Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pay it Forward

Cora and Leah walked down to our local gas station a few days ago.  They wanted to get a Slurpee.  We practically never get them, so my kids had no idea how much they cost.  They were standing at the counter discussing if they had enough money,  I know it is really bad that my kids don't look for prices anywhere, when they lady told them that the man in front of them had payed for their Slurpee's.  They tried to run out and thank him but he was already gone.  Both girls were so impressed that some one would do that for them.  They decided that they wanted to do things like that for other people also.  I guess paying it forward really works.  Now I want to see the movie again.

We finally got our garden planted.  Part of it was done in the rain,  but crazy for Alberta is was a warm rain and didn't last long.  All three kids really got in and helped this year.  It was great.

We just got back from Costco.  With a little of our tax return we replenished our food storage.  It was a big job and I have never spent that much money at Costco in my life.  Today I was a very good consumer. Doing my part.

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  1. I love that you shared that story. I am so glad to hear that people steel do that for one another.