Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boredom Buster

Things have not been going quite as expected for Dave in Dallas. They have had a few set backs.  Still he has been having a good time.  He realized the other day that when he went down town he had only been 2 block from the temple.  Dave was disappointed, he would have like to see it but they aren't going back that way again.  He said it was so hot they went to the beach on Saturday.  Not a soul was there.  He had wanted to got to the water slides that were close but they don't open till end of May.  Which he thought was funny since it is so hot.  He did go to a baseball game last night.  The other guy from work is a big Ranger's fan and  he really wanted to go to a game.  Unfortunately all the Ranger's games are away these two weeks, so they went to the Rough riders instead.  That is their farm team. As he was telling us about the beach and the baseball we were looking out the window at this.
I told the kids that if it snowed a little more they should go and build a snowman.  Blake was all for it but the girls absolutely refused.  They said that there was no way they were going to put on snow pants and build a snowman in May.  I guess they are protesting.  It is totally melted and warm today:)  Everyone had gotten up really early and chores were all done.  They were starting to get bored and a little testy with each other.  Blake is really out numbered with his Dad gone and I think it is hardest for him.  They had already done some sewing and some crafts and it was to early for a movie.  The kids were playing down stairs.  I grabbed some yarn and sneaked (snuck?? I can never figure that one out) up stairs and built this laser course.  I then got my camera and sat on the other side.  I asked if they could please come up for a minute.  They were super surprised and loved it.

  Two hours later they were still playing and no fights.  If I didn't have to walk through all the time I would have left it up for a couple of days.  We thought this would be really fun to do outside for Blake's birthday in the summer.  
Dave keeps teasing me about Pinterest.  Every time I do something, try a recipe, or say a quote, but it really is awesome.  I figure everybody gets ideas from people anyways.  Now mine are just put together were I can always find them.
A couple of years ago I had wanted to try chocolate waffles with caramel sauce.  The recipe I found was not very good.  I was sure that it was a good idea, if I could just find a better recipe.  So I found this on Pinterest.  Yes I know:)  It is just cake batter in the waffle maker.  It was really really yummy.  And way faster then waiting for a cake to cook, cool, and ice.


  1. How ironic. You guys are sitting there with a skiff of snow and Daves wanting to put swim trunks on. You need to post the lazer idea on pintrest. That was very creative. Never would have thought of that.

  2. I got the idea from Pinterest. I would have never of thought of it either. If I ever do anything great you can just assume it is from PInterest:)

  3. Char, you are too fun of a mom! I wouldn't ever do something like that for my kids. Your kids are luckier than mine!!!
    How fun