 5 YW and so 5 moms.  Only 2 leaders were there.  A small group but it was perfect.

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  1. When I saw the pictures of May 5th and then three days later May 8th, I desperately wanted to laugh, but honestly it just brought tears to my eyes! Because really it should be something we can laugh about, the craziness of our weather, and how fortunate we are to experience all different types of weather. But to experience such an extreme in temperature change in only three days is really hard for the body to adjust to. I think I have decided that I will NEVER put my winter clothes away because I'll never know when I might need them! It was nice to see Dave's pictures from Dallas! I am glad he is able to have some down time away from the grind of work! Sorry about my rant and see you on Saturday!