Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Yesterday as we were walking around the school for the Spring Open House, Leah looks at me and said,"Mom, my tooth fell out!" "What??"  "My loose tooth just fell out."  "Oh, you had a loose tooth?"  I really had no idea.  We wrapped it in Kleenex and got it safely home in my pocket.  While we were there she was talking to a friend and she had just had one fall out at school also.  They decided that they were going to write letters to the tooth fairy.  A couple of years ago I made my kids something to put their teeth in.  It hangs on the bedroom door, it is a tiny pillow with a pocket on it for the tooth. It was quite late when we got home and they went off to bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that she had this tooth.  I was trying to be quiet and find some money for her.  I sneaked into her room and reached into the tooth pocket.  No tooth.  I had no idea were she had put this thing.  Here I am searching in the dark for a tiny tooth.  I finally found it on the window sill.  And there was the note.  I remembered seeing a picture of a tiny note from the tooth fairy on Amber's Pinterest page.  I thought that would be a cute way to answer. (Thanks Amber) But it was 2am.  I decided to do it anyways.  So here I am again, 2 in the morning writing tiny letters and trying to make an envelope.  I was a little tired this morning, but she absolutely loved it. It made it all worth while.


  1. What a cute idea! Way to go for doing it at 2:00am too. I'm sure it made her day!

  2. Your too much! My kids don't believe in the tooth fairy anymore, she wasn't that reliable anyway. I can't say as I blame them!